The Non-Apology Yet Apology for the Mohammed Cartoons by Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

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A summary display of the Mohammed cartoons that sparked riots throughout the Muslim world

So, did the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Secretary General of NATO apologize to the Muslim World for newspaper cartoons?

You be the judge.

Exit question: If he REALLY means to apologize why would he have NOT done so many months ago and spared his country grief from business boycotts and protests?

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Day By Day by Chris Muir April 4, 2009 – Meditative Analogous Dialogue

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Yes, Chris, the Democrats are good at creating “NOISE” and playing “HIDE THE BALL” on the issues. It is all about “symbolism over substance” with them.

Look, for example, at Obama’s European trip. The President requested more troops from NATO for the Afghanistan-Taliban War (note Flap did not call it the Global War on Terror) but he was rebuffed.

NATO allies agreed to send up to 5,000 more military trainers and police to Afghanistan. But, Obama (plus the Obama loving MSM) are hailing it as “strong and unanimous support from the NATO allies.” It was anything from the sort.

Obama called that “a strong down payment” on both Afghanistan and NATO itself at the end of a gathering celebrating the 60th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

He waved off questions on whether the size and makeup of the commitments were disappointing in light of an anti-terrorism struggle he himself portrayed as daunting. Since becoming president, Obama has begun switching America’s anti-terror emphasis to fighting al-Qaida in the Afghanistan-Pakistan area as the war in Iraq winds down.

The new president insisted that “terrorists threaten every member of NATO,” but he also said he had no intention of trying to dictate to European countries the scope of their contributions.

“This was not a pledging conference,” he told a wrap-up news briefing packed with both American and foreign journalists. “We came expecting consensus and we’re gratified getting that consensus.”

In other words, Obama failed to achieve his goals for the NATO meeting. But, it is the symbolism, the crowds and the adoration of his wife that is important while MORE Americans are called upon to sacrifice their lives because American NATO allies refuse.

Some consensus……


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