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    Bush Shoe-Icide Attacker Muntadhar al-Zeidi Asks for Pardon From Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki

    Shoes and Bush

    Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist, who threw his shoes at President Bush has asked for a pardon from the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

    A spokesman for Iraq’s prime minister says the journalist who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush has asked for a pardon.

    Spokesman Yassin Majid says that in a letter sent Thursday to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki the journalist described his behavior as “an ugly act” and asked to be pardoned.

    Majid says that Muntadhar al-Zeidi in the letter recalls the kindness the prime minister once showed him during an interview in 2005 and asked for al-Maliki to show him kindness once again.

    Al-Zeidi, a correspondent for an Iraqi-owned television station based in Cairo, Egypt, could face two years imprisonment for insulting a foreign leader.

    What would a judge impose on a miscreant such as this here in America?

    Probably a fine, community service and probabtion. Plus, the villain would have to allocute in front of the court his remorse.

    Do it……

    But, NO PARDON.

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    Iraq War Watch: The Squeeze


    Iraq Prime Minister al-Maliki and President Bush

    Prime Minister al Maliki this weekend agreed with Barack Obama’s timetable for withdrawal of American combat troops and then he didn’t.

    Team McCain said al-Maliki was playing domestic politics and the LEFT said “The One” had been correct about the Iraq War all along.

    Now, the astute AP is talking about a SQUEEZE by Iraq politicians.

    The Iraqi prime minister’s seeming endorsement of Barack Obama’s troop withdrawal plan is part of Baghdad’s strategy to play U.S. politics for the best deal possible over America’s military mission.

    The goal is not necessarily to push out the Americans quickly, but instead give Iraqis a major voice in how long U.S. troops stay and what they will do while still there.

    It also is designed to refurbish the nationalist credentials of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, who owes his political survival to the steadfast support of President Bush. Now, an increasingly confident Iraqi government seems to be undermining long-standing White House policies on Iraq.

    You think?

    The truth is without President Bush remaining steadfast on his Iraq War policy and John MCCain actively supporting the SURGE, the Iraq War would not have been won.

    Will American voters remember?

    Or care?

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