CA-26: Is NPP – No Party Preference a Passing Fad in California Elections?

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Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks and Congressional candidate

Allen Hoffenblum, a ling time California political consultant, pundit and author asks the question.

But the NPP candidate that will get the closest attention is Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks, who is running for Congress in an open district (CD26) where GOP state Sen. Tony Strickland and Democratic Asm. Julia Brownley are running (three other Democrats are also expected to be on the ballot).

Parks is a moderate Republican who has long feuded with the area’s hard-core conservative activists. In her Nov. 2010 race for reelection to the Board of Supervisors, Park’s opponent was former Asm. Audra Strickland, wife of Tony. Though both were registered Republicans, the state GOP got involved, donating $50,000 to the Audra Strickland campaign. Parks, however, won, 61% – 39%.

Statewide, independent voters – which the Secretary of State now labels as No Party Preference – comprise 21 percent of the electorate, just nine percent behind the Republican statewide registration of 30%.

How well Parks performs in the June Primary may well determine if state voters, in sufficient numbers, are ready to cast a vote for an individual without a political party label.

If she does well, along with continued increase in NPP registration and the continued decrease in GOP registration, the NPP label may evolve into being the serious “third party” alternative so many voters have been clamoring for.

Linda Parks has been really a Democrat cloaked in a Republican registration for many years. Parks supporters have always been from a anti-business, slow-growth populist constituency. She never before has run for a partisan office, nor one based out of her geographical base of Thousand Oaks.

When Parks beat former GOP Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, she beat a carpetbagger POL who had to move into the Ventura County Supervisorial District to challenge Parks. And, the incumbent supervisor had the overwhelming support of the Democrats and the Ventura County Public Employee Unions in the district.

A smaller (smaller than a Congressional District) Supervisorial District, a challenger who was absent from the district most of the time and who was from Moorpark (not Thousand Oaks, where all of the voters are) aided Parks in her re-election effort.

The top two and partisan June Primary election will be a whole different type of election.

The Democrats will have a candidate in Assemblywoman Julia Brownley and will throw resources behind her.

The Ventura County Employee Unions, a Democratic supporting constituency will have to stay either neutral or support both of them.

Campaign contributions for Parks will be harder to obtain ( Democrats and Republicans should tap more sources of special interest money) and she will need to communicate to other areas of the Congressional District – stretching campaign resources, especially to respond to attacks from the Dems and GOP.

I think Linda Parks will be lucky to be in the top two in June and go forward to the November general election.

But, she has surprised before….

Ventura County Political Fight of Joel Angeles Headed to Court

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Tony Strickland Fundraiser June 17 2008 042

Joel Angeles, Chief of Staff of California Assemblywoman Audra
Strickland, R- Moorpark talking with a Ventura County Sheriff Officer
during protest rally on June 17, 2008. Photo By Flap

This politically motivated criminal prosecution for battery against Jose “Joel” Angeles who is Assemblywoman Audra Strickland’s, R-Moorpark, Chief of Staff is headed to Ventura County Superior court on June 18, 2009.

Flap first wrote about the case almost a year ago.

Flap was there and wrote this post after the altercation/protests and the fundraising event for Assemblywoman Audra Strickland’s husband, Tony.

The entire Flap was and continues to be a “He Said, They Said” argument. Flap did not see the supposed “smack down”
but did interview one of the female alleged victims. She did have
scratches on her right arm which she said she received by being pushed
into an adjoining hedge.

But, the hedge had sharp prongs, the sidewalk was filled with people
and Flap was easily pushed into it and scratched his own arm.

Ventura County Sheriff officers interviewed all parties and since none of the parties would pursue prosecution or a citizen’s arrest, no arrests were made.

Democratic Party activists of Ventura County tried to sink the candidacy of now, newly elected GOP California State Senator Tony Strickland by creating a row out in front of his fundraising event with Mitt Romney. But, it didn’t work and Strickland was elected by a narrow margin in a closely contested race.

But, this case has dragged on by the outrageous claims of the 69 year old President of the Camarillo Democratic Club and the dogged prosecution by partisan Demcorat Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office.

This case is going nowhere (unless an outright acquittal or dismissal) and does anyone bet that there will be some sort of plea deal on the courthouse steps?

If not, the question will be: Why is Jerry Brown, the Democrat Attorney General who will run for Governor in 2010 wasting taxpayers dollars on a politcal prosecution?

Stay tuned……


Ventura County District Attorney Refers Audra Strickland Aide Case to California Attorney General

Audra Strickland Watch: Three Protesters File Criminal Complaints Against Chief of Staff Joel Angeles

Audra Strickland Watch: Chief of Staff Joel Angeles Placed on Leave

Hannah-Beth Jackson Watch: Blows More Smoke Over Tobacco Company Protest

Tony Strickland Watch: Taking it to the Streets – Politics That Is

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California GOP Assemblywoman Audra Strickland Fundraises for California Secretary of State

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Tony Strickland 4

Ventura County Republican Party Chairman Mike Osborn, Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and Chris Wangsaporn, Chief of Staff, Senator Tony Strickland

Yes, in Sacramento today at Gallagher’s for a race in 2010.

For California Secretary of State in 2010?

Maybe but perhaps not.

It is fundraising nevertheless.

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California State Senator Tony Strickland Volunteer Victory Party

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Tony Audra and Children

California GOP Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and California GOP State Senator Tony Strickland with children Ruby Ruth and Anthony Paul

As you recall Tony Strickland won a tight race for California State Senate in November. Strickland was sworn into office in December.

Today, Flap was invited to Strickland’s Volunteer Victory Party and the following photos were taken by me (Please see my Creative Commons License for use).

Tony Strickland 4

Ventura County Republican Party Chairman Mike Osborn
, Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and Chris Wangsaporn, Chief of Staff, Senator Tony Strickland


Flap and Senator Tony Strickland

Tony Strickland 1

Sentor Tony Strickland and Thousand Oaks Planning Commissioner and Chairwoman of the Conejo Valley Republican Women Federated

Tony Strickland 7

Ventura County Republican Party Chairman Mike Osborn, Chris Collier, newly selected Executive Director of the Ventura County Republican Party and volunteer Harry Cofel.

Rondi and Matt Guthrie

Rondi Guthrie, District Director for Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and her husband, Matt Guthrie, Press Secretary for the Strickland Campaign and District Communications Director for Senator Strickland

Tony Strckland  speaks

Senator Strickland speaks to the volunteers

Audra and Daughter

Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and daughter Ruby Ruth

The event was small and private on a picture perfect day at a private home in Simi Valley. There was much discussion about the direction of the Ventura County Republican Party and especially online efforts.

Stay tuned for Flap’s interviews with this husband-wife team of California Republican Legislators.

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Jeff Gorell Endorsed by California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland

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Jeff Gorell has announced today the endorsement of California Assemblywoman Audra Strickland to succeed her (Audra is term-limited out) in Flap’s home Assembly District (CA-37) in the Thousand Oaks, California area.

From the press release:

The campaign for Jeff Gorell, candidate for State Assembly in 2010, announced today that he has been endorsed by incumbent Assemblywoman Audra Strickland (R-Moorpark). The 37th Assembly District lawmaker is precluded from running for re-election due to Proposition 140, California’s term limits law, and she has made public her early and strong support for Jeff Gorell to succeed her in office.

“It’s an honor to have the support of Assemblywoman Strickland,” said Jeff Gorell, a former Ventura County Deputy DA and local attorney. “As our next Assemblyman, I will work to reform California’s government and build upon her efforts to hold the line on government spending and new taxes. Like Audra, I will be a strong ally of public safety on all fronts, and will fight against the proposed Camarillo prison hospital. “

“Despite the challenges in Sacramento today, I continue to have great optimism and inspiration to make positive change for our community” said Gorell. “It’s an honor to have the early support of Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and so many respected state and local leaders. It would be one of life’s greatest honors to represent this community – my neighbors – in the State Legislature.”

This is a very early start for Republican Gorell. Obviously, he wishes to preclude a “CONTESTED” GOP primary election in June 2010 in this “safe” Republican district.

Audra Strickland and likely her husband, California State Senator Tony Strickland’s, endorsement is huge – especially from a fundraising stand point.

Looks like a clear GOP field for Gorell.

The Jeff Gorell for Assembly 2020 Facebook group is here.

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Audra and Tony Strickland Head to Sacramento as Hannah-Beth Jackson Concedes

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California Republican Assemblywoman Audra Strickland and her husband Tony, the former Assemblyman and newly elected California Republican State Senator, Camarillo, California September 2008, Photo by Flap

The election is finally over and it sends both Audra and Tony Strickland back to Sacramento.

Less than an eyelash short of an upset marathon victory. Hannah-Beth Jackson reluctantly conceded defeat in the race for the 19th state senate district seat, more than three weeks after Election Day.

“We really thought we could win this,” Jackson told me as she took a break from fixing Thanksgiving dinner for 10. “But I’m going to try to stay involved. I really feel like I have something to offer.”

The Democrat’s loss means that Republican Tony Strickland will be on hand in Sacramento next week to take the oath of office with other newly elected state lawmakers. In the Legislature, Strickland will join his wife, Audra, who represents Ventura County in the 37th Assembly district, in forming one of the Capitol’s new power couples.

Flap watched  the Strickland campaign first hand and they left little to chance. Strickland was relentless in walking precincts, working the phones, burma-shaving the street corners, and running absentee ballot/GOTV operations.

Congrats to Team Strickland for a hard fought campaign in a dramatically Democrat year.


Tony Strickland Wins California State Senate Race Over Hannah-Beth Jackson

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