Poll Watch: New York Voters Disapprove of Governor David Paterson 60 – 28 Per Cent

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Daivd Patrerson March 27 2009

New York Gov. David Paterson, center, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, D-Queens, left, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, right, listen to a reporter’s question during a news conference at the Capitol in Albany, N.Y., Friday, March 27, 2009. Paterson and legislative leaders have agreed to ease drug laws that were once among the harshest in the nation and led a movement more than 30 years ago toward mandatory prison terms

Hello, New York Governor Rudy Giuliani.

New York State voters disapprove 60 – 28 percent of the job Gov. David Paterson is doing, the lowest approval ever for a New York Governor, and say 63 – 22 percent that he does not deserve to be elected to a full four-year term, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Gov. Paterson’s approval is so low that he should announce now that he won’t run for election to a four-year term next year, 53 percent of voters tell the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll, while 39 percent say he can restore his reputation and should run next year. Even Democrats say 49 – 45 percent that he should drop out of the race now.

New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, with a near-record high 75 – 14 percent approval rating, tops Paterson in a Democratic primary 61 – 18 percent.

In a general election, Republican Rudolph Giuliani, the former New York City mayor, tops Paterson 53 – 32 percent.

Cuomo tops Giuliani 53 – 36 percent in a head-to-head matchup.

But, will Andrew Cuomo be persuaded to run?

Anyone want to be with these continuing poor poll numbers that President Obama appoints Paterson to some meaningless administration job thus clearing the path for Cuomo?

Or some other more popular Democrat?

And, will that in turn force Rudy from the race?

Stay tuned…..

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Rush Limbaugh and Leaving New York

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Jon Stewart yesterday on The Daily Show

Rush Limbaugh says he is leaving New York due to excess taxation.

Conservative standard bearer Rush Limbaugh told his radio audience that if Governor David Paterson’s new budget passes, he’ll move his show out of New York.

He told listeners, “I don’t know what the breaking point is … when people leave, I’m leaving … I’ll sell my condominium, I’ll sell my apartment. I’m going to get out of there totally. This is just absurd.”

Limbaugh is just one of many New Yorkers angry about the Governor’s weekend proposal to hike taxes for those making more than $250,000. The controversial talking head, who came clean about an addiction to pain killers in October 2003, is well in tune to his reputation in the Big Apple.

“New York is probably going to celebrate that I’m not going to come back … They hate me, so they’re happy I’m not coming back,” he said on his radio show. “They’re going to praise Paterson for driving me out, even though I am rarely there anyway.”

Limbaugh quoted a statement made by Mayor Bloomberg years ago saying that, “there are 40-50,000 taxpayers in this city of 8 million that pay so much tax they essentially support the city. If even 5,000 of them leave because of the tax hikes, there’ll be a big problem.”

This is certainly Limbaugh’s perogative and the fact that New York Governor is being reported to have said that if he knew that Rush would leave the state then he would have raised taxes earlier certainly cannot be settling for high income New York earners.

Besides left-wing comedian Jon Stewart can pay his fair share instead.

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Poll Watch: Rudy Giuliani Beating New York Governor David Paterson 53 – 38%

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Rudy Giuliani March 3 2009

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani campaiging for Republican James Tedisco in the New York Conressional District 20 in Duchess County, New York, March 2, 2009

The latest Marist poll shows Rudy Giuliani surging into a lead against New York Governor David Paterson.


Paterson now trails Democrat Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for the Democrat nomination 62-26% – meaning that David Paterson would not be the Democrat nominee if the election were held today.


Andrew Cuomo is beating Rudy Giuliani 56-39%.

Should Rudy run for New York Governor, he will be in a tough race.

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Poll Watch: New York Governor David Paterson Loses 2010 Race Lead to Bloomberg and Giuliani

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New York Governor David Paterson and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Not a good week for New York Governor David Paterson. He appoints Blue Dog Democrat Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to Hillary Clinton’s U.S. Senate seat and trashes Caroline Kennedy in the process. The LEFT and the Kennedy Klan are pissed and may gun for him at Democrat Primary time.

Now, the latest Marist poll has him losing to Mayor Michael Bloomberg and tied with Rudy Giuliani in a 2010 race for re-election as New York Governor.

If the 2010 election for governor were held today, Paterson would lose when matched against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  47% say they would rather vote for Bloomberg compared with 41% who say they would cast their ballot for the incumbent governor.  Bloomberg has consistently been a formidable potential opponent.  While Paterson edged out Bloomberg by four percentage points in Marist’s November survey, Bloomberg outpaced Paterson by 11 percentage points in October.  Paterson has also lost ground when matched up against former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  In Marist’s previous polls, Paterson repeatedly distanced himself from the Republican.  His hypothetical lead in November was 10 percentage points.  Currently, Paterson and Giuliani are in a statistical dead heat.  Paterson receives 46% of voters’ support while Giuliani garners 47%.

The New York Democrat Party is not stupid and David Paterson is a sure loser to Bloomberg or Giuliani in 2010. The Dems will convince Paterson to accept some federal appointment from Obama and run Andrew Cuomo, Jr. as their Governor nominee.

If not, the next Governor of New York will be Bloomberg or Rudy.

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Caroline Kennedy Aftermath: “Governor David Paterson is Going To Pay For This”

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Ted Kennedy Angry

Uncle Teddy is reportedly furious over the treatment of his neice, Caroline Kennedy by New York Governor David Paterson

Yes, Uncle Teddy is pissed.

An “apoplectic” Kennedy family is seething over the rough treatment that heiress apparent Caroline got from Gov. Paterson’s office and is spoiling for revenge, several sources close to the clan have told The Post.

“The governor’s going to pay for this,” said a well-placed Democrat. “Ted is furious. The family is furious. The Kennedys are now against the governor.”

Among Paterson’s offenses was a request that Caroline lie about her unexpected withdrawal for “personal” reasons, according to NY magazine.

“You can’t withdraw. You’ve got to stay in this thing, and I’ll just not pick you,” Paterson reportedly told her over the phone late Wednesday.

Then a torrent of ugly rumors spilled from Paterson’s office about Caroline’s taxes, about her nanny, even about the state of her marriage – and Camelot’s seeking payback, confidants said.

“I’m sure the family is going to protect her,” one source said. “What did Caroline do to deserve getting dragged through the mud?”

David Paterson is as blind politically as he is with his own sight. He should have given the Kennedys the courtesy of an early indication if he was not going to consider her for the appointment. Why let her go out and make a fool of herself and then kick her when she is going down.

Paterson is without a doubt the BIGGEST LOSER in this entire affair. And, the choice of Kirsten Gillibrand ain’t going help him much in 2010.

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Shocker: New York Governor David Paterson DISSES Caroline Kennedy – But Why?

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Caroline Kennedy and David Paterson

2008 Democratic National Convention: Caroline Kennedy with NY Gov. David Paterson at the New York delegates breakfast  in downtown Denver.

No, not really a shock.

Gov. Paterson was completely underwhelmed with Caroline Kennedy from their first conversation about Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, a source close to the governor said.

Paterson’s thinking has become clearer in the two days since Kennedy withdrew her name for the Senate seat that Friday went to upstate Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-Hudson).

Friends said Paterson was adamant that she was never going to be appointed, even though she was considered the front-runner.

Paterson was turned off when Kennedy first called him and asked if she “could” be considered for the seat.

By asking if she could, rather than saying she wanted to be considered, Paterson immediately felt she wasn’t really interested, the source said.

In meetings, the governor and his aides decided she had no political depth, the source said.

She had no firmly held views and little idea about why she wanted the job, the source said.

Her abysmal public rollout cemented the governor’s fears that she had no political instincts.

The governor felt the sheltered Kennedy had no communication skills and absolutely no empathy with the voters, the source said.

He was amazed that she went upstate for a day to meet with political leaders but didn’t walk around to chat up regular people.

“She just lived in a bubble,” the source said.

The only shocking revelation is why Paterson allowed this to go public. Paterson is up for re-election in 2010 and if not have Kennedy’s support, why make her and her Kennedy Kabal an ABSOLUTE enemy. So, Paterson is not involved here.

It is very apparent, this anonymous source has some mal-intent toward the Governor’s re-election. Anyone want to speculate from whom this “LEAK” came?


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