Flap’s Links and Comments for March 4th from 10:32 to 11:30

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These are my links for March 4th from 10:32 to 11:30:

  • Speaker Boehner, Allow Frank Buckles Into the Rotunda – Melt the Phones 202 225-0600 – think Speaker John Boehner is making a terrible mistake.

    The Speaker’s Office is blocking a request that Frank Buckles be allowed to lie in state in the rotunda of the United States Capitol.

    Frank Buckles is not just anybody. I agree that we should not let just anybody lie in state in the rotunda. The right should be reserved for a very special few.

    But Frank Buckles is not just a special few. He is the last of his kind. The very last.


    Agreed…..call the Speaker and let him know. 202 225-0600

  • Should Edwards Really Be Indicted? – Here is the problem I have with indicting John Edwards:  Apparently the prosecutors’ idea is that if Edwards used money from “Bunny” Mellon and others to keep his mistress stashed away and quiet, this was really a campaign expense and should have been paid for out of campaign funds. But suppose Edwards had paid for it with campaign funds. Don’t you think prosecutors would now be thinking of indicting him for an improper use of campaign funds?  (You can’t pay for most meals using campaign funds. You can’t buy mittens with campaign funds. Are mistresses going to OK?) …

    P.S.: That’s one of the problems with campaign finance laws: the categories are inherently slippery. Everything John Edwards did–every breath he took–for four years was designed to get him elected president, after all. His antipoverty work was designed to make him look good.


    Read it all and I disagree with Mickey here.

    Yes, he should.

    John Edwards should have used personal funds to stash away his mistress, but of course, his wife might have discovered this.

    Instead he apparently used sham transactions and his campaign accounts.

    Bad move for Edwards and he may well pay a criminal price – depending upon the applicable law and a jury.

House Speaker John Boehner Declines Obama Tucson Trip and Then is Criticised

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GOP House Speaker John Boehner speaking in the House regarding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the Tucson Shooting Incident
Unfair to criticise House Speaker Boehner?
Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) turned down an offer by President Barack Obama to travel on Air Force One to Arizona for a memorial service on behalf of the victims of Saturday’s shooting, a decision that has upset some Democrats.

Senior Democrats – who to date had been impressed with Boehner’s response to the Arizona tragedy – expressed surprise at what they saw as an unmistakable misstep by the new speaker: appearing at a partisan political event on the same night as the the president, first lady Michelle Obama, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Arizona congressional delegation come together at the memorial service for the victims of an attack that nearly took the life of a member of the House. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) was critically wounded in Saturday’s attack, while six other people died and a dozen more were wounded.

“It is disrespectful for Speaker Boehner to skip joining the President’s and bipartisan congressional delegation to the Tucson Memorial so he could host a Washington D.C. cocktail party for RNC members,” said a Democratic leadership aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity


And, Boehner would have been criticised if he had gone – probably by the same Democrat operatives.

The Maria Cino RNC event was planned anyway and Speaker Boehner could not have made Air Force One, the flight and attend the Capitol Prayer Service.

The Boehner staffers also insisted that, as speaker, Boehner’s place is on Capitol Hill, not in Tucson. They noted that Boehner had opened an hours-long tribute on the House floor Wednesday to Giffords and the other shooting victims and attended a bipartisan prayer service afterward. Because Air Force One left at 1 p.m., Boehner couldn’t have flown to Arizona and also attended the Capitol prayer service.

But, nice try by the Democrats to paint Boehner as an unfeeling MORON who intentionally disrespects the President and slights the Tucson shooting victims, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Top Conservatives on Twitter #TCOT Makes it to GOP House Speakers Twitter

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Boehner, congressional leaders change Twitter titles in Web change-of-power

In twin moves reflecting their new roles in the next Congress, Reps. John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) modified their official handles on Twitter.

Pelosi, the outgoing Speaker of the House, modified her Twitter name to drop her title, changing from “SpeakerPelosi” to “NancyPelosi.”

Boehner,meanwhile, transformed from “GOPLeader” to “SpeakerBoehner,” reflecting his assumption of the top spot in the House on Wednesday.

Pelosi’s account sought to downplay the downgrade, seeming to joke that followers should “rejoice” that her Tweets would be easier to retweet or copy to one’s own account – now that her handle was two characters

Her new account tweeted:

I’m now @NancyPelosi – 2 characters shorter than @SpeakerPelosi. RTers rejoice!

Boehner’s communications director, Kevin Smith, noted the change on his account, adding a “tcot” tag meant to flag the tweet for other conservatives on Twitter:

Check it out … @GOPLeader Boehner is now @SpeakerBoehner #tcot

The change in Twitter names is essentially a small one, though they serve as one 21st century signal of the change in power in the House.

If voters only knew what impact Twitter and #TCOT has had on organizing the RIGHT. The #TCOT newly designed website is here.

I am positive there will be a book.

Day By Day September 22, 2010 – Call in the Markers

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

RINO (Republican in name only) markers are a good question. A few well placed questions when they first run for office should do the trick.

Unfortunately in many Congressional Districts and/or for state office, big GOP machine politics prevails. Expedience of winning over the substance of the governing, you know.

New social media, Twitter, and the Tea Party Movement should keep these POLS more honest. At least voters will know their RINO proclivities BEFORE they go to the polls.

Re: the orange faux tan – notice how Rep. John Boehner, House GOP Minority Leader has suddenly gone pale.


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