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Five year-old Abby O’Brien waits for Republican presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani to arrive for a campaign stop in Derry, New Hampshire August 16, 2007.

Derry, New Hampshire Mother mother Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien questioned Mayor Rudy Giuliani today at a town-hall meeting: why the presidential candidate should expect loyalty from voters when he doesn’t get it from his children.

Giuliani has a daughter who has indicated support for Democrat Barack Obama and a son who said they didn’t speak for some time. His ugly divorce from their mother, Donna Hanover, was waged publicly while Giuliani was mayor of New York. Giuliani has since remarried.

Answering questions at a town-hall meeting, Giuliani was asked why he should expect loyalty from GOP voters when his children aren’t backing him.

“I love my family very, very much and will do anything for them. There are complexities in every family in America,” Giuliani said calmly and quietly. “The best thing I can say is kind of, ‘leave my family alone, just like I’ll leave your family alone.'”

His comments were greeted with a smattering of applause from the audience of about 120 people. Giuliani urged them to judge him based on his performance as mayor and a federal prosecutor, and he launched into a list of his successes such as reducing crime and welfare and prosecuting organized crime figures and drug dealers.

But, Katherine Prudhomme-OBrien is a Conservative FREAK. She SET-UP the Mayor to embarass him publicly.

Who is she?


Prudhomme- O’Brien is a Tom Tancredo supporter and a NUT.

The Mayor should have told the BITCH to get LOST. He won’t but Flap will.


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In California Giuliani Now Leads Thompson 2 to 1 and Romney 4 to 1

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Opposition to the California Electoral Reform Initiative is forming.

The Electoral Reform California Website is here.

Flap receives this e-mail today:

Hi all—

FYI, we’re working on the campaign to oppose the likely Republican-funded initiative scheme that would radically change the way California awards electoral votes, moving away from the “winner-take-all” approach (that currently means 55 electoral votes for the Democratic nominee) and towards an allocation based on Congressional district (which could throw as many as 20 electoral votes to the Republican nominee) — potentially throwing the entire presidential election to the Republicans.

Our placeholder site just launched today. Any support you can provide for this effort would really be appreciated:

The Republicans are beginning to raise money to try to qualify the initiative for the June ballot. If it passes, it would go into effect for 2008. We’ve got quite a bit of work to do to fight back against what many voters, at first blush, may think is a “fair” solution — because this concept taps into a lot of disenchantment that people feel about the electoral college as a whole.

We can’t let the Republicans get away with this pure, partisan power grab – and instead, we need to be reforming the system nationwide in a fair, comprehensive way (like moving to a national popular vote), rather than this kind of piecemeal approach that disproportionately swings electoral votes to one party or another.

Senator Boxer blogged about this at Huffington Post today:

Rick Jacobs, Todd Beeton, and the folks at the Courage Campaign are going to be doing a ton of online advocacy around this, so be sure to check them out too:

Thanks for your help on this.

Flap wonders how much each party will contribute to this initiative? Or their surrogates?

Flap receives this e-mail about the California lefty blogosphere actively opposing the initiative:

Many folks have already been writing and blogging about this, including Steven Maviglio over at the California Majority Report, Dave Dayen at Calitics, Bill Cavala at California Progress Report, and plenty of others. Links to their great pieces here:

I’m sure I’ve missed others, and apologies in advance for that. Thanks all!

The fight for California’s Electoral College votes in Presidential Race 2008 has just begun.

The initiative is here.

Stay tuned……….

Graphic Courtesy of California Majority Report


Electoral Reform California Initiative Could Split California Presidential Votes Part II

Electoral Reform California Initiative Could Split California Presidential Votes

North Carolina Ready to Change Electoral College Presidential Selection Rules for 2008

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In Florida, Rudy opens up a 16 point lead over Fred Thompson and 24 points over Mitt Romney.


  1. Rudy Giuliani 34%
  2. Fred Thompson 18%
  3. Mitt Romney 10%
  4. John McCain 8%
  5. Newt Gingrich 3%
  6. Tom Tancredo 3%
  7. Mike Huckabee 3%
  8. Ron Paul 2%
  9. Sam Brownback 1%
  10. Tommy Thompson 1%*
  11. Duncan Hunter 1%
  12. Undecided 16%

Rudy is up from the previous Strategic Vision Poll:

  • Rudy – 30% (32%)
  • Thompson – 24% (10%)
  • McCain – 11% (20%)
  • Romney – 8% (5%)
  • Gingrich – 4% (7%)

The () is the previous poll. 

And Fred Thompson is down with Mitt Romney marginally up.

Flap still predicts Florida will be a battleground state which Rudy will use to catapult himself to the final Super Tuesday victory and the nomination.

Stay tuned……..


The Rudy Giuliani Archive

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Mitt Romney Tours San Ysidro, California – Mexico Border

Remember Flap called Mitt Romney a HYPOCRITE for his criticism of Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Now, Congressman Peter King likewise calls Romney a HYPOCRITE in this piece written for the Washington Times.

First, let’s address the most obvious of the problems with Mr. Romney’s recent aggressiveness on this issue: the utter hypocrisy of it. The Mitt Romney seen on the national campaign trail can’t seem to talk enough about his newfound toughness on illegal immigration, which will come as a surprise to many of the residents of Massachusetts who rarely heard a word on this issue while Mr. Romney occupied the corner office. While the new Mitt Romney, campaigning for president, insists he is the candidate best credentialed to control this country’s problem of illegal immigration, many of you may remember that under Mr. Romney, the illegal-immigrant population boomed in the commonwealth, illegal immigrants performed the former governor’s yardwork and sanctuary cities in Massachusetts went unchecked.

It is, I think, a fairly modest understatement to say that before he was openly interested in the presidency, Mr. Romney was quite disinterested in illegal immigration as a whole.

Read it all.

And if this is not enough to convince ANY voter that Romney is NOT right for the Presidency, then check out his other inconsistencies and oddities:

Campaign finance reform

Flip on Abortion

Flip on Gay Marriage

Lied about hunting

Scientology book one of his favorites

Poor Mitt’s Dog

None of Mitt’s five adult sons had served in the military

Mitt Romney = HYPOCRITE

Mitt Romney = WRONG for America


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The Mitt Romney Posts

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