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Susan Atkins Parole Hearing Rescheduled to September 2, 2009

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This undated file handout photo provided by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Susan Atkins. Atkins was expected to succumb to brain cancer months ago, but the former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for killing actress Sharon Tate nearly four decades ago still clings to life. Now, a hearing that is perhaps her last chance at freedom has been abruptly put off until September 2009.

So says the California Department of Corrections.

Atkins has served 38 years in prison, longer than any other female prisoner, officials said. Before last year’s attempt, she was most recently considered for, and denied, parole in 2000.

In early 2008 Atkins was diagnosed with brain cancer. With one leg amputated and the other paralyzed, Atkins has only six months to live, doctors say. Atkins petitioned for so-called compassionate release, igniting a debate about when mercy is appropriate.

Those backing her release argued unsuccessfully that the cost of keeping Atkins in prison, which by now could be well over a million dollars, should have favored her release because it would save the state substantial amounts of money.

Others, including former Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, said it was a question of mercy and told The Times it was wrong to say “just because Susan Atkins showed no mercy to her victims, we therefore are duty-bound to follow her inhumanity and show no mercy to her.”

But most were unwavering in their contention she should die in prison considering her crimes.

Tate, the wife of film director Roman Polanski, was 8 1/2 months pregnant when she and four others were killed at her hilltop home in Benedict Canyon. The actress, who was stabbed to death, had begged Atkins for her life.

“She asked me to let her baby live,” Atkins told parole officials in 1993. “I told her I didn’t have mercy for her.”

Atkins was housed at the California Institution for Women in Corona from April 1971 until March 2008, when she was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

And, here is why, Susan Atkins will likely die in prison:

Remember Susan Atkins famously told a sobbing and begging Sharon Tate prior to her murder and mutilation, “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.”

Susan Atkins should remain incarcerated for the rest of her natural life.

Look BITCH, the people of California have NO MERCY for you.


Susan Atkins May 29, 2009 Parole Hearing Postponed

Elderly Charles Manson Photo Released by California Correctional Authorities

Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Denied Compassionate Release

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143 thoughts on “Susan Atkins Parole Hearing Rescheduled to September 2, 2009

  1. Marla, your ignorance and delusion only serve to reinforce my initial point. If God is our ever bearing judge of innocence then why must we even consider debating such a point or have a judicial system in the first place?

    Seriously, when it comes to American justice its an absolute joke as it is so closely interlinked with a fairy tale about theological myth. In the words of myself i could “bang on about” (James 2009:comment 2) how ridiculous it is many of the modern day individuals still choose to believe in such twaddle in the adversity of commen sense and historical evolutional fact but that would be sidetracking and in the words of monty python a “different story all together” the optimum word there being “story” as that is what the majority of you fools (including Susan Atkins) over the atlantic still live your lives by, a fictional story. (i hate to generalise but its a common appearance in America that can’t be ignored by the realists).

    However lets not dwell on what was a separate point to my initial comment (the second coment was merely an observation about American understanding of all things debatable lying in the hands of our omnipitent all powering observer, nothing to do with the issue at hand, believe me i feel more than compasssion for the God followers its called sympathy of which i currently have none for Susan Atkins). The real issue here is that a young woman has served her whole life behind bars for commiting a terrible offense that is inexcusable. But, It has already consumed her whole life and she has months left to live and should spend them freely in the “land of the free”.

    Come on, how is it possible to deny her this when OJ simpson gets off scott free?

  2. James you ignorant bastard. Oj didnt kill a pregnant woman and his aqquital was a miscarriage of justice. But this isnt about OJ, this is about Atkins. In her own words, she stated she had NO MERCY for Sharon Tate or her unborn child. It doesnt matter what good things she has done in prison, so she got religion, so what, Maybe GOD can forgive her but society sure as hell shouldnt. Hell, she should have already been dead, she got the death penalty and california overturned that. Would you want someone who did this to one of your loved ones to ever be set free, even if its to die?
    Im horrified to see that she was allowed to get married while in prison, there’s her mercy, she was allowed to love and be loved(?). What kind of sickfok would marry a sociopath like her? I hope she suffers greatly in her dying process for as u see, i have no mercy for anyone who can kill a child! FU

  3. james—-Thank you for your keen observations. I am sure that you are considered an intellectual giant among your peers, but you come across as nothing more than a pompous ass. It’s not so much your Godlessness that is disturbing, but your over-intellectualizing something that is so simple in nature. Right is right and my dear james, wrong is wrong. Sadie Mae Glutz should have been turned to dust many years ago. She is, and was, just a freak of nature. Something that should have never been. Something that should not continue to be.

  4. If Susan ( Sadie Mae Glutz ) had any trace of humanity, she would have commited suicide many years ago to save the state money and more importantly, to not put the victims through HELL with parole hearings.

  5. She should be shown as much compassion as she gave Sharon Tate and the others. The answer is “NO” Susan, you cannot die with dignity because you have none! What is the matter with people, she didn’t get the death penalty so shut up Susan!!!! The answer, in case you didn’t hear it the first time is, NO – what part of “no” don’t you understand!

  6. BTW, James – All the “GOD” bs, give me a break! If it had been your sister, mother, or wife you would be singing a different tune. If not, you have a bigger problem than you have now.

  7. RON:

    I hope she gets the release. I think she has suffered adequately for her crimes. I realize it’s not MY family in the photos, but I’d like to think I’d feel the same way. I just can’t imagine how ate up with rage, revenge and anger all these years has done to the souls of these poor family members. It must really disgust them to think that Atkins is given spiritual joy and freedom from God almighty, when they have no doubt had so little. It doesn’t seem fair, but we are all in the hands of a just God.

    I think the scripture where it mentioned paying the uttermost farthing has to do with paying for not forgiving.
    And you bring up a very good point on why she puts the families through this if she is truly a christian now. She could be faking the conversion, or maybe just THOUGHT she converted but still has the old nature. The cold, and selfish way about her that caused her to do this in the first place. Also, it is possible that she is a christian, but the truth of the pain the parole hearings are causing the families simply isn’t sinking in. She could be so caught up in her own thing that she just isn’t thinking about that.

    I don’t have a problem with her getting compassionate release, but I don’t think it is the govt.’s job to decide such a thing. I’ve said before that I thought the only people who had the right to allow her release would be the family members. If they objected, or if her release would cause them any more pain at all, then of course she should stay locked up.

    In closing, I must say that I find it odd that in our culture of, ” it’s not a baby, just tissue”, folks are showing shock over what was done to the baby.

    It’s ironic though, how she appears to have more freedom, peace and joy, then the family members, even though SHE’S the one who is locked up.

  8. Naw, I don’t think so Susan. I’m already happily married to a man who is happy to have me.

    I’m merely trying to address the issue from several different angles, and bring some cool reason back into the discussion. It was a horrific murder, so naturally emotions are still running pretty high.

    It would be just and fair if the victim’s family members were the ones deciding on a release. I can bible thump all day long about how Jesus expects us to forgive, not judge, and pray even to the cost of our own life. But that is MY thing, and everyone has to take that particular journey on their own. If I were to judge the family and call them ungodly, or unforgiving, then I also think that would be a cruel and non forgiving attitude from ME. We all have to answer to God for what WE do, and NOT for what somebody else does. Which I thank God for, because I certainly wouldn’t want to answer for Susan Atkins.

    I can’t imagine what kind of manipulation or brainwashing would make someone do something like THAT. It may be that some people are simply evil.

    Let’s just pray for everyone involved that God will have HIS way in this. Pray that the family members find peace, and thank God Almighty that the suffering of the victims is at least over.

  9. Actually, now that I have thought more about it, the only time Jesus EVER suggested the death penalty was when the offense involved children. He held them on his lap and said it would be better if a milstone were put around one’s neck and they cast into the sea then to offend (hurt) one of these little ones. That would involve drowning, which is not painless or quick. In other words, it sounds to me like he is saying tha a quick and easy death is too good for these types of people, and they forfeit the right to live themselves.

    Didn’t Susan kill the baby also? Hmmm, I’m going to have to do some serious soul searching and praying on this issue.

  10. Yes Dawn, you search your soul and you start praying. Then come back here and regurgitate more of your bs. Your words are just that, your opinion. There are a billion different interpretations of the bible. Here’s mine:

    Sadie Mae Glutz = one dead lying murderous pos

  11. let her go….for gods sake they let the guy that killed 200 plus people go ( jet plane) just let her go she has paid her dues.

  12. Hahahah im so happy, see God was in sharons side, this monster “susan” finally is gonna have her punishment, and for someone who said the she was a child when she killed one person.. First she was 21 that is not a child and 2nd she killed sharon, her baby, abigail foldger and her bf, and jay sabring, if u didnt know this well u know now, i hope you all who are at susan side NEVER something like this happen to you, im sure you d never forgive someone like this, write is easy but been through this is not, its true she spent 40 years in prision but at least she was alive, now she is suffering this is her punishment, she is the only one ill and in pain and u know why, cause she was the only one who killed someone who wasnt in this world yet, she didnt give the chance to this inocent criature can see the sunshine, just God decide who lives and who doesnt, of course she doesnt know what a mother can give for her children, if u dont know she had a son but she didnt care and just give him to adoption, ok bitch hope u die soon but in the most horrible way

  13. In the simple act of asking to be free, shows that you still have no mercy for your killings or for the families who still live with the pain of loss. You should feel soooo bad about what you did that you would never expect, let alone ask, to be freed. How can you, Susan, ask for mercy? Asking for mercy, or asking to be freed, is like stating that you deserve it, when we all know that you don’t.
    Yes, we should forgive you; however, you should do your time, which is life in prison. By continuing to refuse your request for release has helped me to forgive you.
    I lived in L.A. when this unimaginable crime happened and everyone was terrified in their own homes. I still check my locks 24/7 and keep a gun close by ever since. Not only did you change the lives of the families who suffered at your hands, but you changed the lives of everyone, which is exactly what you wanted to do. You and your sick family members wanted to terrify everyone. Well, I still live in memory of what you did, so you still need to live in prison. May God have mercy on you!

  14. Critter – very well said! It is what I keep saying.

    I honestly don’t think that Susan has seriously repented. She is for one HELL of a ride after she dies.

  15. You people have no heart do you?! Seriously let the woman go. I know what she did was wrong and horrible, but be serious. There are many reasons she should be let out. My main reason: if you let her die in jail, you’re no better than she was 40 years ago. You’d be a murderer for not letting her die outside of jail. 40 years of jail and over a year of being sick is enough. She’s dying and can’t really move at all anymore. God already forgave her, you people should too!!! You all make me sick! (except those who agree with me)

  16. I understand the “feeling for compassion” some people have here for a dying woman. I feel it too.

    However, we were not in her shoes and more so in the shoes of the people she / they killed and families whos lives have changed forever. Just because some people had been able to move on and let go, does not automatically mean the families of these victims have.

    And who are we to say ‘They should forget, forgive and let go” It is plain cruel to even force them. Do we know the gravity of their pain? NO. So how dare we say they should let go. It is the family members of the victims who keep fighting they dont want her release.. so why do we interfere with that. Again who are we to say they should let go and forget. It is theirs to take on.

    I also agree that if someone has truly repented, they would, as a remorseful person would, take the consequence. To even expect over and over again that your crimes are forgiven is simply saying you feel entitled to freedom because you have earned it. Such arrogance i find. And the victims were deemed by the killer – to die – already – no choice.

    If she truly felt her crime was horrible she would find it shameful to ask for parole (over and over) as Ron put it, place her victims family in same torture recalling it.

    And if the family members felt it was for to letting go, i suppose they wound no longer stop. It must be they feel no true repentance in Susan Atkins actions all those years. And i can see clearly why.

    Yes she could be the model prisoner, but whatever happened to true acceptance of your actions consequences. She didnt steal, she didnt covet someones husband – she killed a pregnant women and wanted to even remove the baby from the mothers belly, only thing that stopped her was she said she didnt have the courage to do so. And so the other things she did to sharon, she had (the courage). If she can conceive such thoughts, no wonder she can afford to keep asking for parole. Has she no sensitivities to the people she had harmed and hurt the most.

    I do not know anyone she killed, but I can see her family still feels the pain.

    Who am I to force what i want or think about Susan on this. To force it only adds more pain to the family, and so it makes me like Susan Atkins too..

  17. Marla Marla Marla, YOU sound like a 10 year old. People are entitled to their own opinion. Insulting them just makes YOU sound like the 10 year old. My opinion about Susan Atkins will never change. And my new opinion about you will probably never change either, if you continue to insult my opinion and others. So try to keep the insults in that pretty little head of yours. By the way, im older than 10 but younger than you.

  18. Stacey wrote —– “You people have no heart do you?! Seriously let the woman go. I know what she did was wrong and horrible, but be serious. There are many reasons she should be let out. My main reason: if you let her die in jail, you’re no better than she was 40 years ago. You’d be a murderer for not letting her die outside of jail. 40 years of jail and over a year of being sick is enough. She’s dying and can’t really move at all anymore. God already forgave her, you people should too!!! You all make me sick! (except those who agree with me)”

    Stacey, Your idiocy makes it so tempting to insult you. It’s difficult to resist. There are so many inconsistencies with what you wrote. You are all over the place. Who exactly is the murderer for NOT letting Susan out of jail? The justice system is the murderer? Is that what you are saying? The parole board is the murderer? Or, everyone that doesn’t agree with your warped view? Are they murderers as well? I’m just trying to understand your wacky thinking.

  19. Marla, sorry for confusing you, but if you were smart enough you could have filled in the “you” without question. 1.“You people have no heart do you?! “= people who think she should rot in jail when she is dying of a horrible incurable illness. 2.” if you let her die in jail, you’re no better than she was 40 years ago. You’d be a murderer for not letting her die outside of jail.”= the parole boad, debra tate and all of the murder victims’ living family members that keep her in there. That’s all im trying to say about my so called “wacky thinking.” And don’t question my judgement or opinion just because you don’t understand.

  20. My oh My, lookie at what I found:

    I lost any respect I had for Susan after reading the entire thing. My favorite part was when Susan was asked why not give the money to the surving victimes. Susan reply “I had not thought of it” – classic unremourseful answer.

    I am so glad that BITCH was not released. The minimal confort for me is knowing she tried and FAILED.

  21. Stacey,

    The people have given more than enogh compasion to Susan, much more than she deserves. Susan should have been given the electric chair a long time ago.

    Susan could have elected to comitt suicide years ago to cut the costs of having to incarciate her, but instead, Susan has elected to have more money spent on her by her demands of the parole hearings.

    All these things, Susan will have to pay for when she dies whether or not she is forgiven by God. Forgiveness does not mean no payback. Payback for Susan is going to be one juicy HELL of a ride.

    What is happening to Susan right now with all of her illneses while she is alive is a tiny, very tiny preparation of things to come when she dies. Think if it as mercy for her in preraring her for a very ugly, disturbing and disgusting HELL of a trip. She should be thankful that she is being prepared becuase what is coming Susan’s way is down right dispear and pain.

  22. Geeze Stacey, since when did u start speaking for God? “God already forgave her””??? How do you know this? Can u actually get into the mind of God??LOL..Oh, maybe he told you personally! Yeah YEAh, we’re all taught God is forgiving, but you seem to think you have the inside scoop on who he forgives and when……
    As for your ignorance, When a person dies of natural causes, that is not considered murder…for you to blame others/us for her imminent death is insane .Look at you judge others as you defend the murderer…..

    Stacey says: “And don’t question my judgement or opinion just because you don’t understand.” Projection at its best!

    At the risk of sounding evil(although u seem to think its ok to slaughter innocent people), lets hope this happens to your family and see how u feel then…..oh, did u not like my comment? wanna judge me? have at it

  23. Thanks for the cnn link of Susan Atkins sleeping through her parole hearing while the victims have to re-visit that horrid moment.

    Someone should have kicked that bed and woke her to show some respect for the victims.

    I don’t care how sick I was, I would have at least shown the dignity to stay AWAKE during the testimonials fo the victims.

    Amazing, totally amazing!

  24. seriously???? you think this….thing should be allowed to roam the streets…oh you must mean as long as its not your street than fine let her go right? HOW ABOUT THINKING ABOUT SOMEBODY OTHER THAN YOURSELF? have you ever considered wat it must have been like for tate? the pain and horror and confusion and this horrible person not able to give mercy to another human being? Why should we show her mercy? Cause she is dying??? Tell me where did this sudden respect for life come from and where was it when it involved somebody other than herself???

  25. Just what Atkins told the lady before she kill her, NO MERCY FOR YOU…..Well….NO MERCY FOR YOU….Again…
    ROT in HELL……Stupid follower…

  26. Hey Susan. How goes it down there?

    Summer is coming up for us, but how hot is it there for you?

  27. Does anybody remember the story in the Bible when Jesus was hanging on the cross, there were two others hanging besides Him, one on His left and one on His right, one was a murderer and one was a thief. The murderer said to Jesus…”Remember me this day when you enter into paradise.” The Lord said…”Today, you will be with me in paradise. The point is…GOD forgives murderers.

  28. God forgives those who ask to be forgiven. Unfortunately many people die thinking it’s automatic and are entitled to it without reseverations.

    Jesus also gave the parallable of the person who died not repenting and the agnory he was under in the after life.

  29. I should add that Susan Atkins demonstrated on several ocassions her refusal to repent and ask for forgiveness for her horrendous crimes.

    Througout Susan’s life and specially towards the end of Susan’s life, she tried like a caged animal to get out of Jail instead facing her crimes to which she and only she is accountable.

    Susan could have opted to be put to death (or done it herself) to help society not have to spent any more money on her, but instead, Susan did just the opposite. Susan challenged the legal system repeately with parole hearings costing society (us) money and worse, putting the victims through more torture having to re-call that horrid moment.

    Also for those of you thinking Jesus is a free ticket and that you can committ all kinds of sins in this world and still get a free ticket, you are in for one big surprise.

  30. Hey Susan, how goes it? How hot is it there?

    Susan, are you being tormented by some of the things you said and did? For example, here is a juicy reminder of what you said Susan:

    “She sobbed and pleaded for the life of her baby, “Please don’t kill me. Please….I want to live. I want to have my baby.” But SUSAN ATKINS told her she had no mercy for her. Then Tex slashed her face and stabbed her 16 times, ATKINS and Watson taunted her while she died, Sharon cried out repeatedly for her mother.”

    Hey Susan, it’s going to be a very long enternity.

  31. They,(manson,atkins,watson and all the others that were convicted) should have gotten the (Gas) chamber for what they did, but calif abolished capital punishment, and spared them, Watson even has a family,,they should have cut off his nards!. An eye for an eye,,Atkins actually tasted the blood of her victim (Tate) they should be required to serve life,,Period! Furthermore put charlie out into population,,see if he still wants to talk smack,,his days are numberd, they are all trash,,(the manson family)

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