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Manson Family Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi on Susan Atkins Parole

This undated file handout photo provided by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation shows Susan Atkins. Atkins was expected to succumb to brain cancer months ago, but the former Charles Manson follower imprisoned for killing actress Sharon Tate nearly four decades ago still clings to life. Now, a hearing that is perhaps her last chance at freedom has been abruptly put off until September 2009

No, Bugliosi does NOT oppose the parole – although he did support the death penalty against Atkins forty years ago.

HANSEN: Susan Atkins confessed to stabbing pregnant actress Sharon Tate. And there are many who actually count her unborn child as one of the victims.

Mr. BUGLIOSI: Right.

HANSEN: Isn’t her confession automatically an argument against clemency?

Mr. BUGLIOSI: Well, she told me that she stabbed Sharon Tate to death. But when I called her to the grand jury the very next day, Susan Atkins told me that she told Sharon Tate: Look, (Beep) I don’t have any mercy on you. You’re going to die.

She admitted that in front of the grand jury, but not to stabbing Sharon Tate. But that’s neither here nor there. Under the law of aiding and abetting and conspiracy, whether you participate in the stabbing or not, is immaterial. So Atkins is guilty of first degree murder, legally. It has some relevance on the degree of moral culpability that varies from person to person. And the person doing all the stabbing is more morally culpable than someone that did not.

But the main thing about Susan Atkins – and I have not opposed her being released, even though I sought the death penalty against her is that in addition to her already serving 40 years, which we cannot cavalierly dismiss, she’s literally on her death bed. One of her legs has been amputated. The other one is paralyzed. She doesn’t speak. She kind of mumbles. She has terminal brain cancer. And according to the L.A. Times, she’s only got a couple months to live.

So, I don’t even know if I’d put her in the same category of the others. If she were healthy and look like she’d be alive for many years, I would oppose her release. But right now, I don’t see any reason why. So I don’t think that’s a case we can put into the category whether the Manson family killer should be paroled.

All of them should’ve been executed way back in 1971, and I asked for the death penalty. But Susan Atkins is a little different story here, now after 40 years.

Here is one of the crime scene photos of Sharon Tate.

Remember Susan Atkins famously told a sobbing and begging Sharon Tate prior to her murder and mutilation, “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.”

As Flap said before, Susan Atkins should remain incarcerated for the rest of her natural life. Atkins should have been executed forty years ago.

Look BITCH, the people of California have NO MERCY for you.


Susan Atkins Parole Hearing Rescheduled to September 2, 2009

Susan Atkins May 29, 2009 Parole Hearing Postponed

Elderly Charles Manson Photo Released by California Correctional Authorities

Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Denied Compassionate Release

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31 thoughts on “Manson Family Prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi on Susan Atkins Parole

  1. It’s hard to know where to stand with the Tate murder….Morally and ethically it was wrong for her to have commit such a hienous crime. On the other hand, does brain washing and manipulation play any role in her clemency???? I for one feel that the punishment should fit the crime, but Im sure the Polly Anna’s out there will say otherwise.

  2. Susan had 6 months max to live when she first ask to be released – that was over a year ago 🙂

    Why does Susan keep putting the victims through HELL with the parole hearings? Has she not done enough damage already?

    One of the few times I wish the electric chair was back in business.

  3. This has been a long time since she had only months to live. LOL! Now she only has months to live again. Geezzzzzzz god is working wonders here as I see it letting her live longer in jail and suffering. Oh please give up asking for a get out of jail card! Any judge would be crazy for letting her out of jail for any reason what so ever and would need surgery on his or her head to see what makes him or her tick. I sure hope she rots in jail and dies there too after she rots.I know it cost a lot but it is so much better to make these people die in jail as it is too easy to put then to death. She needs to suffer it out like Sharon did or worse!

  4. Susan Atkins must die in prison.
    She had no mercy for Sharon Tate or anyone else.
    What Atkins did was so horrible that it is beyond words.
    People who do things like her must never be set free.
    Let this be an example for others like this Atkins scum.
    Kill and you will pay the price with your own life.
    No matter what.
    I hope Susan Atkins suffers for a long time.
    Forget the brain cancer.
    Her mind was gone a long time ago.
    Just like Manson’s empty one.

    George Vreeland Hill

  5. I don’t want to see the family members hurt anymore then they have been, but I almost hope she gets paroled. On the inside, she has relative peace. I don’t think she would fair so well with the public breathing down her neck everyday. The protests outside her window would NEVER stop.

  6. Sadly, it’s California, Dawn.

    The flower children would bring her lentil casseroles and ask what it was like killing all those “rich” people.

  7. I don’t believe anyone is born evil. There are forks in our paths and cards we have been dealt and until we have walked in the shoes of another we cannot know how they arrived where they are. At the least Susan Atkins is no longer a threat to anyone. Medical records indicate that she is, in fact, dying of brain cancer, although apparently not quickly enough for some. Where there is no threat, we can only look at our own vengeance. I for one will pass on my pound of flesh.

  8. I for one am glad she is not getting out of jail! Anyone that can not see what she had done is crazyyyyyyy! In my eyes the courts have their eyes open wide on this one. She is one of the nastyest people on the face of this earth. I just bet she thinks if she keeps asking for parole early that the courts will let her go one time or another here…Well if we have smart people in our court system then they will let her rot in jail. I feel that maybe she did not get death in this case of her killing someone but god has way of taking care of things in his own way.I do not even believe she is that sick either as she has been dying for several years now. If her cancer was that bad she’d be dead by now! GOD BLESS THE COURTS ON THIS One>> keEp her in jail until she rots there!

  9. As far as Susan Atkins being ill, I think it is a difficult situation here to decide, because she has changed over the years, but notevery one agrees at this point. I think, om my opinion, I think she should be release, even though she does not deserve it, because she is ill and does not know anthing anymore I think, it cost us to pay taxes on these people while in prison. We save money. She is dying anyway. So what is the difference there, whether she dies in prison hospital or die at home, she is dying anyway. She is no longer a threat to people. Another thing is, she should had shown mercy on actress Sharon Tate. Stephanie Pannozzo.

  10. Well Stephanie, even if she is out of prison or in prison we the tax payers will still pay for her so she might as well stay in prison to rot. If she was out we’d pay as she would be on government assitance to pay all of her bills. SO it will cost us anyways. Dying or not she does not need any kind of special treatment as she is not SPAECIAL at all. SHE IS A POOR EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN! She Needs to rot in Jail! Sorry but if she had killed someone in your family you may just feel different.

  11. Here is another take on the money issue.

    Susan could have committed suicide years ago to save society money. All that saved money could have gone to pay for starving children, but Susan has decided for the past 40 years that she rather have that money spent on her than on starving children.

    To add insult to injury, Susan has demanded Parole hearings putting the victims through 40 years of HELL having to recount that horrid moment.

  12. There should be no more parole hearings for her now. I think the system needs to put a limit on that too as that cost more money. But keeping her in jail cost no more money than letting her out of jail. The victims families should no long have to go through parole hearings. Enough is enough here right now! Now if she had not admitted she had done the killing then maybe there would be adoubt… but no doubt she admitted it. SO rot!

  13. I hardly think you can lump President Obama, Bill Ayers and the Manson killers in the same category. There is no comparison. President Obama was a small child during the ’60’s, I doubt if he was a part of the counter-culture. Just because he met Ayers 30 some years later, has nothing to do with Bill Ayers then. I don’t even think Ayers can be compared to Manson killers. Yes, was a part of the counter-culture and he did bomb buildings, but he didn’t go into someone’s home and brutally massacre them. There is a difference.

  14. Hopefully, Susan will honestly repent before she dies, but it does not look like she will. So take another leg I say before she goes.

  15. No Becca, I,m afraid your wrong at this point. It ciost us more if we let these ass holes stay in prison. Like I said She is dying anyway.She can rot at home. Dying of brain cancer is her punishment right there. She does not know anything anymore anyway. If she deserve to die, she should have died along time ago. My family are gone. I am feeling different, and have no mercy on people like that. Even if she dies at home I still show no mercy. Dying of brain cancer is good enough for me, wouldnt you? Wouldnt you want someone to forgive you if you have done something awfu. If God can forgive , so can we. Stephanie P

  16. Stepahnie,

    Susan has not even begun to pay for what she did. She should have been send to North Korea hard labor camp, but we are too nice.

    The best money being spent right now is keeping Susan behind bars so that she will die like a caged animal which she is.

    I don’t understand why Susan keeps putting the victims through so much HELL with so many parole hearings. Truely disgusting.

  17. Thank you Ron!
    This woman needs to rot! Even if it is at the peoples expense. Heck at least we all get to watch. I do feel sorry for the families she has made suffer so much. One thing the system can save on is the appeals, they can say enough is enough and not let her have any more. SO that is one way to save some of the money being spend on her.

  18. susan only has true hell to look forward too…after her death…however…that does NOT release her from the penalty she has to pay here…on this earth…to her victims…to their families…a debt that will never be fully paid…its only fair that a woman who had no mercy towards her helpless victims receives no mercy…from anyone…the world now laughs and mocks sadie…susan…whatever she is choosing to call herself now…as she once mocked the innocent…brain cancer is almost too easy…and anyway the world can force her to suffer is good in my book…if she truely repented and was a changed person…she never would have asked for parol or a compassionate release…she would have served her time and shut her mouth about it…
    i think its sad for the families of the victims susan found so much to smirk about during the trials…yet comical for her because it appears now that smile has popped right off that face of hers…
    i hope it takes her much longer than two months to waste away…as im sure it felt like eternity for her victims to die…
    fear the reaper….sadie…hes coming straight at you…and like all of us…he has no mercy for you…there is no god for you or to save you…
    as for the former district attorney…well…that mans just gone off the deep end…hes nuts…and noone listens to what he has to say anyhow…he babbles on and on just too keep his name in the spotlight…a spotlight that has no interest in him anymore…
    when we start feeling compassion for those who have no compassion…for those who live off the suffering of others…when we would rather spend our time standing up for the murderes rather than the innocent victims…we know we are only one step away from becoming just like the manson family…and bugliosi…you have now earned your place at the manson family table by supporting susan…in a way…you have also tasted sharon tate’s blood…and put her family…and all the others through hell….

  19. Susan Atkins, the baby and mom killer was supposed to die last year.

    Amazing how she holds on to life!

    Susan, the end is getting near. Do you hear the crying of the BABY you murdered? Get ready for some grusome payback!

  20. Thank GOD This woman has DIED! SO it looks like GOD as helped everyone here. Even though the families maybe at ease now they will never forget the awful things Susan has done. Now that Susan has died I hope the records are really sealed and her son will never get to know that his mother was Susan. It is funny how this child was taken away from her. Although her son was not murdered! But I’m bet he had a better home than what he would have had with her in the darn old prison or with a jail bird mother. So now she is gone! gone! gone! and we do not have to pay to keep her any longer. Geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What a relief to all of us. But I can bet she did not go to heaven either! ANd I thank god for letting this woman suffer so much! And Bless the families of all Susan had hurt so much.

  21. Well Ron, Susan is gone gone gone! And She killed some else and their Baby too, but I find it odd she did not kill her own baby before it was born. Oh well her own child did get a good home I can only hope. And the records are sealed. But I think they can only be sealed for so long. But may be I understand that wrong. I just hope Susans Child has a good home and never finds out who his mother is. But I do know for sure Susan is not in heaven and never will be. I know god will never let her run into Sharon again for nothing. Oh and we all get some tax relief now too. But it was still worth every tax dollar I spent to keep her in prison.

  22. WEll Ron I sure hope she is shoveling coal right about now. I do not think anyone ever gets forgiven for a crime like she had done. Wekk I sure hope not anyways

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