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  • Eric Cantor and John Boehner — particularly Eric Cantor — have decided they don’t need or want conservatives and, more troubling, do not have any intention of trying to win at the polls by forcing Democrat hands on Obamacare.

    Our leadership is behaving badly.

    Last week and on Monday I mentioned Rep. Steve King’s effort to repeal Obamacare and start over. He’s filed a discharge petition. If he gets 218 signatures, Nancy Pelosi must hold a vote.

    At the time, I was hearing that Eric Cantor was desperate to undermine Steve King’s efforts and, sure enough, he’s trying. Worse, he has John Boehner helping him.
    No, they don't apparently and Erick is right on this one.

    Repeal the sucker.

  • Leave it to Andrew Sullivan. It’s been 24 hours since I offered $100,000 for the full list and contents of the Ezra Klein’s four-year experiment in political-journalist editorial collusion — the on line progressive jazz fusion station known as JournoList. A natural free for all of death-wishing upon their political enemies and other such innocuous scribblings.
    So-called conservative?

    Andrew Sullivan is just a legend in his own mind and is NOT a conservative

  • Before the Senate Judiciary Committee a short time ago, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan appeared reluctant to admit that she wrote a 1996 Clinton White House memo aimed at altering a key medical group’s opinion of whether partial birth abortion is medically necessary. The memo, reported yesterday by National Review, has caused a stir in conservative circles because it appeared that Kagan, then a White House policy aide, put words in the medical group’s mouth in order to soften its position on the controversial procedure. But when Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch brought the subject up with Kagan, he had a hard time getting her to admit that she did, in fact, write the document in question.
    Too slick for me and I would vote against Kagan.
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  • The administration's stimulus program has failed. Growth is slow and unemployment remains high. The president, his friends and advisers talk endlessly about the circumstances they inherited as a way of avoiding responsibility for the 18 months for which they are responsible.

    But they want new stimulus measures—which is convincing evidence that they too recognize that the earlier measures failed. And so the U.S. was odd-man out at the G-20 meeting over the weekend, continuing to call for more government spending in the face of European resistance.
    Absolutely correct. Big government types just live in a state of denial

  • Rasmussen
    6/28/10; 500 likely voters, 4.5% margin of error
    Mode: Automated phone
    (Rasmussen release)


    2010 Senate
    48% Blunt (R), 43% Carnahan (D) (chart)

    Favorable / Unfavorable
    Roy Blunt: 54 / 33
    Robin Carnahan

    Job Approval / Disapproval
    Pres. Obama: 47 / 53 (chart)
    Gov. Nixon: 60 / 37 (chart)
    So far so good in this race

  • Unless there is some other interpretation of these documents that does not occur to me, it appears that Elena Kagan participated in a gigantic scientific deception. On behalf of the Clinton White House, she deliberately subverted what was supposed to be an objective scientific process. The ACOG report was certainly seen in that light by the federal courts. Federal Judge Richard Kopf was deeply impressed by the scientific integrity of the report; he wrote:

    "Before and during the task force meeting," he concluded, "neither ACOG nor the task force members conversed with other individuals or organizations, including congressmen and doctors who provided congressional testimony, concerning the topics addressed" in the ACOG statement.
    Indeed she must answer

    This statement was obviously false. The federal courts were victimized by a gross deception and a perversion of both the scientific process and the judicial process, carried out, the evidence appears to show, by Elena Kagan.

    (tags: Elena_Kagen)

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Big Brother Featurette with a summary of the new houseguests for the upcoming season

Yeah, I am a fan and will be watching the show and the feeds. I will try to attend a live show during the season but there is a lottery – i.e. The Big Brother production folks will decide.

I get most of the poop from Dingo over at Hamster Watch and her Twitter feed @HamsterWatch.

Check them out.

And, from the CBS press release:

Below are the 13 Houseguests who will compete in the new season of


Lane Elenburg,
24                                                        Ragan Fox, 34

Texas                                                             Los
Angeles, Calif.

Oil Rig
Salesman                                                         College


Andrew Gordon,
39                                                     Britney Haynes,

Miami Beach,
Fla.                                                       Huntington,

Hotel Sales Manager


Kathy Hillis,
40                                                             Matt
Hoffman, 32

Ark.                                                             Elgin,

 Web designer


Hayden Moss,
24                                                          Enzo
Palumbo, 32

 Bayonne, N.J.

 Insurance Adjuster


Rachel Reilly, 26                  
                                      Monet Stunson, 24

Las Vegas,
Nev.                                                           Glen
Carbon, Ill.

Chemistry Graduate Student/VIP Cocktail Waitress



Brendon Villegas,
30                                                    Annie Whittington,

Calif.                                                            Tampa,

High School Swim
Coach                                             Bartender


Bitting, 24

Philadelphia, Pa.

Shoe Boutique Manager


The Big Brother Archive


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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Chris, I agree. Having Sam in the Men’s Room would NOT be appropriate.

Now, about that ITCH?


The Day By Day Archive


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