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A pretty sad immigration commentary after the Congress refused to pass The Dream Act.

If this were not an election year, I would think Obama’s immigration policy would be enjoined in the courts and the President facing impeachment.

Let’s just make sure that Obama is not re-elected.


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Michelle Malkin has the story that was swirling around the nets this weekend after the DREAM Act was blocked on Saturday.

There is a bit of confusion on the Internet that needs to be cleared up about the Democrats’ plans for the DREAM Act.

A number of readers have pointed to a weekend post at warning that the DREAM Act is “hidden” in another bill, H.R. 5281.

Senate staff explained to me today that DREAM was passed as an amendment to HR 5281 in the House and it was sent over as a “message,” which gave it privileged status so the Senate didn’t have to vote on a motion to proceed (simply a cloture vote). My Senate staff source added that it essentially gave the Democrats an avenue to bypass a procedural hurdle in the Senate, but since the Senate failed to proceed to the 3rd amendment (the DREAM Act), it is dead and HR 5281 does not
include it.

Vigilance for open border type illegal alien amnesty is warranted, indeed – since this DREAM Act and other legislation is bound to return.

Now, it is time to go on offense.


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Supporters of the Federal DREAM Act participate in a candle-light procession and vigil in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, which Congress will begin debating Wednesday, would allow the legalization of people who illegally entered the United States before they turned 16, who have been here for less than five years and who complete at least two years at a college or university, or join the military, among other requirements

I agree with Mickey Kaus that the Tea Party was a major contributing factor in the defeat of the DREAM Act. Also, read Roy Beck’s of Numbers USA piece here.

But, the Club for Growth, Senator Jim DeMint’s PAC, Sarah Palin and other conservative grass root groups also organized/enabled rank and file conservative activists to buck/challenge establishment GOP candidates and hold them accountable for squishy left-leaning votes (like voting for any type of  illegal alien amnesty masquerading as comprehensive immigration reform).

Two other races that come to mind are Utah Senator Bob Bennett (who voted for DREAM) who was defeated for GOP renomination (hence Orrin Hatch’s absence from voting on DREAM and perhaps the Montana Democrats voting No) and Pennsylvania’s long time Senator Arlen Specter who switched parties (when it was apparent he would not win GOP re-nomination) and then was beaten in the general election (Specter did vote for DREAM).

After seeing what happened to their colleagues, there is little doubt that long term Republican Senators felt more comfortable in voting with their caucus than to be a maverick and face the wrath of a contested primary election their next election.

Republican incumbent GOP Senators and Representatives will be held accountable for their political actions. With Twitter, YouTube and Facebook covering/documenting their every vote, fundraisers and speeches, they will vote their conservative constituencies or be replaced with candidates that will. This is especially true in small population states with less expensive media markets e.g. Indiana, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska.

Yeah Mickey, Democracy is a wonderful thing.


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Undocumented college students and supporters watch the Senate’s cloture vote on the Dream Act at the UCLA Downtown Labor Center in Los Angeles, Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010. The Dream Act would give provisional legal status to illegal immigrants brought to the country as children

Any type of amnesty for illegal aliens is not going to happen until the southern border with Mexico is secured. The U.S. Senate made it clear today.
The weeks of rallies, hunger strikes and sit-ins and the thousands of phone calls placed to Senate offices didn’t pay off for immigration activists.

The decade-old DREAM Act once again failed to break a filibuster in the Senate on Saturday morning, effectively killing the bill this year and shutting the door on what perhaps was the last chance for pro-immigration reform legislation until at least the 2012 election.

Senate Democrats came up five votes short of the 60 needed to advance the House-passed bill, which would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants brought to the country as children if they attend college or join the military for two years.

The 55-41 vote was mostly along party lines, though a handful of Democrats — perhaps fearful of their 2012 election outlook — also voted against the DREAM Act.

Mickey Kaus has the politics of the vote here.

Swing votes:  Lincoln—yes …Brownback—no … Scott Brown—no … Tester— no … Snowe—no … Nelson—no … Kirk—no … Sherrod Brown—yes … Lemieux—no … Baucus—no … Webb—yes … Voinovich—no … McCaskill—yes … Hagan—no … Murkowski—yes … Hutchison—no … Collins—no …

Final vote: 55 yes, 41 no … DREAM fails to get cloture. It looks like a close thing. My side’s line will (not implausibly) be that the DREAMers fell five votes short of the 60 they needed  … The four senators who ducked having to vote include Manchin, who seems a bit cowardly for that. Maybe he has an excuse. [Update: Politico says he put out a statement opposing DREAM.] Also Hatch, Gregg, and Bunning. At least those last two seem like “no” votes, and none of the three was a sure yes … All in all, five Dems voted no (Tester, Baucus, Pryor, Ben Nelson, Hagan) … Semi-surprise “yes” vote: Dorgan, retiring Democrat who has on occasion been a “comprehensive reform”-skeptic from the old-school union, anti-cheap labor point of view. During the informative (only 50% cheerleading) lo-fi Numbers USA live feed, Rosemary Jenks attributes this to Dorgan’s desire to take a university position when he retires. I guess you can’t be a college president and oppose DREAM …

The fact is the DREAM Act has been languishing in the Congress for a decade and with GOP regaining control of the House, it will be DEAD for at least two years.

Now, is the time for the Congress to vote to secure the border with Mexico and stop the influx of illegal aliens. It is out of control in California and will have REAL political effects for the GOP and America, if the diluge is NOT stopped and stopped now.

Thanks to those Senators who opposed this illegal alien amnesty – now get to work to close off that border!


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