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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: California’s Life-and-Death Politics

Ken Masugi, fellow Bear Flag League member and blogger extraordinaire with the Clairmont Institute has directed Flap to this piece by Patricia Morrison of the Los Angeles Times and Dog Trainer.

After reading Morrison’s blue vs red state comparison tripe and failing to give proper treatment of the victims of William’s murderous escapades, Flap prefers to refer the reader to Masugi’s comments:

Patt Morrison pleads for Tookie Williams’ life. Letting Williams die, she sighs, “would placate the state’s broad law-and-order voting base.” Morrison expects more of Schwarzenegger. But justice for Williams (she somehow never mentions his conviction for four murders, though his books are duly noted) is not a matter of placating voting bases. The death penalty assures society that heinous murders are taken with utmost seriousness, that justice requires vengeance and the compensation that only an act of a just political community can demand. (Otherwise we are left with vigilantism.) Those who commit heinous crimes must forfeit their lives if any sense of decency, of justice, is to exist on earth. To rely solely on divine justice is to destroy human justice, which in turn leads to the mockery of divine justice.

UPDATE: Does Williams still guide the Crips, a gang he founded, from his prison?

Flap is a little more direct……..Williams must be brought to justice for the murder of four people….


  • dennis shephard

    Stanley Williams created a monster that is not only responsible for the death of four people, but there is not telling how many other people have died due to him being the founder of the Crips. This is not only an organization that is detrimental to society in general, but it is detrimental to Black Society. Many black boys/men have looked up to him as a role model and fallen in right behind him. What he created has continued to perpetuate not only violence, but racial and ethnic division that hurts the whole of society. He may only have been found guilty of four deaths, but how many other persons has he killed or wounded and not been caught or convicted. There should be no clemency. There are still people dying in the streets due to his creation. Many of these people are innocent individuals who had no gang affiliation, nor did they deserve to die. I am a black man who believes that justice needs to be served.

  • tim wagner

    he is a good guy and u guys dont kno anything about gangs yes they r bad but they r a way of life 4 some people and if he didnt found the crips it would have been some one else he should be set free he stoped lots of killing and he is a changed man i think if he was let go he could help stop gangs is all im saying if u put him down ur a eveil person because if u were 2 walk in his shoes when u he was a teen u would have done the same he is a good man let him live let him go he has made is self right

    much love to tookie keep ur head up ur in my prayers ~snowman~

  • Terrie

    To all the people who feel this is a man that has turned his life around, what if it had been one of your loved ones that he had killed? Only God can say this man has turned his life around.
    He founded a gang that still today is known as harden youth that will kill if you just look at them wrong. That doesn’t stand for a person that has a real interest in youth.
    How many have died from being in a gang? Did he kill 4 people, no it’s by far more, every young man that is part of a gang and has been killed by a gang member is on Mr. Williams shoulders. He should reach out and teach young men to stay away from gangs and strive to make a better life for theirself.
    No Mr. Williams is not a choir boy and shouldn’t be treated as one!

  • warriorlion

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Kill four people; Yen-I Yang, a 65-year-old motel owner, his wife, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, 62, and daughter, Yu-Chin Yang Lin, 42, and Albert Owens, 26-year-old, 7-11 clerk and what does you expect to happen?

  • Jonathan Briggs

    I feel that what life in prison is enough punishment already, because your contained in cell for the rest of your life. To say that justice requires vengeance is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard. It’s not our place as human beings to decide if someone lives or dies, and aren’t you doing exactly the same thing that he did, which is a crime right. I feel that what ever happened to him in the 24-years he spent in prison could have changed his whole character, and I feel that you would no longer be killing a convicted murderer but a reborn child of God. That’s when your no longer making a point, but an injustice!

  • bigdickdaddy

    The man murdered 4 people and who knows how many others with the crips.
    stop playing the race game cause this man is not getting a free pass.
    The NAACP is behind him. where was the NAACP on dr.Kamboon said last month
    to kill all whites in the world???? why did the media try to cover it up?

    This is what iam talking about !!!!!

    (The democratic Media Double Standard)

    Perazzo shows that the news media try to cover up the fact that many black attacks on whites are motivated by racial hatred. The murder of six and wounding of 17 passengers on a Long Island train by Colin Ferguson on Dec. 7, 1993, is a notable example. Perazzo writes: “While all local news broadcasts that evening led with this story, and every New York newspaper gave it front-page headlines the following day, not a single report mentioned the gunman’s skin color. Clothing color, however, was somehow deemed newsworthy by the New York Times, which provided the media’s most detailed description of the shooter as ‘a husky-looking man dressed in white….Ferguson openly acknowledged that he had acted for purely racial reasons. (This) forced the media to report…not only that the gunman was black, but that every one of his victims was either white or Asian.'”

    There were no reports on the literature found in Ferguson’s room, and despite his admission of his motive, a New York Times editorial said, “The usual imperative of those who would contemplate an event like (the) Long Island Rail Road massacre is to ‘make sense’ of it. While the wish is reasonable, no more sense can be made of such a thing than of a typhoon or cyclone. Forget the gunman’s declared motive of racial hatred: when someone with a semiautomatic weapon starts perforating citizens en masse, the question of motive evaporates.”

    Perazzo points out that no such analysis was made of the motive in “any instance of white-on-black crime in memory.” He says that in those cases, “civil rights leaders and social commentators were virtually unanimous in attributing the perpetrators’ violence to racism. Colin Ferguson was, for the most part, exempted from such charges; the slaughter he engineered was widely accepted as the bitter fruit of a crazed man’s mental imbalance.” The most important lesson the major media found in this case was that handguns are the problem, not antiwhite racism. The media gave more attention to Ferguson’s gun than to the ideas that had been planted in his head by influential blacks, helping fuel the drive for stronger gun control.

    The contrast between the media coverage of this and other black-on-white murders and white-on-black murders is mind-boggling. Typically, in the black-on-white cases there is little or no national coverage of the story. If it is covered, the race of the killer is reported belatedly, if at all, and there is little or no investigation of whether or not he hates whites. If there is such evidence, the authorities try to keep it under wraps and the media refrain from doing their own investigations. These stories have no legs. They generate no public outrage and are soon forgotten. That, of course, is the objective of both the authorities and the media.

    The white-on-black murders get exactly the opposite treatment. They get heavy coverage in the print and electronic media. The racial views of the perpetrators are investigated. If they are found to have a record of being antiblack, that becomes the story. It may become the story even if there no evidence to support it. The memory of the crimes are kept alive for years, and some of them even get into the history books. They generate outrage on the part of both whites and blacks, and they are added to the arsenals of those who are striving to inflame racial hatred against whites.

    Howard Beach: White On Black

    The death of a 23-year-old black named Michael Griffiths on Dec. 19, 1986 in the white, middle-class community of Howard Beach in Queens, New York illustrates this contrast. Perazzo devotes five pages in his book to what happened there and the aftermath. This is a brief summary.

    Griffiths and two friends had car trouble and went to Howard Beach to make a phone call. They were accosted by a dozen white teenagers who shouted racial epithets and attacked them with a baseball bat and tree limbs after one of the blacks flashed a knife and returned their racial insults. One of them ran off after being hit in the head with a bat. Griffiths and the other victim were badly beaten, but they managed to escape. Griffiths ran onto a parkway, was hit by a car and killed.

    This Perazzo writes: “The public clamor over this incident was deafening, the media coverage immense….Newspapers, magazines and broadcast stations across the nation examined the attack in extraordinary depth….” Demonstrations erupted, resulting in more news coverage. Mayor Ed Koch said, “This was the worst murder I believe has taken place in the modern era.” Marches and demonstrations proliferated. Blacks armed with bats attacked whites, crying, “Howard Beach.” The youths who attacked Michael Griffiths were convicted of manslaughter, since they didn’t actually kill him. Hundreds of protesting blacks blocked rush-hour traffic in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    Wilkinsburg: Black On White

    On March 1, 2000, John Kroll, 55, was finishing up putting a new door on the apartment of Ronald Taylor in Wilkinsburg, a small town near Pittsburgh. Taylor, irritated by how long it was taking, first threatened to kill John DeWitt, 63, who was helping Kroll install the door. Emerging with a .22 caliber revolver, Taylor shot Kroll in the chest, killing him. Unable to find DeWitt, he headed for a Burger King up the street, where he killed Joseph Healey, 71, a part-time preacher at the Christian Church.

    Crossing the street to a McDonald’s, Taylor shot Richard Clinger, 56, in the head. He survived, but will never be normal. He then entered the restaurant and wounded Steven Bostard, 25, the assistant manager. He next shot and fatally wounded Emil Sanielevici, 20, who was waiting to be served at the drive-in window. He proceeded to Ross St., where he reloaded his gun and told a group of men, “I’m going down in a blaze of glory, and I’ll shoot anybody white.” All of Taylor’s victims were white.

    Fleeing to a building, he threatened three white women, telling a young black, “Not you, sister. You go.” He grabbed a lady’s arm, saying, “You look like a smart, white bitch. I won’t shoot you; I’ll terrorize you.” He fled into another room, surrendering to the police a few hours later. He told the police he had some mental problems. He lived on Social Security SSI payments.

    Taylor’s crimes were motivated by an intense hatred of whites. Three good men died and two were seriously injured because he hated whites who paid most of the taxes that enabled him to eat and live in subsidized housing without working. He even hated those who worked to fix his door. Antiwhite writings were found in his apartment. Those who nurtured Taylor’s hate share responsibility for the murders, but the police would not reveal their names or their messages.

    There were no demonstrations to protest Taylor’s deeds, no sermons condemning blacks. Leaflets reading “Black Crime, White Victims” and urging whites to “stand up and fight” circulated in a few nearby towns. They were denounced as the product of “hate groups” seeking to exacerbate tensions. The police investigated them. At the church where the murdered Joe Healey had preached, mourners were urged to pray for Ronald Taylor too “because he’s one of God’s children.”

  • kevvgotti

    Before I start, I would like to urge everyone to please form intelligent arguments before you click to submit. As a young Black man, I do not appreciate my race being disrespected, or fellow blacks sending messages that make us appear as the ignorant “kaffirs” most whites perceive us to be.
    Over the last few weeks, I have read a barrage of media articles and other publications regarding Mr. Williams and other things. I, along with several others have had time to form OPINIONS and SPECULATIONS, biased or otherwise, about what they think happened that night in 1979. First, Mr. Williams said that to give inside information about the Crips organization would be “snitching”. Well, you have to understand that at first, the purpose of the Crips was to feel safe in their own neighborhood. A lot of what occurs now is a result of the younger guys. As far as snitching goes, in Mr. Williams’ neighborhood, they live by a strict code, and tattling, or “snitching” is a heinous crime in the Black ‘hoods, mostly punishable by death. So, why save your life to have it taken by one of your own. As good as prisoner segregation may be, I bet someone would take you out over time. NONE of you know if Mr. Williams personally killed all four people, so stop trashing the man. All you know is what you have been fed. Only those people killed, Mr. Williams, and God Almighty know what happened at those places. If he did, in fact, murder those people, then it is a slap in the face to the Black race, and his supporters; as well, it goes to show MAINSTREAM White America (that means to subtract the White people that want to be and try to act Black) how ignorant the African-American race is. If he did commit those robberies, he only made enough to get by for a few days. Maybe it was a lot of money in ’79, but today, you could make that amount of money in one paycheck at a fast-food restaurant.
    However, America has gave so much focus to Mr. Williams’ fate that it has lost sight of what is going on in society. Homosexuality is gradually taking over, and that will be the beginning of the end. Sexually-transmitted disease are at an all-time high, mainly because of these queers, as well as undercover queers, who pretend to love women, but will either bend a man over, or will “drop the soap” more than some inmates do. There are countries waiting for the chance to blow us off the face of the earth. People are murdered every day, and now, the founder of an anti-social black organiztion “kills” someone and he is rushed to death, no matter how long it took to actually carry out the sentence.Many of our young men are doomed to die young because they are going to fight so you can have this very right to be fighting over such trivial matters as this.You people disrespect him, and then he is immortalized. What is he is posthumously found innocent? Uh-Oh. Not to compare him to Jesus, but you crucified him, AND THEN YOU LIFTED HIM UP. It may take a while for those of you with two-digit IQ’s to comprehend that.
    In closing, you do know what happened, let the ultimate judge handle this case. Other races, do not disrespect my race anymore than they disrespect themselves daily. This is not slavery or the days of the Klan. A lot of you people claim to be Christians, but then you curse more than drunken sailors, and you seek to shed more blood than some of the gangs you despise.