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  • Dan Patterson

    Given what we’ve seen from the donks so far, what evidence is there that Iraq will NOT go the way of Vietnam? The donks were against the idea of conflict from the beginning, but worse they were blind to the realities of a muderous tyrannical dictator and the danger posed to the rest of the world; Iraq is “over there”, “they’ve been fighting for yeeeeaaaars”, “no connection between Iraq and 9-11”.

    The sacrifices of the American military have once again been pissed on. Pissed on by the same political philosophy that embraces tyranny, murder, rape, and torture so long as it happens intra-culturally. After all, they say, who are we to interfere in internal policies of another nation? Appeasement and nice words will keep everyone happy. Don’t look over there, that women probably deserves to be mutilated and the man with no hand probably deserved to have it chopped off. Oh, and that headless body? Why that was just a journalist who meddled in places he shouldn’t have.

    Nope. Can’t win. No. It’s not worth it. Nah. They aren’t ready for democracy. We know what’s best for them, and for you. Let them settle things among themselves, maybe with the help of some blue-helmeted pansies with no weapons.

    George McGovern and his tribe of true believers might as well say: “Hey! Where is that US Marine commader? I want to piss in his ear and tell him it’s raining.”

    Dan Patterson
    Arrogant Infidel