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California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore Releases Web-Ad Attacking Senator Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer and her tax and spend colleagues in Washington just spent $620 million dollars on a brand new Capitol Hill Visitors center that was $360 million over budget and three years late.

As an opening salvo against the 69 year old incumbent Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer this ad is NOT bad – at least somebody from the California GOP is questioning the far left leaning Boxer.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore said, “Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid may think it’s worth $621 million to protect their delicate noses from the American public, but I think this over budget and late building project is symbolic of the greater waste we’ll be seeing with more than a trillion dollars in bailouts.California can’t afford Barbara Boxer.”DeVore has opposed all the federal bailouts, suggesting that the free market needs both failure and success to operate properly.

Of course, Chuck DeVore, a California Republican Assemblyman, who is in his third term wants her job in the United States Senate and has announced his candidacy.

DeVore for California announced additional endorsements today, picking up the support of three veteran lawmakers, Senators George Runner and Mark Wyland, as well as Assemblyman Martin Garrick.Newly elected Republican Assemblymembers Diane Harkey and Dan Logue also joined the effort.Last week, DeVore’s U.S. Senate campaign announced the support of newly elected Congressman Tom McClintock and ten other lawmakers.

Devore will have an uphill battle against the long time incumbent Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer, particularly if the rumors about California Governor Arnold Swarzenegger and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney bear some fruit. Both Arnold and Mitt could self-fund a GOP primary race in the expensive California media market.

But, undeterred by the rumors, DeVore is utilizing a new social media strategy to spread the early word about his candidacy. The website is here.

Stay tuned…….

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