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Sarah Palin Strikes Back Against The Media – Think You Have Heard the Last From Her?

In an lengthy interview for the forthcoming documentary “Media Malpractice” Governor Sarah Palin, for the first time at length, takes on the media coverage of her and the 2008 campaign

Flap is amazed at the negative BUZZ that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin continues to draw in the “Drive-by Media” and in the LEFT blogosphere.

A little more experience in public office, especially in foreign affairs and watch out. Flap sees 2008 for Palin as Reagan’s 1976 run against Gerald Ford – pre-emptive.

Sarah Palin will re-emerge on the national political stage sooner than the Democrats like to admit.

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  • Paul

    In truth, there is a limit to how much the public really knows about Palin. However, it is obvious that the media hates her… and to a degree I’ve never witnessed before in politics or any other social realm. So I have to believe there is something good about this person, and I want to learn more about her. I want her to come back, if for no other reason than it is the proper response to such frenzied media hatred.

  • Flap

    Caroline Kennedy didn’t even vote half of the time during the past decade and Sarah Palin served in public office. Makes one wonder, eh?

    Rich hertiage = trust fund baby from a grandfather who made his money bootlegging during Prohibition and collaborated with the Nazis prior to WWII.


  • Deo

    Well, it´s apples and oranges AGAIN. Kennedy is NOT running for VP, or president. She is asking for a freshman appointment. That is New York´s choice, and small potatoes compared to the Palin scenario.
    It was quite divisive for Palin to bring up Kennedy and suggest it was a class issue. The republican party has ONE thing if it has anything and that is RICH people. So, really, Palin, what is your point and you used a bad example. Again, no judgement. Palin assumes everyone is stupid. The fan club that sheilds her does her no service if they continue to sheild her and allow her to think that it IS everyone elses fault. This isn´t about Couric, Kennedy or Fey, it´s about Palin and how she uses these things as red herrings for the easy to satisfy. It won´t fly if she is ever exposed on a national stage again. She may have to do BETTER….as she once told Hillary Clinton to do.

  • Flap

    Caroline Kennedy is a joke. She didn’t vote and cannot complete a sentence without saying “you know.” The best for NY GOP is her appointment. She will never be able to win election on her own.

    You are right about comparing Palin and Kennedy. Plain is far more accomplished than Kennedy – even without her trust fund from her criminal grandfather.

  • Deo

    Yes, Flap, I read that article too! The press has been merciless with Caroline. They have compared her to…SARAH PALIN, they have called her a JOKE.´They have ridiculed her speaking abilities, sentences peppered with too many YOU KNOWS like PALIN´s UM´s.
    Which is why Palin´s statement that Caroline may get an easier time with the press rings HOLLOW and DIVISIVE for no no reason other then to deflect from herself. Caroline has not gotten an easy time, she may not get the job…but again it isnt the job that is one haertbeat away form the presidency at any rate…so sticks and stones, Caroline will handle ´this with grace and charm. She hasn´t once WHINED TO THE PRESS ABOUT THE PRESS. So, I guess it IS class…Mr.s Palin doesnt have any.

  • Flap

    Damn, you really hate Palin.

    Palin Derangement syndrome – get treatment.

    I really hope David Paterson appoints Caroline Kennedy. Easy pickings for George Pataki in 2010.

  • Deo

    I don’t hate anyone. Taking YOU on point for point, calmly is not hate. First you accuse me of being AFRAID and when I debate you factually, I am full hate.
    Actually, Flap, you sound crushed, you are defending…
    ah, you really LOVE her, don’t you…how cute.

    I actually have no interest in what NY does RE< Kennedy. Palin brought it !

  • Deo

    Oh well, Flap, END OF STORY. I guess you told me. I don’t think anything very is apparant to you…except that of course, you won this very eloquent argument.

    and again, in case you are confused *that is an understatement…….

    HELLLO, earth to FLAP. I work abroad, IF A PERSON SAYS TO YOU that they WORK ABROAD, it does mean that automatically they ARE NOT american! Americans are ALLOWED to work abroad. I am an American that works more then half the time in Europe. This the situation of MANY Americans, but apparanatly not any that you know. Which explains alot.
    You live in an vacuum.