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Does the New Miss USA Favor Gay Marriage?

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Miss USA interviewed by Al Roker on NBC’s Today Show

Sounds to me she supports Civil Unions but punts the question with a politically correct answer (See around 2:05) . After all, she wants to be selected as Miss Universe this summer.

Bad news for BIGOT Perez Hilton though. If Miss USA is chosen as Miss Universe, then the traditional marriage supporting Miss California, Carrie Prejean, automatically becomes Miss USA.


Perez Hilton Retracts Apology Calling Miss California a B*tch Says He Really Meant C- Word Anyway

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  • mitch hernandez

    i think she does not favor it but she must in order for people not to talk bad about her. its like a campaign if you are in favor to everything and have an open mind the public will like you and vote for you but if not the people will not consider you as a good candidate. Miss california just spoke her mind with honesty and you cant blame her for that. I all depends the way a person was raised and now in days people dont have the integrity to stand for their morals and beliefs just because they want to please others.