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NBC Television SUCKS Except Elita Loresca


NBC News (KNBC – Los Angeles) Weather Girl Elita Loresca

Yeah, Flap is pissed because NBC cancelled one of his favorite shows: Medium.

There is hope that Medium will be picked up by CBS.

But barring that NBC with Leftist Commentators over at MSNBC and Conan O’Brien taking over the Tonight show, the only redeeming reason to watch NBC is Elita.

Ok, I exaggerate.  There is Poker After Dark and Leeann Tweeden.

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  • Christopher James Grant

    Elton Gallegly Sucks. Wow what is your problem man with free speach? Does the idea of NBC make it Leftist, or is it that do no hate Obama like Fixed (fox) news? I do agree Medium was a great show, good call on that man.

  • Flap

    NBC News = the suck ass Obama channel.

    Get real dude.

    And, Gallegly has been a good representative for over 20 years.

    Medium has been picked up by CBS.

  • Michael

    Elita is the BOMB:)OMG I cant wait to wake up in the morning to she her:)I wish she would wear that orange dress again with the buckle just above her belly button!Elita if you read this….YOU ROCK!Your Beautiful Im your #1 FAN:)
    Keep UP the GREAT WORK!Fontana is watching YOU everyday!
    Moia Elita () () () () () Besos ()()()()()()() :)WeLove ya:)

  • Joe Thornton

    Ms. Loresca is very much so the ONLY reason to watch nbc at any time during the week! She is great with delivering the weather, consistently the best weather person she needs to leave nbc (the obama-leftist network) and go to a REAL NEWS NETWORK FOX! Plus she would fit in with that station the ladies have a lot in common, intelligence, wit, eloquence, common sense, and great beauty!