Barbara Boxer,  Carly Fiorina,  Chuck DeVore,  Tom Campbell

CA-Sen Field Poll: Senator Barbara Boxer Fades as Tom Campbell and Carly Fiorina Surge

Poll Graphic Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee

California U.S. Senator Democrat Barbara Boxer is in deep trouble for her re-election bid. The latest poll results are in the graphic above but in summary:

GOP Primary

  • Campbell 28
  • Fiorina 22
  • DeVore 9
  • Und 40

General Election

  • Campbell 44 – Boxer 43 – Und 13
  • Boxer 45 – Fiorina 44 – Und 11
  • Boxer 45 – DeVore 41 – Und 14

The March 9-15 survey was conducted of 748 LV with a MoE of +/- 3.7%. For the primary, 353 GOP LV were surveyed with a MoE of +/- 5.5%.

A very good poll for former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as she emerges as the conservative favorite in the race. In fact, supposed Tea Party favorite Chuck DeVore is not doing so well with that group of voters as Fiorina beats DeVore.

The results of this poll are pretty much what I have expected. Carly Fiorina is starting to surge, Tom Campbell is holding on to a small lead based on his name identification and Chuck Devore trails badly. I expect to see in the next month conservative voters peeling off DeVore to support Fiorina as it becomes perfectly clear that DeVore will not win. Conservatives will flock to Fiorina over the left-leaning libertarian Tom Campbell.

The biggest shock in the poll, however, is how poorly Barbara Boxer is doing. This race has to be viewed as a toss-up now and the national Republican Party has to be lickng its chops.  Look for more money to surge into Carly Fiorina’s campaign coffers.