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Audio: Obama-GOP Tax Deal to be Filibustered by Senator Jim DeMint

South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint on the Hugh Hewitt Show

Guess the LEFT is NOT the only ones who do not like the Bush Era Tax Cut Deal between President Obama and the GOP Senate leadership. I don’t know of any other GOP Senator who will not vote for cloture tomorrow but there will be others from the Democrat side for sure.

DeMint argues:

Senator JimDeMint just announced on my program that he will oppose the deal as well as a vote for cloture on the deal.  He is reluctant to criticize GOP Senate leadership, but believes the deal at a minimum has to be paid for, and that we need “a permanent economy” not a temporary one as well as permanent tax cuts, not temporary tax cuts.

Senator DeMint also expressed disappointment with the House GOP’s elevation of Hal Rodgers and Spencer Bachus to key committee chairmanships, noting that the revolution of 1994 failed in part when the old guard took control of committees despite the huge freshman class.

The machinations of this deal continue, including Harry Reid appending an online poker bill to it.

But, remember either it passes or taxes will increase for everyone on January 1.

Stay tuned…….