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President 2012 Poll Watch: Obama’s Weekly Job Approval at the Lowest of His Administration – 40%

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

President Obama’s job approval rating dropped to 40% during the week spanning Aug. 8-14, the lowest weekly average of his administration. During this period, Obama’s three-day rolling average also hit a new low of 39% for Aug. 11-13, the first such average below 40% since he took office, though it recovered to 41% for Aug. 12-14.

Obama’s weekly average was 42%
for the two weeks prior to last week, which at that time also marked new lows for his administration. His lowest three-day average prior to Aug. 11-13 had been 40%.


Probably widespread disapproval of the way the President handled the debt-limit crisis and a drop in confidence regarding Obama’s handling of the economy.

Also, the Republican Presidential field is being solidified and have been attacking Obama directly.

But, the implications are very clear.

Although the new lows in Obama’s job approval rating represent only a slight drop from his previous low readings, they symbolically underscore the weaker position the president is in as he begins a “listening tour” of the Midwest this week.

Ten incumbent presidents have sought re-election since World War II, and none has won a second term with final pre-election job approval ratings below 48%. The last two presidents who lost their re-election bids — George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter — had job approval ratings in the 30% range in the fall of the election year. Thus, Obama’s challenge is not only to move his rating back above 40%, but also to push it close to or above 50%.