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CA-26: Senator Tony Strickland Reports Raising $ 770 K in the First Quarter

California State Senator Tony Strickland at January’s Congressional announcement

A very good fundraising quarter for Tony Strickland.

From the press release:

Senator Tony Strickland, a candidate for Congress in California’s open 26th Congressional District announced today that he raised $770,000 in the first campaign reporting period and will report $720,000 cash on hand.

“I’m very humbled by the tremendous support our campaign has received in just 11 weeks,” said Strickland. “Our fast start will allow us to deliver our message of job creation and uniting our community around economic policies that provide hope for families struggling to make ends meet.”

Although California’s 26th Congressional district is rated by the respected Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” as a true “toss-up” race, Strickland begins the campaign with a large advantage having already represented every part of the Congressional District during his service in the State Assembly and State Senate.

Running in California’s new top-two primary system means that Strickland, as the only candidate with significant name identification, will be able to save a significant amount of resources for the general election in November.

“Strickland’s first quarter total is more than two and a half times what the top Democrat front-runner reported and is among the top first quarters for any candidate in an open seat in recent U.S. history,” said respected California fundraiser Jeff Miller.

It certainly appears that campaign cash is not going to be a problem in Tony Strickland’s campaign for Congress.

But, be assured, Democrat Assemblywoman Julia Brownley will add to her campaign kitty and there will be a campaign media – athon in the coming weeks.