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CA-26: Democrats MOCK Linda Parks “Rocky Road” Television Ad

Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks and No Party Preference (NPP) candidate for Congress

I love it when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee does the mocking work for me.

Congressional candidate Linda Parks (CA-26), who has switched her voter registration from Democrat to Republican to Independent, has refused to commit to clear positions on the majority of issues, including the House Republican budget that ends Medicare. Instead, Parks dodges questions with lofty rhetoric about her “independence.” But in her new television ad, Parks gives her most straightforward answer yet — her favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road. While Californians finally have an answer to the pressing ice cream issue, they are still left wondering which Linda Parks is running for Congress.

“The only question Linda Parks hasn’t dodged is her favorite ice cream flavor, but Congress is not a Baskin Robbins. It’s time for Parks to come clean and be honest with California voters about where she stands on the issues that affect them,” said Amber Moon of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “Linda Parks may stand with Rocky Road now, but judging by her record she’ll switch camps when Baskin Robbins comes out with its newest flavor, Political Opportunist Sundae.”

Linda Parks still has not said how she would vote on the policies of House Republicans that harm the middle class and seniors, including the controversial Ryan budget that ends Medicare, extending the Bush tax cuts for millionaires, private accounts for Social Security, and their assault on reproductive rights for California women. Parks has also declined to say which candidate she will support for president.

You see the Democrats are more worried about Linda Parks and having their anointed party candidate, California Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, lose in the June “Top Two” primary election than the Republican California State Senator Tony Strickland.

And, they should be worried.

With four Democrat candidates on the ballot, and the fact that Brownley lived outside the Congressional District until a couple of months ago, Brownley may struggle to come in second to the likely top vote getter Strickland.

I wonder when Brownley will hit the cable television air?

She raised a few hundred thousand and she better start spending it.

Here is Park’s television ad again:



  • Joe

    It’s great to see everyone helping Linda get out her message. Don’t forget that Strickland and Brownley dodge the question of what they are doing with all of their money by having no statements on the issues that our leaders need to solve cooperatively.

  • Katherine

    The electorate leans slightly Democratic, although the Oxnard numbers are somewhat overstated.  Herrerra picks up some Oxnard Latino support but probably won’t poll more than 5 or 6 percent.  Thane and the Ventura attorney that noone has ever heard of do even worse than that.  Brownley will pick up the rest of the Dem vote ensuring her a spot in the top two.  Parks makes things interesting because her support base is TO, Republican women, no-growthers, anti-Strickland Repubs (of which there are a surprising number) and her non-Democratic past supporters.  Most Dems who voted Parks last time when she ran against Audra Strickland will return to the fold and vote Brownley.  So the question is where does Parks’ support come from…does she peel off enough Tony votes to prevent him a slot in the runooff?  To many Republicans, a conservative “independent” woman is more appealing than Tony Strickland who hasn’t met an elected position he didn’t want to run for….    This one could be an all female runoff if Tony isn’t careful.

    • Gregory Flap Cole

      No, Strickland will finish number one and will do some perfunctory campaigning in the process. Republican women are not in love with Linda Parks and will not vote for her.

      The Democrats will all attack Parks and hope that Brownley will be able to limp into second place.

      It may be a close race between Parks and Brownley for second place. But, Brownley will pull it out because of Democratic Party organization and campaign cash.

  • Rose

    I like rocky road, too. I would vote for Linda Parks over T.S. any day of the week. He doesn’t represent the opinions of the majority of this district.

  • Bob

    Still not sure why conservatives have such a hard time spelling the word “anointed”. I’ve seen the double-n misspelling all over the right-wing blogosphere (usually in reference to Obama as “the annointed one”). I suppose Breitbart or Drudge coined the term with the misspelling and the mindless conservative herd just followed in lockstep with the hive mind.