CA-26,  Julia Brownley,  Linda Parks,  Tony Strickland

CA-26: Tony Strickland and Julia Brownley to Face Off in November

From the California Secretary of State

In one of California’s hotly contested Congressional races, the two major parties, fended off an independent No Party Preference candidate, Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks.

When the dust settled, Republican California State Senator Tony Strickland was the top vote getter with around 44 per cent of the vote. Democrat Assemblywoman Julia Brownley finished second with almost 27 per cent. Parks finished third.

In the first test of the California top two election process, it was the two major, partisan parties who prevailed.

Underfunded and perhaps naive that money is not the “mothers milk of politics,” Linda Parks failed to break 20 per cent of the vote. Her mantra on being independent may play well in non-partisan races, but it failed to deliver last night.

Without reading too much into the results, since voter turnout will be greater in November, Republican Tony Strickland has to be considered the favorite.

But, the fall campaign which could determine the majority in the House of Representatives nationally will be hard-fought, expensive and brutal.

Stay tuned…..