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President 2012 Poll Watch: Obama 47% Vs. Romney 47%

Obama+and+Romney President 2012 Poll: Romney Takes the Lead over Obama

According to the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll.

“The lack of movement underscores intense polarization — about nine in 10 Republicans back Romney, and a similar proportion of Democrats support Obama — and a relatively small percentage of voters say there is a ‘good chance’ that they could change their minds before November. At this point, 74% of all voters are ‘definitely’ supporting Obama or Romney, and 12% say it is unlikely that they will switch from one to the other, making the race a settled issue for nearly nine in 10 voters.”

In another poll, Romney has taken the national lead, albeit a slight one.

Mitt Romney continues to hold a whisker-thin 1-percentage-point lead over President Obama in a head-to-head election match-up, but the former Massachusetts governor is eating into the president’s air of inevitability, according to the latest The Washington Times/JZ Analytics poll released Monday night.

The poll found Mr. Romney leading 43 percent to 42 percent — about the same margin as the poll in May, but Mr. Obama slipped on several key measures, including fewer voters who say they expect him to win, and fewer who say they are voting for him because he’s the best candidate.

The White House can read the polls and this is why the President has been attacking Romney so early in the race. But, will it be effective?

I doubt it.

The country is polarized and the election will come down to Ohio, Virginia and Nevada. Numerous ads have already been playing in those states and those folks must be sick of them already.

If the economy improves, President Obama will win re-election. If it doesn’t, he won’t.

Quite simple really.