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Poll Watch: Mtt Romney Should Release More Tax Returns

According to the latest Gallup Poll.

A majority of Americans (54%) say Mitt Romney should release additional tax returns, while 37% say he should not, according to a USA Today/Gallup snapshot poll conducted Wednesday night. Predictably, Democrats strongly favor his releasing more tax returns, Republicans have the opposite view, and independents mirror the national tendency to favor Romney’s releasing more returns.

I am not too distressed that Romney has not released all of his tax returns.

We know he is very wealthy and like everyone has minimized his tax burden.

I am more concerned about the issues and what he plans to do his first few months in office – as everyone should.

This is a non-issue that President Obama is using to distract voter’s attention away from the abysmal job he has done during his term.

So, I do not think Romney will capitulate and will choose to ride out the flap.