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    Day By Day October 12, 2012 – Joker

    Day By Day cartoon for October 12, 2012

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Vice President Joe Biden was quite the JOKER during last night debate with Rep. Paul Ryan. But, what was so funny?

    Slow Joe Plagiarizing Biden was rude, arrogant and basically an ASS.

    One must not confuse aggression with debate strength and I really don’t think independent and undecided voters were to impressed with this display.

    Here is a clip of the Biden laugh machine below:

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    Pre-Debate Poll Watch: Ryan and Biden Both With Lackluster Favorability

    Gallup Vice President Favorability Polling

    According to the latest Gallup Poll:

    Americans view Vice President Joe Biden and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan similarly heading into Thursday’s vice presidential debate, with 44% viewing Biden and 43% viewing Ryan favorably. This contrasts with most other vice presidential pairings since 1992 when one candidate had higher favorable ratings than the other in advance of the election’s vice presidential debate.

    At 44%, Biden has the lowest pre-debate favorable rating of any Democratic vice presidential candidate of the past six elections. At 43%, Ryan’s favorable score is no better, but he is viewed more positively than Vice President Quayle was in 1992 and roughly on par with Cheney in 2000. Both of those candidates were associated with Republican tickets that lost the popular vote (although, in the case of Bush/Cheney, not the Electoral College).

    Al Gore was easily the most popular vice presidential candidate of the last two decades. More than six in 10 Americans viewed him favorably prior to the 1996 and 1992 vice presidential debates, eclipsing both of his opponents’ favorable scores: Jack Kemp’s 51% and Dan Quayle’s 33%. John Edwards was viewed significantly better than Dick Cheney in 2004. Also, Joe Lieberman in 2000 and Sarah Palin in 2008 had slim favorability advantages over their counterparts.

    But, does it really make any difference in the Presidential race?

    Probably not and history says not so much.

    Unless Ryan or Biden has a complete meltdown on stage, I would think that not too much would change in the polls. But, Biden probably has the bigger downside since President Obama performed so poorly in his first debate against Mitt Romney.

    Biden and Ryan will take the stage in Danville, Ky., on Thursday about equally well-liked by Americans. Gallup trends suggest that past vice presidential debates have had little to no impact on voter preferences; nevertheless, the current parity between Biden and Ryan theoretically gives them equal opportunity to use the debate to their team’s advantage, something Biden may be particularly focused on given Obama’s subpar performance in the first presidential debate. However, demonstrating that pre-existing views are not determinative, Obama entered that debate with a 55% to 47% advantage over Romney in favorability, and yet, by 72% to 20%, debate viewers said Romney rather than Obama did the better job.

    How much vice presidential popularity matters to the outcome of presidential elections is another question. The ticket with the more popular vice presidential candidate at the end of the campaign won in 1992, 1996, and 2008. However, George W. Bush won re-election in 2004, and roughly tied Al Gore in the popular vote in 2000 despite Cheney’s favorability deficits to Edwards and Lieberman, respectively.

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    The Obama LEFT Goes Nuts Over Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan addresses RNC

    The long knives are out for Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

    Liar, Liar he is….

    Watch this video:


    Except….most of the content in the video is untrue.

    Here is a point by point refutation.

    (1) They begin with video of CNN reporters discussing accusations of Ryan’s “lies.” This is proof that the Obama campaign sent out a lot of angry emails, and nothing else.

    (2) Medicare – Sorry, guys, but it is 100 percent true that Obamacare raided $716 Billion from Medicare to pay for itself.  It does cut benefits to current seniors.  And Paul Ryan’s plan took the president’s Medicare “savings,” and re-routed them back into Medicare to shore up the program.  Mitt Romney’s plan would undo those cuts altogether.  Obama took those cuts and used them to pay for Obamacare.  He has admitted this on camera:


    (3) The GM Plant – Part of the factory Ryan mentioned was shut down under Bush, despite the initial GM bailout (which Senator Obama supported).  The plant finally fully closed in April of 2009, during Obama’s presidency, as this report clearly states.  Obama’s problem is that he showed up and made empty promises to pander for votes.  Ryan never said Obama was personally responsible for the plant’s closure, but he accurately stated that it closed down within a year of candidate Obama’s hope-filled speech and remains closed today.  Obama goes on and on about “saving” the auto industry and his economic recovery.  That boarded-up Janesville plant tells a different story.

    Read the rest here.

    The Obama Camp and the organized LEFT are trying to discredit Paul Ryan just like they did to Sarah Palin. The talking points are all over the Lefty blogs and they are flailing trying to find a MEME that sticks – again just like Palin.

    I don’t think it will work this time.

    Now, is the time for a frank discussion of the issues of the role of government and the direction of America.

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    CA-26: Tony Strickland Says NO to Paul Ryan Budget

    DCCC attacks Parks 2 CA 26: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Hits Linda Parks in Republican Framing Mailer

    The DCCC has released its first attack mailer (for the June 2012 primary election) and it is not against the Republican, Tony Strickland, but against NPP (No Party Prefeerence) Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks

    Tony Strickland, the Republican candidate for my Congressional District is not taking the bait and opening himself up on defending Paul Ryan and his controversial stand on Medicare.

    You can read Strickland’s quotes over at my colleague, Timm Herdt’s blog over at the Ventura County Star newspaper.

    As most in Ventura County know, Strickland is close to Mitt Romney and has been for years. He, like, Romney, will not be trapped like Linda Parks was in June by reaining silent or defending Paul Ryan’s proposal, which is dead in the Congress anyway.

    He is aware of the mailers used against Parks, like above and this piece below:

    There is no need to open himself up for these types of “strawman” attacks. Strickland knows they are coming, but his defense is that he would have voted “No”. Let’s move along….

    Then, like Romney, he will pivot and talk about the Romney Plans to save Medicare, oppose ObamaCare and reduce government spending in order to improve employment and the economy.

    Score 1 for Strickland for avoiding the Democratic trap.

    But, don’t be surprised to not see Paul Ryan, but Mitt Romney or his wife, Ann, to be in Ventura County for a “big” fundraiser for Tony.

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    Video: Romney Goes on the Attack to “Save Medicare” from ObamaCare

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan today unveiled an ad to be broadcast in key battleground states that attacks President Obama and his ObamaCare health reform legislation.

    In what is viewed to be a pre-emptive strike against Democratic criticisms of Ryan’s efforts in the House to reform Medicare, Romney is shooting the first shot across Obama’s bow.

    Here is the ad:

    Now, the Romney ad team will be able to build upon their own narrative not the negative portrayal of the national Democratic Party and their minions in the mainstream media.

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    Video: Paul Ryan Heckled at Iowa State Fair

    Well, you knew it was bound to happen – Paul Ryan being heckled.

    The LEFT likes to push the Alinsky tactics and maybe just maybe they can generate a Macaca moment or a McCain red in the race tantrum.

    Paul Ryan though is from Wisconsin and with all of the BS protests Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker had to undergo, I think he is prepared – with a thick political skin.

    But, the amount of outrage and push from the LEFT, so far in the social media world regarding Ryan, has been mild so far as compared to when Sarah Palin entered the arena.

    Perhaps, the push back from the RIGHT social media has been exponential in growth or Ryan is just such a good candidate.

    We will see.

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    Romney in Florida Attacks Obama on Medicare

    Mitt Romney is taking the Medicare debate right to President Obama as he campaigns in the key battleground state of Florida – where there just happen to be many senior citizen retirees, who use Medicare.

    Mitt Romney told a Florida crowd Monday he and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wanted to “preserve and protect Medicare” as Democrats seized on his vice presidential candidate’s reform proposal to claim Republicans would increase healthcare costs for seniors.

    The debate is likely to become a focal point of the presidential election, with Florida’s 29 electoral votes — and powerful senior voting bloc — crucial to winning the White House.

    Mitt Romney told a Florida crowd Monday he and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) wanted to “preserve and protect Medicare” as Democrats seized on his vice presidential candidate’s reform proposal to claim Republicans would increase healthcare costs for seniors.

    The debate is likely to become a focal point of the presidential election, with Florida’s 29 electoral votes — and powerful senior voting bloc — crucial to winning the White House.

    And, running mate, Paul Ryan answered critics of his Medicare proposal yesterday evening on CBS’s Sixty Minutes:

    During an interview with CBS News on Sunday, Ryan defended his Medicare proposal.

    “My mom is a Medicare senior in Florida,” Ryan said. “Our point is we need to preserve their benefits, because government made promises to them that they’ve organized their retirements around. In order to make sure we can do that, you must reform it for those of us who are younger.”

    Here is a video of a portion of Romney’s speech:

    Mitt Romney now moves on to Miami for an afternoon campaign event with Senator Marco Rubio.

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    President 2012 Poll Watch: Paul Ryan a Mixed Reaction?

    Romney Ryan 60 Minutes Video: The Romney and Ryan 60 Minutes Interview

    Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney

    According to the latest Gallup/USA Today poll.

    Americans don’t believe GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney hit a home run with his choice of Paul Ryan as a running mate, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, with more of the public giving him lower marks than high ones.

    Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman, is seen as only a “fair” or “poor” choice by 42% of Americans vs. 39% who think he is an “excellent” or “pretty good” vice presidential choice.

    I would wait a few weeks and after the national conventions before a “REAL” assessment can be made of Paul Ryan’s impact on the Republican Party ticket. Besides, it is the last few weeks of summer and who is answering the pollsters calls on a weekend?

    Most Americans don’t really recognize Ryan as a national political figure. His name recognition at this point in the campaign is just not that high.

    But, it is interesting that President Obama took time, the first thing this morning in Iowa, to attack Ryan. Guess Team Obama is not reading too much into this early poll.

    Neither should we….

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    President 2012 Poll Watch: Republicans Have Significantly More Voter Engagement

    According to the latest Gallup Poll.

    Sixty-four percent of Americans say they have given quite a lot of thought to the 2012 presidential election, a slightly lower percentage than Gallup measured in July of 2004 and 2008. But Americans are much more engaged in the current election than in the 2000 election.

    But, Republicans are significantly MORE engaged and MORE likely to vote.

    Here is the chart:

    Gallup voter engagement poll by political party

    This is bad news for President Obama and the national Democratic Party.

    With the weekend selection of conservative, Tea Party favorite, Rep. Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate, voter engagement will likely expand and remain high.

    The Paul Ryan selection unites the Republican Party and they WILL turn out to vote.

    Americans are not as engaged in the 2012 election as they were in the 2004 and 2008 elections at similar points in the campaign, but they do seem to pay more attention to election campaigns than to most news stories.

    Republicans currently are more highly engaged in the campaign than Democrats. If that persists, it suggests Republican turnout may be much stronger than Democratic turnout. However, Democrats may not have had as much reason to tune in to the campaign yet, given that most of the news has centered on the Republican nomination. Thought given to the election in September, after the party conventions are held, and in the final stretch of the campaign in October will give a better indication of potential turnout among party groups.

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    Day By Day August 13, 2012 – Package Deals

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Chris, note the “muted” LEFT as compared to when Sarah Palin was chosen.

    Paul Ryan is just as much a conservative, but his gravitas and experience have the LEFT scrambling for different lines of attack.

    The Presidential election will be a choice – a choice between stagnation and reform.

    Let the national conventions and battleground state campaigning begin…..