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    California Proposition 8 Aftermath: Mormon El Coyote Restaurant Manager Quits

    El Coyote Cafe protest

    Hundreds of protesters converged on El Coyote on Beverly Boulevard on Wednesday night, November 12, 2008. Photo courtesy of LA Times

    Remember the Flap.

    Well, Marjorie Christiffersen has resigned her positon as a manager of the restaurant and from the restaurant’s board of directors (via M/M).

    As of Saturday evening, Marjorie Christoffersen was no longer employed at El Coyote, Frontiers magazine reported Monday on its website. Bill Schoeppner, a fellow manager at El Coyote, told Frontiers that Christoffersen tendered her resignation that night. Christoffersen, described on the El Coyote website as the “matriarch” of the 77-year-old restaurant, will also be resigning from the restaurant’s board of directors.

    The trouble began last month when local bloggers uncovered Christoffersen’s donation. Christoffersen is a Mormon. A November 12 press conference intended to defuse the anger of the restaurant’s gay clientele backfired when Christoffersen refused to apologize for the donation and said she would not financially support efforts to repeal Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. It’s been reported that gay and lesbian business at the Mexican eatery has dropped precipitously since then.

    “Everybody is kind of used to her walking around the restaurant with a water pitcher going from table to table to table,” Schoeppner told Frontiers about Christofferson. “I guess that part is no longer going to exist.”

    Hope the gay marriage bullies are happy. They drove away a woman who gave a pawltry $100 to the Yes on 8 campaign and rather than renounce her true feelings on gay marriage quit her association with a restaurant that has been in her family for generations.

    Flap has speculated that the family will sell the restaurant that is located just south of the West Hollywood (homosexual area) of Los Angeles. and which employees a majority of staff that are homosexual.

    Maybe they can find a gay owner who will take it off the family’s bigoted hands?


    El Coyote Mexican Cafe Bullied Into $500 Donation to Homosexual Advocacy Group – JIZYA

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    California Proposition 8 – The Musical

    See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die
    Proposition 8: The Musical! starring Neil Patrick Harris, Jack Black, Allison Janney and a buncha other liberal actor types…

    The LEFT and gay marriage proponents ACTUALLY think ridiculing The Bible and Christianity is the way to win “hearts and minds” to win support for gay marriage.

    But, everyone knows what the elitist Hollywoood types think about the commoners who foot the bill for their extravagant and immoral lifestyles, now don’t we?

    Interesting how they only ridiculed the Obama supporters who helped pass Proposition 8 in passing.


    Some reviews are in courtesy of the Los Angeles Times:

    Gawker: “This reminds us how smart Obama was to keep celebrities from too-vocally supporting him…. Because usually they seem really obnoxious and do more to aggravate than they do to inure. Oh, plus the music sucks.”

    Playbill has some of the cast names: The “Proposition 8’ers and The People That Follow Them” include John C. Reilly as Prop 8 Leader; Allison Janney as Prop 8 Leader’s #1 Wife; Kathy Najimy as Prop 8 Leader’s #2 Wife; Jenifer Lewis as Riffing Prop 8’er; Craig Robinson as A Preacher; and
    Rashida Jones, Lake Bell and Sarah Chalke as Scary Catholic School Girls From Hell.

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    California Proposition 8 Aftermath – An UGLY Attack Against Mormons

    Courage Campaign’s television ad: “Home Invasion”: Vote NO on Prop 8

    Jonah Goldberg has a piece today up at the Los Angeles Times decrying the anti-Mormon tone of California Proposition 8 protesters.

    It’s often lost on gay-rights groups that they and their allies are the aggressors in the culture war. Indeed, they admit to being the “forces of change” and the “agents of progress.” They proudly want to rewrite tradition and overturn laws. But whenever they’re challenged democratically and peaceably, they instantly complain of being victims of entrenched bigots, even as they adopt the very tactics they abhor.

    My own view is that gay marriage is likely inevitable, and won’t be nearly the disaster many of my fellow conservatives fear it will be. But the scorched-earth campaign to victory pushed by gay-marriage advocates may well be disastrous, and “liberals” should be ashamed for countenancing it.

    What Goldberg fails to acknowledge is that the homosexual lobby will NOT stop with legalizing same sex marriage.They will demand complete societal acceptance of homosexuality – “whether you like it or not.”


    Catholics Condemn Gay Marriage Ad for Religious Biogtry and Intolerance of the Mormon Faith

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    Gay People Should NOT Worry Too Much About California Proposition 8

    elton john and partner

    “I don’t want to be married. I’m very happy with a civil partnership. If gay people want to get married, or get together, they should have a civil partnership,” said Elton John, who cemented his relationship with David Furnish in 2005. “The word marriage, I think, puts a lot of people off. ”

    Mark Simson who is gay and from Britain makes the case that gay marriage is NOT the same as gay EQUALITY.

    Gay marriage is being presented by many gay people and liberals on both sides of the Atlantic as the touchstone of gay equality. Settling for anything less is a form of Jim Crow style gay segregation and second-class citizenship.

    But not all gay people agree. This one sees gay marriage so much as a touchstone as a fetish. A largely symbolic and emotional issue that in the US threatens to undermine real, non-symbolic same-sex couple protection: civil unions bestow in effect the same legal status as marriage in several US states – including California. As a result of the religious right’s mobilisation against gay marriage, civil unions have been rolled back in several US states.

    Living as I do in the UK, where civil partnerships have been nationally recognised since 2004, perhaps I shouldn’t carp. But part of the reason that civil partnerships were successfully introduced here was because they are not “marriages”. At this point I’d like to hide behind the formidable figure of Sir Elton John, who also expressed doubts recently about the fixation of US gay campaigners on “gay marriage”, and declared he was happy to be in a civil partnership with the American David Furnish and did not want to get married.

    Amidst all the gay gnashing of teeth about the inequality of Proposition 8, it’s worth asking: when did marriage have anything to do with equality? Respectability, certainly. Normality, possibly. Stability, hopefully. Very hopefully. But equality?

    First of all, there’s something gay people and their friends need to admit to the world: gay and straight long-term relationships are generally not the same. How many heterosexual marriages are open, for example? In my experience, many if not most long term male-male relationships are very open indeed. Similarly, sex is not quite so likely to be turned into reproduction when your genitals are the same shape. Yes, some gay couples may want to have children, by adoption or other means, and that’s fine and dandy of course, but children are not a consequence of gay conjugation. Which has always been part of the appeal for some.

    More fundamentally who is the “man” and who is the “wife” in a gay marriage? Unlike cross-sex couples, same-sex partnerships are partnerships between nominal equals without any biologically, divinely or even culturally determined reproductive/domestic roles. Who is to be “given away”? Or as Elton John, put it: “I don’t wanna be anyone’s wife”.

    Read the entire piece.

    The homosexual community is hurting themselve with ordinary California voters with their insistence of redefining marriage – “whether you like it or not.”

    The American voters have spoken loudly with thirty states now banning gay marriage and several having reversed civil unions.

    In California when the California Supreme Court likely upholds Proposition 8, the gay community will have to decide whether they wish to force another election in 2010 (which they will lose) or change direction for more gay equality with civil unions in other states (California already has domestic partnerships which confer all of the legal rights of marriage).

    Exit question: Will the gay marriage rage against Proposition 8 be redirected or will it be all consuming?

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    Yet Another Proposition 8 Supporter Blacklist – Long Beach Edition

    Yes on prop 8 400

    This time for the Long Beach area – an area with a higher than average gay/homosexual population.

    The site includes details about business owners and employees who donated to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign (including at least one Google map). One big target in Long Beach has been the owner of numerous El Pollo Loco franchises. This can be a problem if you like that chicken. As one commenter on the website said: “This one is the saddest for me as WKS Restaurant group owns most of the El Pollo Loco franchises (over 50) in So Cal and several Denny’s and Corner Bakery Cafe’s in CA, AZ, and Utah. El Pollo Loco is one of my favorite restaurants. I am working on the locations so I know which ones I can’t go to anymore …”

    Yet another blacklist to deter donors to the next attempt (likely in 2010) to legalize gay marriage in California.

    Exit question: What kind of damage is the gay rights community doing to their movement by vindictively attempting to control the thoughts of California voters?

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    Los Angeles Film Festival Director and California Proposition 8 Supporter Richard Raddon Resigns

    Ricc Raddon

    LA Film Festival’s Rich Raddon and Film Independent Executive Director Dawn Hudson

    The Hollywood BLACKLIST over California Proposition 8 that restored the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman) has begun.

    Under mounting pressure, LA Film Festival director Richard Raddon has ankled his post.

    Raddon and Film Independent (FIND), the festival’s parent org, have faced a barrage of protests over Raddon’s contribution to the successful Yes on Prop 8 campaign that banned same-sex marriage in California.

    After bloggers published his name, culled from public records of donors, Raddon tendered his first resignation on Nov. 13 to Film Independent’s board of directors, which was not accepted. Film Independent then released a statement saying, in part, “Our organization does not police the personal, religious, or political choices of any employee, member, or filmmaker.”

    Yet Internet message boards and other published reports kept the issue at the center of a growing protest movement that has targeted “Yes on 8” donors including the Mormon church and Cinemark Theaters, whose CEO was a contributor.

    On Monday, Raddon submitted a second resignation. Those close to the org described Monday’s conference call with the board of directors as emotional. While Raddon’s contribution had caused some internal angst, he was well liked within the org.

    On Tuesday, Film Independent issued a statement saying “With great reluctance, Film Independent has accepted Richard Raddon’s resignation. Rich’s service to the independent film community and to Film Independent has been nothing less than extraordinary. He has always shown complete commitment to our core principles of equality and diversity during his long tenure.”

    Raddon, a devout Mormon who took the reins of the fest in 2000, said, “I have always held the belief that all people, no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation are entitled to equal rights. I prefer to keep the details around my contribution through my church a private matter. But I am profoundly sorry for the negative attention that my actions have drawn to Film Independent and for the hurt and pain that is being experienced in the GLBT community.”

    The oh so tolerant anti-Proposition 8 mob has another notch on their belt.

    Who will be the next victim?


    Gay Marriage Proponents Boycotting Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins Over Proposition 8?

    El Coyote Mexican Cafe Bullied Into $500 Donation to Homosexual Advocacy Group – JIZYA

    El Coyote Mexican Cafe Bullied Into $500 Donation to Homosexual Advocacy Group

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  • California Supreme Court,  Gay Marriage

    Recalling the California Supreme Court Over Proposition 8

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    California Supreme Court Justices, from top left, Kathryn Mickle Werdegar, Carlos R. Moreno, Joyce L. Kennard, Marvin Baxter and from lower left, Ming Chin, Chief Justice Ronald M. George and Carol Corrigan

    Power Line makes the obvious observation as to the consequences of the California Supreme Court overruling a vote of the people on California Propsition 8 that restored the traditional definition of marriage (one man and one woman).

    The votes by which the people of California passed Proposition 8, restricting the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman, had barely been counted when the ACLU filed a lawsuit. That suit, filed directly with the California Supreme Court, claimed that Prop. 8 would change the California Constitution in so fundamental a way — i.e., taking important rights away from a minority group — that it amounts to a constitutional revision. As such, the theory goes, the legislature was required to pass it before submitting the matter to the voters.

    This kind of argument seems like meat and drink for California’s liberal Supreme Court. But my friend Craig Harrison tells me that if that court once again tells the voters “to go to hell,” he expects recall petitions to be circulated for the judges in question. This is permitted under the California Constitution if signatures can be obtained from 20% of the number of people who voted in the last election. Given the 2008 turnout, it might make sense to submit the petition following the primaries that will occur next year.

    The petition would not just pertain to the merits of Prop 8, but also to the fact that the state’s judges will have thumbed their noses at the popular will. Perhaps those judges will consider this risk when they take up the matter.

    Paul and John don’t quite have the timing correct as ANY election would be in June 2010 and there are no primary elections scheduled next year in California.

    However, Flap does not think the California Supreme Court will throw out the California voters’ wishes. We received an indication of this the other day by Justice Kennard’s actions.

    There is no sense in talking about a recall election of the court unless they go off the deep end again.

    But, recalled all they would be in 2010.


    OUTED: A California Democrat Assemblywoman Who SUPPORTED Proposition 8 – Wilmer Amina Carter

    California Gay Marriage Proponents Organize Boycott Against San Diego Storage Company Over Proposition 8 Donations

    Does California Supreme Court Justice Joyce Kennard’s Vote Yesterday a Good Sign for Proposition 8?

    Poll: 3 of 5 in California Say Gay Marriages Before Proposition 8 Should Remain Legal?

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    OUTED: A California Democrat Assemblywoman Who SUPPORTED Proposition 8 – Wilmer Amina Carter


    And, the Democrat Assemblywoman from the Inland Empire of California did not sign a friend of the court brief urging the California Supreme Court to overturn Proposition 8 either.

    Carter, in a recent interview, said she voted for Prop. 8 and disagrees with her colleagues’ actions.

    Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter, D-Rialto

    Many of her constituents also supported the initiative, she said.

    “It primarily stems from my constituents but also from deep religious convictions,” Carter said. “Since I represent my district, I didn’t sign on to it.”

    Flap wonders if the Rialto Democrat Assemblywoman will be the subject of protests by the opponents of Proposition 8 – supporters of gay marriage?

    Will homosexual activists target Carter in the Democrat primary election in two years?

    Stay tuned….

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    California Gay Marriage Proponents Organize Boycott Against San Diego Storage Company Over Proposition 8 Donations

    Californians Against Hate Web Ad: Terry Caster and his family gave $693,000 to take away the rights of same sex couples to get married.

    Californians Against Hate have launched yet another boycott against a California business whose owners donated to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.

    A San Diego nonprofit known for organizing protests against Proposition 8 supporters is calling for a boycott against a San Diego-based storage company.

    Californians Against Hate has launched a statewide “virtual boycott” of A-1 Self Storage, owned by Terry Caster, who gave nearly $700,000 to support the gay-marriage ban that prevailed at the polls Nov. 4.

    Fred Karger, head of Californians Against Hate, said the boycott is virtual because it will be promoted through blogs and social and business networking sites. His group organized a boycott against the downtown Manchester Grand Hyatt, owned by Proposition 8 supporter Doug Manchester, and a phone campaign against A-1 Self Storage.

    More harassment and intimidation from the homosexual community as they prepare for a repeat election to overturn the gay marriage ban voted into law on November 4th.

    It is likely that California Proposition 8 will not be overturned on state constituional grounds and gay marriage supporters wish to discourage donors to the 2010 effort to reinstitute gay marriage.

    What better way then to publicly shame and financially hurt the businesses?

    Polling is unclear whether Proposition 8 protests are effective in helping their cause. These types of boycotts also risk a voter backlash and portray gay marriage supporters as “sore loser” bullies.

    Stay tuned…..


    Does California Supreme Court Justice Joyce Kennard’s Vote Yesterday a Good Sign for Proposition 8?

    Poll: 3 of 5 in California Say Gay Marriages Before Proposition 8 Should Remain Legal?