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Regina Stern of Barnegat, N.J., center, holds up a ‘Hillary Clinton for President’ sign with a John McCain sticker attached prior to a town hall meeting with Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., Friday, June 13, 2008, in Pemberton, N.J. Stern said she supported Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary but now supports McCain.

It has been a week since Hillary Clinton suspended her Presidential campaign – note that she did not concede the race. And, also, note how Flap said she would hover and linger about the race during the summer waiting for Obama to stumble.

But, how will she keep the dream alive?

Jake Tapper over at ABC has the poop on the Clinton’s “suspended” campaign.

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, may still be vacationing at Oscar de la Renta’s, or wherever, but the reverberations from her erstwhile campaign continue.

In GQ, her senior adviser, the much maligned Mark Penn, gives one more interview on his post-campaign rehabilitation tour. Read it HERE.

And — recalling the Japanese soldier “holdouts” found in the islands of the Philippines years after World War II ended — a Million Woman March on Denver for the Democratic Convention in August on behalf of Clinton is being planned.

Bill Clinton is back on the campaign trail as well.

For his part, Bill Clinton popped up in Torrance, Calif., this week to speak at the 8th grade graduation of his nephew, after which he popped in on the American Film Institute’s tribute to Warren Beatty.

This race is NOT over until Barack Obama officially wins the nomination in Denver. Political chatter of Hillary as Vice President has also died down – has anyone noticed?

Stay tuned……


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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Yet, Chris, Americans thus far have forgiven or at least turned their head the other way with Barack Obama’s association with:

  • Jeremiah Wright – God Damn America preaching black liberation Pastor for over 20 years
  • Michael Pfleger – Anti-American racist priest
  • William Ayers – Far left Radical terrorist bomber
  • Bernardine Dohrn – Far left Radical terrorist bomber

If Obama had been on the RIGHT, the MSM would have had him for lunch.

Is Flap missing something here?


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