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Chuck DeVore Preempts Arnold Schwarzenegger By Announcing California GOP Endorsements

California GOP Assemblyman and U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Devore’s Web Ad: Barbara Boxer and her tax and spend colleagues in Washington just spent $620 million dollars on a brand new Capitol Hill Visitors center that was $360 million over budget and three years late.

If California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wishes to run for Barbara Boxer’s California U.S. Senate seat he will have to get a move on it. Yesterday, Assemblyman Chuck DeVore announced a plethora of Republican elected backers, including 26 of the the current 29 GOP members of the California Assembly.

The Assembly and Senate endorsers:

Assembly (not including DeVore himself)

  • Mike Villines
  • Anthony Adams
  • Joel Anderson
  • Bill Berryhill
  • Tom Berryhill
  • Sam Blakeslee
  • Connie Conway
  • Paul Cook
  • Mike Duvall
  • Bill Emmerson
  • Jean Fuller
  • Ted Gaines
  • Martin Garrick
  • Danny Gilmore
  • Curt Hagman
  • Diane Harkey
  • Kevin Jeffries
  • Stephen Knight
  • Jeff Miller
  • Dan Logue
  • Brian Nestande
  • Jim Nielsen
  • Cameron Smyth
  • Audra Strickland
  • Van Tran

Senate (6)

  • Jeff Denham
  • Bob Dutton
  • Bob Huff
  • George Runner
  • Mimi Walters
  • Mark Wyland

Of course Arnold can spend unlimited amounts of his own money on media and raise tons more as California Governor but DeVore is pushing the California budget embattled Governor to either fish or cut bait in this race.

Will Arnold show his hand soon?

How about new California resident Mitt Romney or Meg Whitman?

Stay tuned…

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