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And, why?


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ABC ‘View’ to co-host Meghan McCain Wants Cheney to ‘Go Away’

Flap wonders when her old man, Senator John McCain, is going to put a sock in her mouth. After all, Mac is being challenged for the first time in years in an an Arizona Republican Primary election. By the way, McCain is already fundraising with internet banner ads for this race.

Flap won’t be contributing.

Again, Meghan serves as a clueless tool of the LEFT while alienating the base of the Republican Party. And, insults her dad’s close friend Rudy Giuliani over his position on gay marriage who refused to run negative attack ads against her father. Real class, Meghan.

Let’s see if Meghan can insult any other Republicans. I think Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee may be the only ones left.

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day by day 020909

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Yes, Chris, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are all masters of NEWSPEAK.

And, the new “Fairness Doctrine” will declare conservative talk radio a “THOUGHTCRIME” with the government empowered to impose “FAIRNESS” throughout the land.

Sounds SOOOOO 1984.


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