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Stanley “Tookie” Williams Watch: Snoop, Hollywood Left’s Support for Tookie Props Killers Up as Heroes – Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips at last summer’s Bear Flag League Conference.

Joseph C. Phillips of has Commentary: Snoop, Hollywood Left’s Support for Tookie Props Killers Up as Heroes.

Standing outside the walls of San Quentin prison, the rapper Snoop Dogg recently urged California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to grant clemency to convicted murderer Stan “Tookie” Williams. Williams, the co-founder of the notorious Crips street gang, was convicted and sentenced to death for the 1979 slayings of Albert Owens, Yen-I Yang, his wife, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang, and their daughter, Yu-Chin Yang Lin. Barring intervention by the governor, he will die by lethal injection on December 13.

Speaking before a thousand young people and supporters, Snoop lectured the governor: “Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams is not just a regular old guy, he’s an inspirer … His voice needs to be heard.”

The voice that needs to be heard is the cry for the four murdered victims of Tookie.

Phillips continues……

The argument for commutation of Tookie’s sentence centers on all the good work he has done since going to prison. The series of children’s books he has written and his work to stop gang violence is proof of his redemption, and his death, they say, will only serve to rob those youth currently in gangs (or considering joining gangs) of hope. Witness that his supporters do not claim that Tookie is innocent of his crimes. They are not seeking that Williams be released, only that his sentence be commuted. Williams, however, has never admitted guilt. That little inconsistency suggests the great “inspirer” is not only an unrepentant murderer, but a liar as well.

John Ziegler of KFI 640 Talk radio Los Angeles had Phillip’s as his guest last night.

Listen to the interview:

JUSTICE for Tookie’s victims – NO CLEMENCY.


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  1. wtf he should not of died i wishi could of met him he my look intimidating but i bet you he wasnt he`s an inspiring character whos voice may of had a impact. But now he has been killed no thought given, rest in peice Tookie williams “legacy live on”.

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