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Barack Obama Watch: Colin Powell to Endorse Obama?


Former Bush Administration Secretary of State Colin Powell and Senator Barack Obama

The buzz the past few days since it was released that Barack Obama had met with former Bush Administration Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, has been that an endorsement of Obama for President was imminent.

Robert Novak, the conservative pundit has written and was interviewed on Fox News repeating the mantra of an Obama endorsement by Powell.

Jim Geraghty, too, writes that it is almost a done deal and that it matters.

I’ll be stunned if Colin Powell does not endorse Barack Obama. (Today brings word that they met June 18.) Right now, Powell’s going to be largely, if not primarily, remembered as the man who sold the Iraq war at the United Nations. When Powell passes on, a reference to “showcasing erroneous intelligence about weapons of mass destruction that were not found in Iraq” will crop up no later than the third sentence in his obituary.

It’s hard to believe that’s how he wants to be remembered, demonized by nearly half the country and most of the world’s elites as “Bush’s enabler.”

But if Powell endorses Obama, it will not only be a PR and momentum bonanza for the Democratic nominee, but the retired general will be touted as the man who put his credibility on the line for Obama. The questions surrounding Obama – experience, accomplishments, familiarity with the military and national security issues, connection to middle-American values – are all Powell’s strengths. If the retired general and former Secretary of State says Obama will do okay as commander-in-chief, a lot of Americans will exhale with relief.

Flap disagrees. If Colin Powell endorses Obama it will mean little in the campaign. Why?

1. Colin Powell is African American and race will matter in this Presidential campaign. Name one African American that is NOT endorsing Obama. Really….name one.

2. The Left wing of the Democrat Party will NEVER forgive Powell for being George Bush’s enabler for the Iraq War and that he worked in the Bush I and Reagan Administrations.

Powell has already contributed the maximum to John McCain’s campaign and will be questioned as a hypocritical flip-flopper should he do likewise for Obama.

There is too much downside for Powell to be involved in this race. But, should he throw his support behind Obama he will be beaten up by the left and right – neutralizing any gain for Obama or Powell.

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  • Mary Pitts, Marion,, SC

    Dear Mr. Powell: I have had such high regard for you and your accomplishments. Please in the name of God above do not support Obama. It will sadden me and diminish my great regard I have always had for you as a person and as a statesman. Please be very careful of your choice. I know things were not right in the White House for you but please, now is not the time to retaliate. I have so much trust in you and my country needs you to do the right thing. Revenge is not the name of the game. I thought more of you and your Christain beliefs for you to do this. Please pray about this and know that I do have you and my country at heart when I beg of you to do the right thing. Thank you. Mary M. Pitts

  • Gary

    I have the utmost respect for General Colin Powell having served under him. I would not hesitate to vote for him for President. For all of you on both sides, perhaps you should consider the fact that Mr Powell had no reason to question the falsehoods that he was given to present to the American people; and as one of America’s premiere General’s, I seriously doubt that the fact Bush and Cheney were lying to him would have even crossed his military mind. As for you Democrats, how many of them did we see trying to swim against the tide? Few, if any. Why doesn’t someome out there post a poll to find out hom many Americans don’t want EITHER candidate?

  • Flap


    I don’t know Linda. His latest escapade is as a character witness for Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska in his corruption trial.

    And, he did a lousy job as Bush’s Secretary of State.

  • fuel guy

    Did Joe the Plumber bring out Colin Powell? The Obama tax plan was exposed by a man on the street who asked about taking from those working and giving to those who do not work. The former Secretary is no doubt proud of the race issue candidate of Obama being the first half african american to run for president. But — the Secretary may not have came out without the exposure of the Obama tax plan by man on the street Joe the Plumber.

  • Howard

    Powell’s endorsement of Obama does not verify Obama’s judgement, but rather brings Powell’s judgement into question. Powell says that Obama is ready to lead … WHY? … Regardless of Powell’s last minute endorsement, Obama is still the most liberal senator in congress … who accomplished nothing in his meager 3 years in office, except voting present 160 times, and campaigning for President, as well as associating with anti-American racists and domestic terrorists … and, taking America down the road to socialism. Obama betrayed a friendship of 20 years, for personal ambition. Powell betrayed his friendship with McCain. McCain did not betray his fellow prisoners, even during 5 years of torture. These facts speak volumes about who these men really are, and whether or not we can trust them.