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Video: The Obligatory Gay Gynephobia and Miss California USA Carrie Prejean

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and Gay Writer Michael Musto practice their special brand of misogyny on Miss California USA Carrie Prejean

Yeah, the gay marriage and homosexual folks are not through yet with Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean.

You remember the Flap about her comments to Gay Blogger and Hollywood Gossiper Perez Hilton favoring traditional marriage.

Now, here comes the ridicule and mocking about Carrie Prejean’s breast implants and this is not the first time.

So, typical of the LEFT and the gay marriage proponents – attack the messenger. Saw this type of crap during and after the California Proposition 8 campaign, now didn’t we?. And, more than once or twice.

And, it will continue because the whole point of the gay-rights movement is to abolish your right to disagree with them.


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