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CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore Preparing to Run for Irvine City Council?

Termed out California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore

Apparently the word is out on the street – Chuck DeVore is throwing in the towel and looking forward to his next race – Irvine Mayor or City Council.

I attended the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s breakfast with the Mayor event last Friday.  I ran into a number of Irvine community leaders and more than a few of them asked me what I knew about Chuck DeVore running for city council or running for Mayor when he loses the Republican primary for US Senate in a few months like the decision was a done deal.  While the office is a step down for Chuck’s lofty asiprations of being elected to statewide or federal office representing California, he’ll be termed out in the Assembly and will need a job to continue a political platform to run for something else — governeror, Lt. governor, or some other statewide office.

This appears consistent with the polling in this race, plus political chatter and the fact that his Direcor of Communications, Joshua Trevino, was AWOL from the California Republican Convention earlier in March (presumably job hunting at SXSW).

But, Chuck may have a problem with running again for any position. He must successful defend the charge he misused his State of California staff for his U.S. Senate campaign.

Good luck with that……..

How will this revelation affect the Republican U.S. Senate Primary election in June?

Well, voters can focus on the fact that Chuck Devore IS just another scum-sucking politician running from office to office. And, conservatives, will realize that DeVore has never been serious about this campaign, will turn away and vote for Carly Fiorina since Tom Campbell has always been a left-leaning RINO.