Day By Day December 3, 2010 – Fronk-N-Steen

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

I really didn’t understand the voters of Minnesota when they first elected the FAR-LEFT Al Franken to the United States Senate. But, then again, those same folks elected wrestler and movie actor, Jesse Ventura, to Governor.

The GOP will probably target this seat when Franken comes up for re-election in four years. However, a lot of politics can happen, including a Presidential campaign, in the meantime.

But, Senator Al Franken, has to continue to be viewed as an embarrassment to a Democratic Party which is reeling from two years of an Obama Administration.


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Poll Watch: 44 Per Cent Have Unfavorable View of Senator Al Franken

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Sen.-elect Al Franken, D-Minn., talks to supporters during a rally at the mall of the Minnesota State Capitol in St Paul, Minn., Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No surprise here.
Forty-four percent (44%) of U.S. voters have an unfavorable opinion of former “Saturday Night Live” comedy writer Al Franken as he prepares to join the U.S. Senate as its newest Democratic member.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 34% have a favorable opinion of Franken, who will be sworn in next week as a senator from Minnesota. Twenty-two percent (22%) are not sure what they think of him.

It is fairly typical for individual legislators to have negative favorability ratings on a national basis.

There’s clearly more intense feeling among those who don’t like Franken. Twelve percent (12%) of voters have a very favorable view of the new senator, compared to 29% who have a very unfavorable opinion.

Similarly, 19% of Democrats have a very favorable view of Franken, while 51% of Republicans and 32% of voters not affiliated with either party regard him very unfavorably.

Al Franken is a far left comic that represents more of the Hollwood elite than every day Americans. But, hey he is a Democrat and they care, right?

Flap wonders about the people of Minnesota. First, they elect that moron Jesse Ventura as Governor and now Franken.

What are they thinking?

Then again, California elected Arnold Schwarzenegger, so Flap should talk.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir February 14, 2009 – Blondes, Etc.

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Day By Day 021409

Day By Day by Chris Muir

Janeane Garofolo is a joke – even for a third rate stand-up comedian.

Read her interview where she called Sarah Palin and the Republican Party “small-minded and mean-spirited” here.

She had a “FAILED” radio program on Air American Radio in its incarnation before it went bankrupt, shed Al Franken’s high salary and reincarnated itself.

Just another Hollywood celeb LEFTIST with a poor dye job…..


In blogging matters, Flap is happy to be back after surgery although I am quite sore and energy is in short supply.

Thanks to all of my readers, here at Flapsblog and on Facebook/Twitter for their kind regards.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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Al Franken Going to the Senate?

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Flap finds this whole situation in the Minnesota Senate race hilarious.

It’s all but official: A professional Democrat clown will join all the amateur ones already in the Senate.

Al Franken is going to Washington:

Democrat Al Franken will be declared the winner of the tight U.S. Senate contest in Minnesota, emerging from a ballot recount with a slim margin over Republican Norm Coleman, state officials said on Sunday.

But Coleman, the incumbent, has asked Minnesota’s supreme court to require that a few hundred additional absentee ballots be included in the recount — and he could then ask the court to investigate the contest all over again.

“At the moment, Franken has a 225-vote lead,” after the weekend counting of what were deemed the last uncounted absentee ballots, said Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, a Democrat who oversaw the process.

Ritchie said unless the supreme court acts on Coleman’s request and orders more ballots to be counted, he will reconvene the state’s Canvassing Board on Monday to certify Franken as the winner of the November 4 contest.

Remember the voters in Minnesota elected Jesse “The Body” Ventura to a disastrous term as their Governor.

Minnesota deserve who they vote for – what a joke!

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