Tony Strickland Calls Julia Brownley a LA Liberal in New Television Ad

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Julia Brownley and Nancy Pelosi

The Ventura County Cable television wars for the California Congressional District 26 have begun.

As you recall CA-26 features Republican California State Senator Tony Strickland versus Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley. The Congressional District is a very “balanced” district and is competitive in the number of registered Republicans and Democrats. The seat of retiring GOP Congressman Elton Gallegly (essentially his seat with redistricting changes and numbering) will be highly contested in an expensive and nasty campaign.

Here is Tony Strickland’s first 30 second spot:


This is an ad that carries a number of themes and images – positive for Strickland and negative for Brownley – naturally.

Julia Brownley is a left-wing Democratic Assemblywoman who until recently lived in Santa Monica. She got her start in politics by winning a seat on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education. She served three terms.

Julia Brownley when she filed to run for CA-26 a few months ago moved to Oak Park in Ventura County from her home in Santa Monica (outside the Congressional District).

Is Brownley a Los Angeles or LA Liberal?

More like a Santa Monica liberal – but nevertheless, close enough. Strickland successfully portrays Brownley as the “carpetbagger” that she is.

Then, there are the other issues and themes raised in the spot. The DCCC has already raised them in their post yesterday.

I will get into the weeds of their critique tomorrow.

Let me know in the comments below, what you think of the ad.

CA-26: Tony Strickland Says NO to Paul Ryan Budget

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DCCC attacks Parks 2 CA 26: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Hits Linda Parks in Republican Framing Mailer

The DCCC has released its first attack mailer (for the June 2012 primary election) and it is not against the Republican, Tony Strickland, but against NPP (No Party Prefeerence) Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks

Tony Strickland, the Republican candidate for my Congressional District is not taking the bait and opening himself up on defending Paul Ryan and his controversial stand on Medicare.

You can read Strickland’s quotes over at my colleague, Timm Herdt’s blog over at the Ventura County Star newspaper.

As most in Ventura County know, Strickland is close to Mitt Romney and has been for years. He, like, Romney, will not be trapped like Linda Parks was in June by reaining silent or defending Paul Ryan’s proposal, which is dead in the Congress anyway.

He is aware of the mailers used against Parks, like above and this piece below:

There is no need to open himself up for these types of “strawman” attacks. Strickland knows they are coming, but his defense is that he would have voted “No”. Let’s move along….

Then, like Romney, he will pivot and talk about the Romney Plans to save Medicare, oppose ObamaCare and reduce government spending in order to improve employment and the economy.

Score 1 for Strickland for avoiding the Democratic trap.

But, don’t be surprised to not see Paul Ryan, but Mitt Romney or his wife, Ann, to be in Ventura County for a “big” fundraiser for Tony.

CA-26: Tony Strickland to Host Coastal Clean Up

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California State Senator Tony Strickland who is also the Republican nominee for California’s 26th Congressional District is hosting a Ventura County Coast cleanup this weekend.

Here are the details:

  • Time: July 28, 2012 from 11am to 2pm
  • Location: San Buenaventura State Beach
  • Street: 901 San Pedro St.,
  • City/Town: Ventura

For more information: 805) 306-8886 (Senator Tony Strickland’s District Office).

Here is Senator Tony Strickland in an embedded video below:

CA-26 Poll Watch: Julia Brownley Leading Tony Strickland?

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California Democratic Assmeblywoman and CA-26 Congressional candidate Julia Brownley

According to a Democratic Party/consultant poll.

Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D) led state Sen. Tony Strickland (R) in the race for the 26th district, according to a poll conducted for the Democrat’s campaign and obtained by Roll Call.

In a top pickup opportunity for Democrats, Brownley topped Strickland by 4 points, 48 percent to 44 percent, in the competitive battle for this open, Ventura County-based seat. While Brownley’s lead was within the margin of error, Democrats view this poll as a good sign for her in what could be among the closest House races in California.

It also found President Barack Obama ahead of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, 50 percent to

45 percent, and Democrats ahead, 46 percent to 42 percent, in the generic Congressional ballot test.

And, if you believe this spin, I have a briide to sell you.

In any case, the 400 likely voter sample polling result showing Brownley up by 4 points was within the margin of error, which was 5.9 per cent.

Republican Tony Strickland has over a $ 1 million in cash on hand and Brownley has been AWOL in doing Ventura County events where she supposedly now lives after moving into the Congressional District from Santa Monica.

The carpetbagger Brownley is not going to receive a too warm a welcome in conservative Thousand Oaks and Camarillo. And, the Obama driven election turnout will be down from 2008 levels. In other words, the more Democratic vote of Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Paul will not be robust for Brownley.

By the way, if you are interested Republican California State Senator Tony Strickland is leading a Ventura beach clean up this weekend in the District.

CA-26 Video: Tony Strickland Opens The GOP Election Headquarters

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Republican California State Senator Tony Strickland and CA-26 Congressional candidate

I was out of town and unavailable to attend this local GOP event. But, Ventura County Republicans are gearing up, opening up their election headquarters and ready to defend their Republican seats.

Tony Strickland delivers a good stump speech and introduces LA County Prosecutor Todd Zinc who wishes to replace Strickland in the California State Senate when he is elected to Congress in November..

Here is the video, embedded below: