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    Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee – A Congressional Boss From Hell

    Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee answers cell phone and blows off cancer survivor’s question

    Without a doubt.

    A lot of politicians give nicknames to their aides. George W. Bush famously referred to his attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez, as “Fredo.” Mitch Daniels, then head of the Office of Management and Budget, was known as “The Blade.” Barack Obama reportedly called Larry Summers, his chief economic advisor, “Dr. Kevorkian.”

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas also hands out nicknames to the people who work for her. The Houston Democrat addressed one of her employees as “you stupid motherf**ker.” And not just once, but “constantly,” recalls the staffer, “like, all the time.”

    Another Jackson Lee aide recounts the time her parents came to Washington to visit: “They were really excited to come to the congressional office. They’re small town people, so for them it was a huge deal. They were actually sitting in the main lobby waiting area….[Jackson Lee] came out screaming at me over a scheduling change. Called me a ’stupid idiot. Don’t be a moron, you foolish girl’ and actually did this in front of my parents, of all things.”

    And, look at her staff turnover numbers.

    Not surprisingly, Jackson Lee has one of the highest staff turnover rates in Washington. Over the last ten years, at least 39 staffers have left within one year. Over that time, Lee has employed at least nine chiefs of staff, eight legislative directors, and 18 schedulers or executive assistants, according to records of federal disclosure forms published by the website Legistorm. Nine staffers left within two months, 25 within 6 months.

    The many veterans of Jackson Lee’s office meet regularly for drinks and stories. We “still get together to have a cathartic release,” says one. “We sit around and tell these stories and just work ourselves into a state of rage.”

    She does nothing to improve the stature of Congress.

    Wonder what her response will be?

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    Day By Day by Chris Muir August 14, 2009 – Answer the Call

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    President Obama and Congressional Democrats who support Obamacare, Chris, have already MISSED the call. The Democrats have massive, filibuster-proof majorities in the U.S. Senate. So, why are they waiting for the minority Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee?

    Why are they wasting your time with town hall meetings when the Congressional Leadership have already made up their minds to RAM the socialistic Obamacare through?

    Answer: Political Cover

    So, Democrat POLS like Nancy Pelosi (Nazis), Harry Reid (Evil Mongers) and Shelia Jackson Lee (imposter astroturfe fake physicians and ignore via cell phone) will continue their conduct until the White House exerts some damage control.


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