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Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Has Died at 61

Charles Manson followers Leslie Van Houton, Susan Atkins and Patricia Krenwinkel

Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins has died at the age of 61 in a prison hospital in Chowchilla, California.
Susan Atkins, who committed one of modern history’s most notorious crimes when she joined Charles Manson and his gang for a 1969 killing spree that terrorized Los Angeles and put her in prison for the rest of her life, has died. She was 61.

Atkins died at the Central California Women’s facility in Chowchilla on Thursday night, said Terry Thornton, spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Atkins, who had been receiving medical care at the prison’s nursing facility over the past year, died of natural causes, Thornton said. Sources told The Times she had been battling brain cancer. She was pronounced dead at 11:46 p.m.

Now, finally some JUSTICE for the Tate and LaBianca families. Remember the crime scene of Sharon Tate’s murder and that of her unborn child?

Remember Susan Atkins famously told a sobbing and begging Sharon Tate prior to her murder and mutilation, “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.”

Susan Atkins was convicted of eight murders and was the longest-serving prisoner among women held in California prisons. This distinction now falls on fellow Charles Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkle who was also convicted of the Tate-LaBianca murders.
Atkins confessed to killing actress Sharon Tate, the pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski who was hanged and stabbed 16 times; Tate’s nearly full-term fetus died with her. The next night, Atkins accompanied Manson and his followers when they broke into the Los Feliz home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca and killed them.

“She was the scariest of the Manson girls,” said Stephen Kay, who helped prosecute the case and argued against Atkins’ release at her parole hearings. “She was very violent.”

Former chief prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, who sought and won death sentences for Atkins, Manson and other followers, said Atkins would be remembered “obviously as a member of a group that committed among the most horrendous crimes in American history. She apparently made every effort to rehabilitate herself.”

He added: “It has to be said that she did pay substantially, though not completely, for her incredibly brutal crimes. And to her credit, she did renounce — and, I believe, sincerely — Charles Manson.”

It was Atkins who broke open the case when she bragged of her participation in the slayings to cellmates at Sybil Brand Institute in East Los Angeles, where she was being held on other charges; two of her cellmates told authorities of her confession. After prosecutors promised not to seek the death penalty against her, Atkins appeared before a grand jury, providing information that led to her own indictment, as well as that of Manson and others. Later, in a lurid 10-month trial, she provided crucial testimony that fed the public’s fascination with Hollywood celebrities, drugs, sex and violence.

It also left an unshakable image of Atkins as a remorseless killer, who taunted the court at her sentencing with chilling words: “You’d best lock your doors,” she said, “and watch your own kids.”

In 1971, two separate juries found Manson, Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Charles “Tex” Watson guilty on seven counts of first-degree murder. Another Manson follower, Leslie Van Houten, was convicted of two murders. All received the death sentence, later reduced to life terms after the California Supreme Court abolished the death penalty in 1972. (The Legislature later reenacted the death penalty statute.) Manson, Krenwinkel, Watson and Van Houten remain in prison.Atkins also pleaded guilty to the murder of musician Gary Alan Hinman, who was killed in a dispute over money shortly before the Tate-LaBianca murders. She received another life sentence for the Hinman killing.

Susan Atkins has been living on borrowed time for the past 40 years. May she atone to our creator for the heinous crimes against humanity.

Susan Atkins in 1969


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138 thoughts on “Charles Manson Follower Susan Atkins Has Died at 61

  1. i cant even believe someone could be on his side are you kidding me charles manson deserves to die the same exact way those people dies no actually worse then them i cant wait to hear that the disgusting bastard died.

  2. Shame, that is all I can say for (notice how irrelavent you are, all lower case) Problem with you is that you’re actually a very lonely person, someone that seeks attention, someone with an inferiority complex. To all the others on the site, let us try and understand that it is not’s fault that he is the way is, he was probably born that way, abused by his parents or maybe he’s a retard. either way, I think he deserves to share the cell with dickhead manson, afterall, that is what he likes, isn’t it? and for all we know…. that is exactly what likes. I read earlier, that you do not have family Well, i can see why, if I had given birth to something as pathetic as yourself, I either would have committed suicide, or, the alternative, get you the hell out of my life. Sleep well see…. dream of your uncle charlie, he’s waiting for you.

  3. I don’t need your understanding…And my chilhood was normal and my life now is normal but nothing is worth it so rot you retarded because you’re the one who doesn’t understand…

  4. wow…….im going to have to agree that is by far one of the most twisted bloggers ive ever read about lol man….what is wrong with you? i know your probably just going to post something about how im a “retarted”, most likely sometime tonight or tomorrow because it seems like you check this regularly, which also leads us to beleive you really dont have a normal life.. but just know you are fucked man. its not normal for regular people to think what you think. even the way you react to things others have said is fucked up. you just dont get it. i feel bad for you man, just dont hurt anybody in the process of your weird psycho life. do yourself a favor and go talk to somebody…a professional…not your other weird sick twisted freak like friends you might have. everyone just needs to ignore this guy. were feeding into his craziness.

  5. I don’t come here to often to check on the comments, it’s just that i love looking at the picture of Sharin tate’s house!! And no. I’m not gonna call you a retarded, you from all this people have best figured out what’s wrong with me…

  6. Okay, this is all such bullshit.

    Number one, Mr. XXX, you’re a douchebag. Obviously you’re trying to contribute to some sort of flawed sense of shock factor in order to raise controversy. Just because you cant get decent work (and no, you’re heavily synthesized screamo band will not work on a 401k) doesn’t men you should sit round, brooding and wasting your time throwing your cat around over an obviously touchy subject. Perhaps employ your time in a more productive way?

    Two, apparently people are quite uninformed if they think the Manson family was just about murder. They were trying to start a fucking war. They wanted whites and blacks to start murdering each other while they waited it out in an underground city, eventually to emerge and rule the world. Just a tad messed up. Also, they did not JUST kill Sharon Tate, but also four other people just that night, and three plus after and before that. And that’s just BEFORE they were arrested for car theft. After that they also killed a family member they deemed had ratted them out, and are believed to have killed a lawyer in the Manson case.

    Three, you do NOT get away with twisting Beatles songs into something evil.

    Four, Manson WAS psychotic. Not only was he the influence behind the murders prior to his capture, but he tried to attack the judge at his trial, while subsequently the females being tried stood and started chanting in Latin. A bit creepy. Also he’d committed countless crimes even before the family, and had spent 30 years prior to the Family’s formation in correctional facilities and jails.

    Five: the fact that you just said that “I don’t usually check my posts” bullshit reinforces my belief that you’re trying for shock factor. Seriously, if you didn’t give a shit why don’t you just look at the picture and go?

    Six: unless you’re a member of the kkk, how the fuck can you say manson’s cause was just? And i might remind you that had his plan worked, you’d probably be dead by now, since he basically wanted everyone to kill each other off.

    To murder without just reason is to give up all emotions of sympathy and empathy, and to do that means you are no longer human.

    That’s all I have to say for now.

  7. Poor Susan will be missed, you did such a great job..and the world a favor. Fuck you Sharon Tate, and fuck your baby..oh wait, too late haha!

    1. Actually what he does with his IQ is psychotic therefor he IS a psycho 🙂 Sorry sweety but I believe you’re looking at the wrong thing here. Murder is wrong and evil. No matter your reason.

  8. Mr. XXX, I feel bad for you, man. Good luck.. In all honesty, though; I feel bad for most of the people who posted on here. Shows how fucked a majority of people really are. Seriously? Following a murderer and actually respecting what he did? Did mommy and daddy not hug you enough? Do the world a favor and slit your wrists already, you know you want to, pussies.

    1. Bravo~ 🙂 except the ‘slit your wrist’ thingy cause that’s suicide even though we do want them to do it it’s wrong~ ;D Though if I weren’t Christian I’d say ‘ HELL YEAH! DO IT!!!!’ 😛 hehehe~

      1. See luna you’re a christian you’re compelled to follow something even if it tells you not to have an opinion of you’re own even if they killed thousands troughout the ages you still feel the the need to mindlessly look up to religion.

  9. The worst thing you could ever do to Charles Manson is forgive him.

    To all those crying for his blood and death? That is not the way, do not give into hate or revenge. Do not be like him for he is a thing of darkness and destruction. Show the one quality that he lacked, the one quality he and his followers despise – mercy. For that means his legacy ends, his life was wasted, and his philosophy was flawed and incorrect; such a blow to his ego he could not withstand for he is a vain and proud thing. At the end of the day, the final score will not be about who gained more revenge, but who showed more mercy.

    To those who left comments praising him? You do not need to wound to get my attention, you do not need to shock or disturb. All you needed to be noticed was to ask, and I shall give my Love freely to you. Why? Because you need to be loved more than most, otherwise you would not be in so much pain and make such statements like you have. Remember that you are like everyone else, and are wonderfully made. Believe you are a treasure on this Earth, and people will treasure you. No matter what you say of me, no matter the level of ridicule, I will love you because you deserve to be loved.

    Take care, and peace be with you…

  10. im 18 years old and ill i have to say is that charles manson should die and pay for what he did he lead those people to do wrong sharon tates blood is on he’s hand’s!!!! i don’t feel sorry for him or any of those people even if the did find god what they did was worng was much more then worng and the people who think what they did is ok then you need to thik about it this way if it was your family who was killed like that and your wife and unborn child who would you feel then!!!! people like charles manson make me so sick!!!!


  11. what charles manson did was wrong he is a sick phsycopathic killer who deserves whatever god gives him him and his followers are also sick fucks and i hope they all die and rot in hell with the rest of those sick people and for all you sick basterds out there that think what they did wuz cool like MR XXX and others i hope u die and rot in hell to you sick ass freaks because of you people we even have shit like this happining now yaull all need to die then the world will be better ofF FUCK ALL YOU EMO ELMO AND GOTHIC ASS PRICKS AND ALL OF U ANTICHRIST PEOPLE YOU WILL LEARN THE DEVIL OFERS NOTHING BUT SUFFERING AND CONDEMEDMENT BUT YAULL WILL GET WHAT YAULL DESERVE why not belive in god u caint see air but its there same with god watch when the end comes yaull will burn mmmmuuuuhhahahahahahahahah

  12. In case some of you aren’t aware of it, there are some Manson family followers on here. Everything is ok with them, unless it happens to them of course. Some Manson family members actually got their asses killed too by other Manson members because they thought they might fink on them. No need to get all riled up, just let them all kill each other off.
    BTW – the black man is taking over & never needed Manson or a war to do that, just a mature society – go OBAMA.

  13. mr. xxx, you are one fucked up guy. how about you go get a life and stop acting like a fucking psycho to get attention? obviously no one gives it to you. i wouldnt be surprised to read about how you did the same thing as manson in tomorrow’s papers. he was messed up, atkins was messed up, and you’re following in their paths. its clear that you hate people, so you can be proud of yourself…you’ve made about 50 new enemies just on this website.

    as for manson, i hope he suffers every day until he dies. if i were the beatles, i would have been embarassed to have even been associated with his ideas. nothing would ever pay back for what he influenced people to do. its an understatement to say that what happened to tate and her child is horrible. atkins was rightfully served justice.

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  15. Thats right keep posting on these sick jerks this way you don’t have to go on with your own life. Your the same people that are still birchen about all the Jews. Shit people get over it the past is just that the past. ?Why do you think they call it the past.

  16. This is bull!!!!! why did she get the acommadations of prison? She should have died in 1969 along with manson. well Manson should be in the loonie bin he’s nuts.

  17., go get some help. thats all i’m going to say on that matter.
    rip. Sharon Tate and all those other innocent people.
    Didn’t manson send letters to the Beatles about having them come and help with the murders? i heard that i have no idea if thats true though.

  18. You are ALL ridiculous. How is there not ONE intelligent piece of commentary on this page. Some of you, I’m sure, think you are funny, and are really just grasping a couple seconds of attention. Charles Manson was guilty, just the way someone is guilty when they pay a hitman to have someone killed. Some people manipulate weaker people into committing their crimes, because it makes them feel like “God”, and they have accomplished something powerful with their wit, without even having to do the dirty work. He is just as guilty as the others. The girls were weak, and they were his sheep. This is why it’s called a “cult”. They are merely robots.. pawns in his game. His pawns would have never acted out those crimes had they not been manipulated. They thought they were important, during that time, and it made them feel powerful. Going to prison was a wakeup call. That’s why Susan turned into a devout christian, upon imprisonment… much like most halfway intelligent criminals that realize their mistakes, after all is said and done, and they realize they’ve wasted their lives away.

    Religion is not of importance. Heaven and Hell doesn’t matter. They are all simply humans, with weak human behavior. We are all guilty of temptation, and anger, but the difference is how we use our will power to control it. Whether they got the death penalty or not, is not of importance as long as they were punished until the end of their lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, you don’t deserve the right to take a life, no matter how rotten that life is. However, when someone does take a life, it is a reminder of how weak we are, and merely another species murdering each other on this planet. That’s why the death penalty is legal. Somehow we feel it’s right to punish life takers, by taking their life. It solves nothing. Charles Manson, and his followers had warped minds, in different ways. Charles Manson felt power by controling others, due to whatever inferiority he felt inside of him. He did not have a family, and he created his own. His “pawns” felt more important and part of something. Sharon Tate was pregnant. There would be a grown adult walking around in this world with a family, but that child was murdered as well, along with Sharon’s friends. He got what he deserved, as well as the others.. life imprisonment. Shit happens in life, religion aside, and we cannot stop it from happening. We are part of the animal kingdom. But we are also a more intelligent, conscious species, and that’s why when you fuck up.. be ready to pay the price.

    1. Does that mean it’s alright for us to inflict an immensely awful amount of pain on said person-whom is so warped that they can’t even tell the difference between right and wrong and committed an unforgivable amount of crimes? If you are so intelligent then do not read into this and simply answer my questions. Is it any better for you to judge us for wanting that person to suffer even more so than the families of the victims had and still do now? What does it make us to want that? Answer these questions and JUST them. No side comments and then we shall see how truly intelligent you are Sweetie 🙂 Thank you and I shall reply as quickly as possible then you may have your words on my intentions and blah-blah-blah….

  19. By the way, as an additional comment.. “Yep-Yep”.. I realize you are a little “behind” on your knowledge of psychology, but a person does not have to have a low IQ to be psychotic. Infact quite the opposite, typically psycopaths have high IQ’s, and suffer from the awkwardness that comes along with being more intelligent than average people. Charles Manson WAS intelligent, and HAD to be, in order to carry out the controversy that he did. Secondly… let’s assume that he did infact have an IQ of 125.. that is not an above average IQ. I have an IQ of 124, and although I do consider myself to be intelligent (much more than you, or the the other ignorant posters of this site, including Mr. XXX), my brother in law has an IQ of 148. He’s as awkward as it gets. He’s very intelligent, and socially retarded. I seriously recommend you people follow up on your facts of any information that you are randomly, and ignorantly commenting on. You make yourself look like complete fucking idiots.

      1.  you are mean. i don’t understand why you have to be cruel even though you are just trolling. you could troll in a funny and shocking way without being cruel. you made me very sad.

  20. I’ve got a challenge for you Mr.”Last Intelligent Human Alive”, guess how old i am.

  21. Charles Manson and his ‘family’ should have all been put out of thier misery. NO ONE has the right to take another life. Manson is a lunatic. The majority of the world know this, but sadly, theres always going to be weak minded little followers like mr. xxx who think that hes god-like. Really mr. xxx, you are nothing more than an empty headed little bitch waiting for someone to give you directions

    1. If i was an empty headed little bitch i would act like all of you, ik clearly don’t.

  22. I’m assuming Mr. xxx’s title has to do with Xing himself out of the world like Manson & that is why he used that handle. It’s obvious he identifies with Manson in this respect & that is why he & the other followers found Manson enticing. The x’s have a deep hatered for the “PIGS (people with money) because they have been a “have not” for so long. What they don’t realize is there is no need to kill the PIGS off, as you can see a better method is to watch them lose all their money in a poor economy. No need to start a race war blacks against whites, as you can see the blacks are taking over anyway & interbreeding. We are all becoming a melting pot of black and white and what not.
    Manson’s prediction came true after all, but not by a race war, just by an evolving of society. Remember… “Rome fell.”

  23. It’s an outrage that pictures of the victims of the crime should be displayed publicly in total violation of their privacy and with complete disregard both for their dignity as human beings and for the feelings of their loved ones.

    It’s a second victimization that turns the public into voyeurs.

    The site’s publisher should remove these pictures at once.

  24. @ Lila Rajiva – What good will that do. All you have to do is type in Sharon Tate in Google pictures,and not only do her death pictures come up with all of her other pictures, but her autopsy pictures come up as well. Try it.

  25. rest in peace for the victims. to anyone who give regards to manson, could you give regards to him if this event happens to your family? to your beloved people? you are giving arguments and when the other fight your arguments you fight back, then if the same thing happens to your family are not you fight back?

    1. I wouldn’t give regards to him if he did this to my family but that situation is already out of the question since i am an admirer of his so he’d have no reason at all to do anything to my family. 

      1. I also admire Manson and his followers; although I don’t advocate killing, I feel the Tate/La Bianca slayings were necessary.

  26. Anyone who thinks brutal killers like this have a right to live are sick. If an animal (with no sense of comapssion) mames or kills a child it gets put down, Sharon Tates baby didnt get to see the light of day due to these cruel animals, my motto?? Act like an animal, get put down like an animal, anyone who thinks they have a right to take a life out of cruel senselessness, their life should be taken also. Why do people now adays have sympathy for the enemy and their victims aren’t worth justice?

  27. Nikki, i think you are a fucking bitch and i should inform you to try and fish out the thing that crawled up that cunting hole of your vagina, laid its eggs to eat you from the inside when they hatch, died and then rotted inside you…and you don’t even wanna know what is living in that parasitic, sperm infested asshole of yours…NOBODY deserves death…i don’t care who you are…your death penalty bullshit is just as cruel, inhumane, and barbaric. Civilization thrives on watching others die and they enjoy it. Throughout the beginning of time there was no entertainment through civil festivities, there was no “oh, lets go to the movies”, there was “let’s go watch the hangings, and the burnings, and the beheadings with axes and guillotines, and medieval torture chambers while we all chant OH BOY! OH JOY! KILL HIM!!! KILL HER!!!!! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!! BURN HIM!!!! BURN HER!!!!”, and then these sick fuck executors are pretty much playing with Rosie and her five painted red friends to get themselves off in their pants while thinking about the fulfilling pleasuring excitement of this shit that has made us lose our humanity…eat a dick…make sure you suck it well enough while thinking about the women who had no choice other than to have these men that would be walking them to the hands of death rape and have their way with them before they died their dire consequences that were for some irrational and irrelevant…oh did i say rape?…and rape still is a problem in women’s prisons in todays “civil”ization. Killing another for punishment of murder IS MURDER…there is no “eye for an eye”, “hit me i hit you”…two wrongs do not make a right…and to be quite frank i will have to say that i have done some minor things in my life that i think of til this day are a bit unusual and maybe even a little sick, and no is has nothing to do with the harming of another creature but for the feeling of being violated, impure and mentally scared from bad choices that has made me the tainted, medicated, manically depressed, suicidal 21 year old female in which i am today…i bet you’re feeling a bit of sympathy for my mother right now, cause i sure as hell do. What i am trying to get through to you Nikki, is that death is not the answer…the answer is guilt…if i cant live with myself for little shit, imagine how some of these people feel and what they think about themselves for murder…some cant handle it and you are just giving them the easy way out. What about Hitler!? He faced no death penalty for the mass murder of the jewish race! All those children, fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers…THOSE WERE ALL INNOCENT PEOPLE!!!!!…oh but that’s okay, he’s the leader…WTF IF WE ALL WERE THE FUCKING LEADER, THEN WHAT!…if you don’t have power it’s wrong, if you have power it’s right…ask the Mob or better yet OJ Simpson…oh, that’s right…that little thing known as the “hush hush”…the government has a various collection of those…Hitler killed himself…do you know why?????….hmmmm…let’s see….oooo i know! i know!!…fucking guilt and not wanting to be arrested by US army and possibly being put behind bars for life to forever and always think about his sick and harmful doings…i mean i wouldn’t want to deal with myself and the guilt forever behind bars, I would probably blow my brains out and have my friends sell them to some sicko who wants to use them in a soup so it would save him the trouble of killing people for a day. At least it’s cool that he’s eating me, cause i know that whenever you kill an animal, you should use it for food…not for sport like a god damn serial killer, and not for justice you sick bitch…I don’t care if you’re “Old Yeller”, justice is as just the same sin. Nature is nature, and the nature of humanity is corrupt because we don’t kill for food, we kill for “justice” and some of us kill for desire or hatred towards one another but with all in all as reversed we do the same thing with this justice shit…it’s all wrong…no one should die. We are not like animals. They don’t kill like we do. They kill for nature. Maybe you have it ass backwards Nikki because i feel that if we all act like animals we sure as shit wouldnt be acting like parasitic inhuman walking scums of the earth. I feel that there should be no death penalty anywhere, and for those that do fuck up i feel should have a life sentence with the option of one bullet to put on their shelf if they feel the time is right because they cant live with themselves, or the expulsion of their rights to freedom. I rest my case ms. justice.

  28. Anyone who tries to support these people are looking for the shock factor, you dont shock me, you’re immature, grow up!! Anyone who has a family that they love should know that what they did was wrong and they dont deserve to live. Bring back the death penalty, rid the world of scum, its black and white to me, act like an animal, get put down like an animal!!!

  29. Hahaha I just read that comment addressed to me, I dont give a fuck what you think and you wouldnt kill me you complete dick, because you wouldnt get near me, you hide behind a computer, like im scared of you hahahahaha FUCK RIGHT OFF!!!! DICKHEAD

  30. Look at the start of your comment… are you for real??? You fucking spastic, go and comment someone who cares, kill them and kill dickheads like you that talk shit!!!

  31. OK just read your full comment, I commented before I got past the first bit of BS which you really shouldn’t of put in because my instantanious reaction was my comments above, you get heard when you talk with respect!! Some people out there dont agree with the death penalty, I never used to until I had children, I will tell you this now, I would never be cruel or hurt anyone but if anyone touched my children in any way, they wouldn’t need the death penalty because my lifes mission would be to hunt them down and tear them apart, my children are my life, I cant imagine life without them, Manson and his sad little whores took it into their own hands to take them lives for no reason whatsoever in my book they deserve to die, what happens if we kill off all the no good scum that kill and violate human rights?? We have a safe environment to bring GOOD people up, why am I scared when my kids go out to play incase something happens to them, because of assholes like Manson. So whatever your problems are I suggest you see someone for help but as for the rant which I found half amusing half sad, not at all shocking because I know that was your aim, you can stick it love!!

    1. Don’t worry sweet Nikki. Those that are cruel will suffer unimaginable pain for what they have posted. Karma is going to be served to those deserving Karma’s cruel and merciless side.  Fear not and enjoy because your soul is pure and good.  You shall prevail while the evil demons posting here will soon, and I mean less than 3 months, have their physicians handing them a diagnosis/prognosis so shocking and fear producing that they will experience an anxiety attack unlike anything they have ever felt as waves and waves of terror and fear and anxiety wash over them as the words of the doctor’s sink in.  As they have been given a very slow and agonizingly painful death sentence.

  32. @ Flap I misread her comment and I was raging at the stuff she said at the start but is there anyway I can take comments 85 and 86 off? I dont know how to and i’d rather not crack up over some immature little girl with a chip on her shoulder

  33. Alright…you people that have ANY compassion for the Manson faggots should be locked up and rott in prison just like the other maggots. They are sick, twisted, sorry, no good excuses for people that i’ve ever heard of. No one deserves to die..until they screw up like them stupid mother f***ers. They are so F***ing stupid! I would like to torture them myself for killing innocent people because they believed some bulls*** crap. They can all rott in hell and i hope everyone spits on their graves, they should all be tortured in prison until the day they drop dead. Just think, Sharon and all her guests, and her unborn child can’t talk, love, see anyone anymore. They won’t ever be able to live another day, so i think everyday the stupid Manson f***ers are living they should be tortured!!!!!!! Gotta say it again, i hope everyone spits on their graves!

  34. Alright one last thing…scroll back up and look and the bloody, lifeless body of the very pregnant Sharon Tate, and think…what if this was my mother, sister, daughter, anyone related to you. Would you be soo very excited and happy to free the f***ers that committed the crime to your own family? If so…the world doesn’t need you. Take that however you want. (kill yourself).

  35. I have to agree with Nichole H. People who kill other people do not deserve to live. In fact they should be put out of their misery, like a rabied animal is put out of their misery. Why should a killer get a second chance when the victim didn’t. When a person is sick in the head like Miss Lisa Therese whatever the fuck her name is, and Mr. XXX, obviously you both are seriously disturbed, as well as others who support Charlie Manson. God knows the wicked from the righteous, and he will have his day of reckoning. So if I was you, I would seek help and repent for you sick or vile thoughts. If you are suffering from depression and are suicidal, all the more reason to get the help you need, so you can live a normal life.

    Pictures of Sharon Tate and other victims should not be allowed to be posted, that is very disrespectful to family members.

    May God take care of Sharon Tate and her baby for eternity, and all thoughs who suffered from sick human beings. May God destroy all the wicked ones from this earth.

  36. nikki im sorry that your flipping out …it’s okay, you’re a murderer…like the rest of most humankind…ill pray for you

    1. It’s okay Lisa, you’re going to suffer no matter your reasons. 🙂 The death penalty is for those really f***ed up people who smile at the thought of babies still in their mommie’s tummies being mutilated by fire, knives and then taking them out and then drowning them. So yeah, we might be murders for wanting them to burn on pike stuck up their asses and then douse them with acid to be saved and then brutally beaten and die a very slow and excruciating madness inducing pain, but hey it’s not a matter of hate. It’s called justice. You live in it, Sugar. I’m pretty sure I’m going to become a vigilante just to find followers and praisers of this Manson fellow and do just what was described 🙂 Don’t worry babe, if you pray now I just might not look for you. Be careful of your words love.


    you don’t have a heart!!
    why would you even bother writing your selfish opinion to begin with! fucking loser!

  38.…. your a sick twisted individual. i hope and pray that you do the world a favor and go jump off a cliff. and ms.lisa, if they were going to spend the rest of their lives feeling bad for what they did then they shouldnt have did it. they had a choice, brainwashed or not, they didnt have to do what charlie told them. i also think that you are really immature. just because someone doesnt base the same opinion as you, you throw a bitch fit. at least nikkis point was sane. i hope one day you have to experience the same pain that sharons family went through. that goes for you too may god help you, and watch over sharon and her baby…

    1. Well i believe god is watching over sharon and his baby, if he’s watching deep in the fires of hell that is.

  39. After reading each and every comment above, I am repulsed not only by the vile, disgusting comments and beliefs, not to mention the free use of such despicable language, but also by the complete lack of – and use of – proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. Constant use of lower case only; typing “‘your’ a twisted individual” rather than ‘you are’ (such a common error used by so many that it’s unbelievable to me). Reading the absolute crap contained in the except below…

    August 26th, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Nikki, i think you are a fucking bitch and i should inform you to try and fish out the thing that crawled up that cunting hole of your vagina, laid its eggs to eat you from the inside when they hatch, died and then rotted inside you…and you don’t even wanna know what is living in that parasitic, sperm infested asshole of yours…”

    …truly enforces my belief that our world will not exist much longer because we shall, indeed, kill ourselves through ignorance, violence and hate. There seems to be no “civility” left in the “Civilized World” and I am truly sick of encountering it on a seemingly daily basis.

    I will not visit this page again, nor the many others like it, because it makes me want to vomit from the observance of such childish, violent, imbecilic behavior on the part of the disgusting, cretinous mutants who have posted their Mouth Diarrhea so freely here.

  40. I do not believe in ‘an eye for an eye’, therefore do not support the death penalty (I am an Australian. If you did not know, it is not in place in this country). That being said, these people (Manson included) inflicted pain and suffering on innocent people. They clearly believed they deserved some authority over others, that they had every right and reason to take lives. I think it is yet another example of religious extremists valuing a set of rules or ‘higher being’ over basic moral principles, being, for starters treating those around you with respect. Thankfully they will live out their days in jail, away from the rest of society, as they cannot function sufficiently for whatever reason. They will die, as we all will.. but hopefully they leave the world in a fitting mental state. Justice would be served to the best of its ability if these people have ceased to experience any happiness, due to the fact that they deprived so many people of it through their actions.
    As for all those who somehow support the decisions of the Manson family in relation to murder, to put it simply, you are bad people.

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