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Updated and Confirmed: CA-26: Who is Stalking Tony Strickland?


A Tony Strickland staff member has confirmed that this mysterious woman in black has been seen at numerous Strickland events:

So, who is this woman? And, who is paying her to take the video?

Anybody know?


Woman videotaping Tony Strickland

Unidentified woman in black videotaping California State Senator and GOP Congressional nominee Tony Strickland (in gray t-shirt)

You remember the FLAP?

Well, who is tracking and stalking California State Senator and CA-26 Republican congressional candidate Tony Strickland?

Nobody is admitting it, but the national Democratic Party folks at the DCCC have a reputation of doing it. Now, is Brownley’s campaign paying for the deed?

Hard to say and it may be difficult to trace, but my best guess is that this activity would not be going on without Brownley’s direct approval.

Nobody has come forward to identify the young woman and some Democratic activists have taken to Twitter to say that the woman in Thousand Oaks – see her photo below was merely a parent at the children’s event.

Brownley Spy CA 26: Is Julia Brownley or the DCCC Stalking Tony Strickland?

Unidentified videographer at California State Senator Tony Strickland Children’s I.D. Event in Thousand Oaks, Saturday August 25, 2012


You see the woman in the photo above and in this embedded video below was seen videotaping Senator Tony Strickland during his Ventura beach clean-up day on July 28th.

So, obviously, this woman is either a BIG fan of Tony Strickland, a paid operative of the DCCC or the Julia Brownley campaign or somebody with whom the police maybe wish to have a chat.

Here is the video of the mysterious woman in black:


Anyone know this person?

I understand from good sources that this person has been seen videotaping at other Tony Strickland events. So, if anyone can identify her, please, let me know in the comments below.

What is the FLAP here – besides the fact that an elected official is being stalked?

Trackers or videographers are not uncommon in Congressional campaigns today. However, this was a Children’s I.D. Event.

Yesterday was NOT a Congressional campaign event, but a public service one in conjunction with Strickland’s California State Senate office. Why would the Brownley campaign want to be associated with such an obviously ridiculous observation? And, why involve the children?

If the Browney campaign was associated with yesterday’s stalker, they should apologize to the families of the children who were videotaped. If the DCCC was involved, then the Brownley campaign should tell them to exert some restraint.

Julia Brownley may be an LA Woman (from Santa Monica actually), but we don’t do politics like this in Thousand Oaks – because we aren’t LA.

Hey, California Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, is this person doing some political tracking of Senator Strickland for you? Again, anyone know this woman and for whom she is working?

Let me know in the comments below.