Sitemeter to Revert to Former System

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Thank goodness.

Flap logged into the new system and it crashed my Firefox after looking around at their new stats system briefly. From what I saw it was complicated and unintelligible. Flap was going to rely on Google Analytics and look for a new blog stats system tomorrow.

Then, Flap just as he noticed other bloggers having problems, my Yahoo Sitemeter widget began to work and that a notice was up that they were rolling back Sitemeter to their former system.

Sitemeter as it is presently configured is fine. Thanks for listening to your users – at least for now.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir July 1, 2008

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Day By Day by Chris Muir

Google and the Blogger platofrm definitely have egg on its face for their treatment of the anti-Obama blogs. But, do they have a valid “EXCUSE” for their incompetence?

A “kerfuffle” over the blocking of some blogs by Google — all of them “anti-Obama” — seems to be mostly over. The blogs have been unblocked and Simon Owens at Bloggasm, who had followed the developments, says that those who suspected a conspiracy led by supporters of Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama to shut down blogs critical of their man “might be feeling a little silly right now.” Google’s explanation for the blockings is that it’s spam filters mistakenly got tripped.

Google owned Blogger’s explanation is here:

Hi there,
On behalf of the Blogger Team, I want to apologize for the recent trouble you’ve had with your locked blog. Automated spam detection is not yet a perfect science, and although we are constantly working to improve our tools, it appears that our filters have caused some Blogger accounts to mistakenly be blocked from creating new posts.

While we are still investigating, we believe this may have been caused by mass spam e-mails mentioning the “Just Say No Deal” network of blogs, which in turn caused our system to classify the blog addresses mentioned in the e-mails as spam.

Regardless, we have restored posting rights to your blog, and it is very important to us that Blogger remain a tool for political debate and free expression.

So once again, we apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience as we looked into the problem.

The Blogger Team

Flap loathes censorship and disruptions. And, I moved to my own blog hosting over three years ago so that I could be the master of my own blog destiny.

If bloggers want a “FREE” platform then they need to remember that there is no free lunch.

The will need to move their blog.


The Day By Day Archive

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John McCain’s Teeth

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Daily Kos screen capture courtesy of LGF

Notwithstanding the fact that John McCain was tortured and lost many teeth during his Vietnam POW captivity, but John McCain is 71 years old.

Should Markos want McCain to have the teeth of a 30 year old? Then, the low class POS Kos would criticize him for wasting his money on a “fountain of youth” strategy to cover up his age.

Flap has many dental patients who prefer to allow their smiles to age to show their “natural” character. I suppose it is the same with hair color. Some prefer to dye their hair or not as some prefer to bleach their teeth or whiten them with porcelain veneers.

Now, what this has to do with ANYTHING in the Presidential race is beyond Flap unless American voters are selecting the President with the most photogenic PHONY smile.

And, we all know who wins this contest:

Joe Biden

Chris Muir Watch: It PAYS to Comment for John McCain

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Sienfeld – Soup Nazi – NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Michelle Malkin explains the background of Chris Muir’s Day By Day cartoon of today.

John McCain’s “point” system for blog comment trolls is now a running joke across both sides of the Internet. RedState skewers the program here.

Here is Chris Muir’s cartoon from this morning:


Well, so much for enthusiasm in the conservative blogosphere for McCain who prefers “SOCK PUPPETS” to discussion of policy – especially that which may be critical of him.

Didn’t we see the same when McCain “blew Up” at Senator John Cornyn over the illegal alien amnesty bill last May? Not a pretty display of class for McCain.

Guess it is better to be safe than criticized.

Get those points and sock puppets ready or NO SOUP for you.


It PAYS to Comment for John McCain

It PAYS to Comment for John McCain

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Team McCain is now awarding “points” to comment on left and right blogs (via MM). With enough points you may be able to receive your own sock puppet.

Note that Flap is NOT on the list.

But, there is more:

Rogers sends over word that the points system will be larger than mere competing to see who can post the most pro-McCain comments.

“[It] will help our supporters track and compete against one another for reaching out and making phone calls, sending letters to the editor, signing up friends and other campaign activities,” he says.

Wow, Flap thought it was the earnest fervor of supporters of McCain and the GOP that would drive the campaign.

Wonder who the brain donor was who dreamed up this scheme?