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President 2012 GOP Poll Watch: Newt Gingrich Leading in Iowa and South Carolina – Closing the Gap in New Hampshire

I wonder if Mitt Romney’s campaign may be a little interested in today’s polling?

I would say yes.

In South Carolina:

In Iowa:

  • Insider Advantage: Gingrich 28% Vs. Paul 13% Vs. Romney 12% Vs. Cain 10% Vs. Bachmann 10% Vs. Perry 7%
  • We Ask America: Gingrich 29% Vs. Romney 13% Vs. Bachmann 13% Vs. Paul 11% Vs. Cain 7% Vs. Perry 5%

In New Hampshire:

With Herman Cain’s latest bimbo eruption, he is really done and I suspect Newt Gingrich will pick up more of Cain’s anti-Romney supporters.

My question is: when will Romney start the negative ads against Gingrich?