Video: Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman to Chris Matthews – “You’re Completely Uninformed”

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Does anyone wonder why Chris Matthews and MSNBC have such low ratings? If Matthews who once was a speech writer for President Jimmy carter wants to spin to the LEFT at least get the facts straight.

The issue here is whether Wisconsin Governor is rewarding certain unions (the one’s that supported him in the last election) and punishing others that are primarily Democratic Party supporters. The answer IS that not too many unions, even the police and fire ones supported Governor Walker.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews tried Monday to push the liberal media meme that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker exempted police and firefighters from his budget repair plan because their unions endorsed him in last November’s election.

“Well one more time you’re completely uninformed,” replied Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman who then proceeded to tell the facts to the obviously clueless “Hardball” host.

I guess Chris Matthews has an incompetent staff or wait for it…….they are BIASED.

Particularly since Governor Walker was on CBS stating the obvious:

But, if you don’t believe Governor Walker than there is the dfinitive answer – GOOGLE.

Or Politifact:
During the campaign last November, leaders of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association and Milwaukee Police Association appeared in an ad supporting Walker and blasting his opponent, Democrat Tom Barrett. Walker also won endorsements from the West Allis Professional Police Association and the Wisconsin Troopers Association

Walker didn’t get the endorsements of two statewide unions, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, which both backed Barrett.

For the record, the governor told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the charge that he was exempting police and firefighters was “ridiculous.” He said he didn’t recommend changing the rules for police officers and firefighters because he didn’t want public safety work disrupted.

We then contacted the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, the statewide union that endorsed Walker’s opponent last year. Executive director Jim Palmer said the statewide organization is much larger than the local Milwaukee police union that endorsed Walker. The state group has approximately 11,000 members versus Milwaukee’s roughly 1,400, he said.

Similarly, the state firefighters association has more than 3,000, compared with the Milwaukee union’s 875.

Nice try Chris Matthews and MSNBC but your facts smell as does your commentary.

Is Chris Matthew’s “Oh God” Bobby Jindal Crack A Racist Jibe? What About Outsourced?

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Chris Matthews last night on MSNBC

Now, after his “Oh God” crack was revealed, Chris Matthews of MSNBC has issued a clarification:

I was taken aback by that peculiar stagecraft, the walking from somewhere in the back of this narrow hall, this winding staircase looming there, the odd anti-bellum look of the scene. Was this some mimicking of a president walking along the state floor to the East Room?

Antebellum means “pre-Civil War.”

So, is Matthews making a jaded remark related to Jindal’s southern accent, being from a deep southern Confererate state, Jindal is non-white and the fact that he is criticizing the first African-American President?

Take your pick – all of the above.

Ace has more about this “outsourced” comment from this further Matthews commentary on Jindal’s response.

Chris Matthews thinks GOP Outsourced The State of the union response to Indian Bobby Jindal. In every area that was touched on, they had to get an outside guy. They had to outsource the response tonight, the Republican party. They had to outsource it to someone who had nothing to do with Congress because the Republicans in Congress had nothing to do with the programs he was talking about tonight or the record he referred to.

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