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    Poll Watch: 61% Favor State Legislation Shutting Down Businesses Who Chronically Hire Illegal Immigrants

    According to the latest Rasmussen Poll.

    The U.S. Supreme Court late last week upheld the legality of an Arizona law cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants, and most voters support having a similar law in their own state.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 61% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a law in their state that would shut down companies that knowingly and repeatedly hire illegal immigrants. Just 21% oppose such a law, and another 18% are undecided.

    Eighty-two percent (82%) think businesses should be required to use the federal government’s E-Verify system to determine if a potential employee is in the country legally. Twelve percent (12%) disagree and oppose such a requirement.

    Sixty-three percent (63%) of voters also feel that landlords should be required to check and make sure a potential renter is in the country legally before renting them an apartment. Twenty-eight percent (28%) do not believe landlords should be required to make such checks.

    E-Verify and enforcement against businesses who are repeat offenders will end some of the employment magnet.for illegal immigrants, particularly from Mexico. There is no reason why these businesses should be avoiding their burden of complying with immigration law.

    The Congress should immediately require E-verify for all employment, in place of the I-9 requirement. If not, then the states should implement the program and pass laws to more stringently punish employers for repeatedly violating the law.

    Now, whether the states will take it upon themselves to do it, is another matter. I cannot forsee California ever passing such legistation. The agriculture lobby in Sacramento is too strong.

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    Will California Become Another Michigan?

    Dan Walters: Will California become another Michigan?

    Has California’s recession-wracked economy finally bottomed out and begun to recover, albeit slowly?

    Or has California become another Michigan, doomed to a semi-permanent state of economic malaise?

    Gov. Jerry Brown adopts the former version in his revised state budget. He calls it a “modest drawn-out recovery” and cites “positive economic signs” such as a fractionally declining unemployment rate, growth in manufacturing and rising exports from the state.

    But the budget also notes such negative factors as “weak housing markets (and) depressed construction activity,” and Japan’s devastating earthquake. And it says that recovery will be painfully slow, with non-farm employment not reaching pre-recession levels until 2016, nearly a decade after the recession began.

    Yes. A Michigan without any manufacturing, since it has left for other countries or states, is my best guess.

    Which young couple wishes to wait for housing costs to come down to a manageable levels while social welfare costs, including public education and prisons skyrocket because of illegal immigration?

    California may see some slight economic improvement but unless structural budget changes occur and the attitude towards business becomes friendly, California = Michigan.

    The population exodus of educated, productive citizens will only accelerate.

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    Arnold Schwarzenegger and His Love Child Not a New Story

    Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks after accepting an award during the 63rd Israel Independence Day Celebration at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles in this May 10, 2011 photo. Schwarzenegger has acknowledged that he fathered a child more than ten years ago with a member of his household staff, the Los Angeles Times reported on May 17, 2011

    As Mickey Kaus points out this story is NOT really new. Here is a September 2004 piece: Taming the Hydra-Headed Carnivorous Tabloid Beast

    To prove his case, Pecker cites an “Arnold exclusive” that ran in The National Enquirer with the headline “Arnold’s Love Child Scandal.” The Enquirer posted the story on its Web site on October 5, two days before the recall election, and published a heavily revised version in its print edition 14 days after the election. Certainly it was an incendiary story, but because it was posted so close to the election, the mainstream press had little time to follow up the account and confirm it. As a result, the story remained on the margins. Moreover, the Enquirer article cited as its source a story by a reporter named Wendy Leigh that appeared in the British tabloid The Daily Mail, indicating it was a lift-and-clip job.

    The Enquirer story, which was picked up by The Boston Herald, The New York Daily News, and The Drudge Report, claimed that the former bodybuilder had fathered a son with a woman from Orange County. She had worked as a stewardess on his Gulfstream jet for more than a decade. The Daily Mail also mentioned that one of the woman’s two sons has the same unusual name as one of Schwarzenegger’s film characters. The Daily Mail even ran a photo of the 11-year-old boy. The paper published a denial from the woman that Schwarzenegger was the father. (An attorney representing the woman said in October that he would file a libel suit against The Daily Mail in English court, but the paper has yet to receive a letter demanding a retraction or to be sued.)

    Read all of the story about the Tabloids protecting Schwarzeneger in his run for California Governor and their deals for Body Building Magazine endorsements.

    The 2003 Recall Election of Gray Davis has proven to be a disaster in so many ways. It is only now that Californians are seeing the chickens coming home to roost.

    Be prepared for more.

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    Video: California Transportation Department Rejects Veterans Memorial Because of American Flag

    Well, there is a remedy for this Orcutt, California dilemma.

    From the press release:

    SB 443 authored by Sen. Strickland (R-Simi Valley) would authorize the Old Town Orcutt Revitalization Association (OTORA) to plan, construct, and maintain a veterans’ memorial in a park-and-ride lot located in Orcutt, California. No state money will be used to build or maintain the memorial.

    SB 443 passed out of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee on an 8 to 1 vote and is now waiting to be heard in the Senate Appropriations committee.

    But, there should not have to be special legislation for this display.

    Remember the last time California Governor Jerry Brown had control of Caltrans?

    Remember Adrianna Gianturco?

    But, this is simply stupid and reflects the state of California politics today.

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    Day By Day April 19, 2011 – Taxing

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The Super Rich that President Obama and Congressional Democrats wish to surcharge are not stupid. They will move their enterprises/investments offshore where a willing country will tax them less.

    Then, guess what?

    Yes, they will lower the definition of Super Rich and/or add a National Sales Tax or a Value Added Tax. And, keep on spending.

    Tax and spend Liberals – haven’t we heard this failed tune before?


    The Day By Day Archive

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    Video: California GOP to Governor Jerry Brown – Do Your Job

    Jerry Brown campaigned on the promise that he could bring both parties together and make the tough decisions now. Call Jerry and tell him to make the tough decisions now!

    A hard-hitting ad by the California GOP that makes an apt point to California Democrats. Where have you been? Especially since they have had control of the California Legislature for decades and Brown has been around California politics for decades.

    So, Jerry, why not negotiate with the Republicans and do YOUR job?

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    Audio: Americans for Prosperity California Running Radio Ads to Persuade GOP State Senators to Oppose Tax Extension Election

    Americans for Prosperity, California
    start their “Hold Them Accountable” campaign today with airing radio ads targeting GOP State Senators in the Central Valley.

    Specifically, the ads will focus on Senators Tom Berryhill and Anthony Cannella, both Republicans who seem open to supporting the tax hikes. The ads are part of a media and ground campaign to educate and mobilize citizens in opposition to tax increases.

    “Californians are already among the highest taxed citizens in the country,” stated State Director David Spady. “Yet Governor Brown and his legislative cohorts are cooking up a tax hike scheme that will be felt by every hardworking Californian. These legislators have the ability to stop this tax increase from going on the ballot, we expect them to protect taxpayers.”

    “Governor Brown wants to impose the largest tax increase in California history,” explained State Chairman Peter Foy, who voices the radio ads. “As a group that stands up for taxpayers, we will do everything we can to oppose these terrible tax hikes. That includes holding accountable the legislators who may be coerced into raising taxes on their constituents. Someone has to speak for taxpayers, and Americans for Prosperity will do so.”

    Time is running out for a tax extension election this June. Most pundits are now predicting that Governor Jerry Brown will bypass the California Legislature and the 2/3rds vote requirement (requiring GOP participation) and gather signatures for an initiative placing the matter before voters in November. However, the taxes would then no longer be considered tax extensions, but new taxes since the Schwarzenegger era tax increases (that Brown wants to extend) will expire at the end of June.

    So, will these GOP Senators make a deal with Governor Brown?

    Stay tuned……

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    Poll Watch: California Republicans Can Gain Ground with Hispanic Voters If They Become Democrats

    You think I am kidding?

    A statewide survey of California Latino voters released today showed that while this important voting demographic has a somewhat negative view of Republicans, there nevertheless exists an opportunity for Republicans to make inroads into the Latino community. The poll, conducted by veteran GOP pollster Bob Moore with strategic counsel from well-regarded GOP strategist Marty Wilson, surveyed 400 California Latino voters from March 12-14 and has a margin of error of +/- 5 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.

    Here are the specific findings:

    • Latino voters are generally negative about the Republican Party (26 percent favorable/47 percent unfavorable/27 percent no opinion) and widely positive about the Democrat Party (62/22/17).
    • The GOP is not going to win many Latino voters by stressing conservatism; only 22 percent suggest that Republicans should, “stick to core values and nominate true Conservatives.”
    • Philosophically, a third are self-described “Conservatives,” a third are Moderate and a quarter are Liberal.
    • The Arizona immigration law is widely unpopular; only 25 percent approve, while 71 percent disapprove of the law.
    • On the positive side for Republicans, more than seven-in-10 voters will consider a candidate who says, “secure the border first, stop illegal immigration, then find a way to address the status of people already here illegally” (73 percent favorable reaction).
    • Further good news for Republicans is that more than six-in-10 Latino voters are likely to consider voting for a GOP candidate who would “ensure all children had a chance at a first rate education” (69 percent would), who they agreed with on improving the economy and creating jobs (65 percent) and with whom they agree on protecting America from terrorists (63 percent).

    Here is the latest California census map which shows the growth of the California Hispanic population.

    The fact is despite my friend Marty Wilson’s happy moment in this poll. California Republicans as are most of America’s GOP are right of center and are not going to change their political philosophy in order to win elections – even in California. California liberalism with pandering to Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans has created a bankrupt state with major structural problems, like education, high taxes and an unfavorable business climate.

    California Republicans will have to pick their battles and win those seats where voters do not vote their racial or national origin, but vote for candidates on the issues.

    Unfortunately, for the California GOP, California has become a very blue Democratic state like New York and Massachusetts. California will remain so for the foreseeable future, regardless of whatever Hispanic outreach/pandering is pursued by the GOP .

    The entire poll is here (PDF).