CA-Sen Poll Watch: Campbell 32.6% Fiorina 28.2% DeVore 15.3%

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California U.S. Senate candidates Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore

Graphic courtesy of Calbuzz

The latest poll in the California U.S Senate GOP primary was released yesterday afternoon. Yes, I am a little late getting this posted but I was traveling most of yesterday.

The hotly contested race for the Republican nomination in both the U.S. Senate and Attorney General races are tightening up with the primary only three weeks away, the Small Business Action Committee/M4 Strategies Poll found.

In the U.S. Senate contest, Tom Campbell leads with field with 32.6%, with Carly Fiorina close behind at 28.2%, and Chuck DeVore tallying 15.3%. Fiorina has made the biggest movement since the SBAC/M4 Strategies poll in February. At that time, Campbell had a similar 32%, Fiorina was at 18% and DeVore stood at 11%.

The poll conducted on May 12, 13, and 16 of 600 high propensity Republican voters has a margin of error of 4%.

Keeping in mind that this poll was taken prior to Carly Fiorina’s television advertising campaign coupled with Tom Campbell being “off-air” for the coming week. In any case, Carly Fiorina is within striking distance of Tom Campbell (within the margin of error, is surging and Chuck DeVore is far out of the running.

It is time for conservative leaders to insist that Chuck DeVore withdraw from this race. He is not competitive and is drawing votes away from another conservative Carly Fiorina. DeVore is acting as a spoiler and should be true to his conservative values and withdraw after waging “the good fight.” Otherwise, the left-leaning Tom Campbell, a true RINO (Republican In Name Only) or “Barbara Boxer Light” could win a narrow electoral victory.

I understand the California PPIC poll will be released tonight. Should DeVore poll in a distant third place again, you can put a fork in his candidacy – He’s Done.

CA-Sen: Tom Campbell is “Barbara Boxer Light”

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US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina talking with David Brody, Christian broadcast News

This is what Carly Fiorina has called her opponent Tom Campbell and she is correct. Here is the transcript:

Carly Fiorina: “Tom Campbell’s wrong on the issues. He’s wrong first and foremost on the issues of taxes. He is the architect of California’s 2005 budget which created structural deficits for the state for many years to come in good times and in bad. He believes the way to close the California budget is to increase the gasoline tax by 32 cents a gallon. He has voted against tax cuts as a member of Congress. He has votes for sales tax increases, Internet taxes, gasoline taxes going back as far as the late 80’s. This is a guy who is wrong on taxes, he’s wrong on the growth of government and those issues matter tremendously not just to Republican primary voters but to the voters of California.

Carly Fiorina: “I am a fiscal conservative and he is not. Certainly I am a pro-life candidate. He is a pro-choice candidate. In fact if you look at some of his positions, I would characterize him as Barbara Boxer light only he wouldn’t have the seniority and he wouldn’t have the power.”

Carly should have just called Tom Campbell a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and be done with it. There will be little difference between Boxer and Campbell if he is nominated to face off with Babs in November.

CA-Sen: Tom Campbell Out of Money?

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tomcampbell CA-Sen: Tom Campbell Has Raised $516K for Senate  Primary Race

Former Congressman Tom Campbell and U.S. Senate candidate

Well, Tom Campbell has cancelled all television and radio ad buys for this week.
Ex-Rep. Tom Campbell (R) is cutting back on TV advertising, switching strategies as some opponents wonder whether Campbell’s surprisingly strong campaign is running low on funds.

Campbell will not be on TV this coming week. And he has cut his ad buys for the final 2 weeks of the campaign significantly, according to sources who watch campaign ad spending; data shows Campbell has purchased $286K in ads over the last 2 weeks, less than the $393K he had previously reserved.

Instead, Campbell’s campaign will send an oversized mailer to 1.1M voters this week, according to his campaign.

From the Carly Fiorina campaign via e-mail:

Over here at Team Carly, while we are watching our ads on the airwaves increase in frequency, reports over the last couple of days confirm that Tom Campbell has canceled his television AND his radio time – all of it – for this week.
The Campbell camp is exhaling a lot of hot air as they struggle to come up with any good reason for why, but we sure have been amused by the excuses so far:

1.     Campbell is going to move numbers with that larger-than-life photo of himself that he’s mailing Republicans. Newsflash, we too are sending mail to Republicans statewide…and it may or may not include a photo of Tom as well.

2.     TV won’t break through because of the Steve-Meg slugfest. True, Tom’s less than $100,000 buy for this week really would not have been competition for Steve and Meg.

3.     They are husbanding resources for an ad blitz in the final few weeks. Could be, but it seems if that were true, they would have reserved more than $200,000 in time over the final two weeks of the primary campaign.

4.     They are ahead and are therefore holding resources for the general. Sounds like a bold move when more than one-third of voters are undecided in the primary.

5.     Carly has bought $2.2 million in TV and has not moved in the polls. First, the majority of our ad buy has yet to air and more importantly, the polling out there on the primary race does not account for the time we have been on the air. But nice try on that one, Team Campbell.

6.     And finally, my personal favorite: Tom is ahead in the polls so they don’t need to spend as much on TV. We really hope they believe their own spin there – because if they do, they certainly are not looking at the same polling we are!
Let’s be honest here. Tom would be on TV and radio if he had the money.
And, while Tom keeps inventing excuses, Carly keeps getting more endorsements. Today, she is in Orange County (in AD 70 to be precise) picking up the endorsements of a slew of local elected officials and prominent business organizations including Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell, the Orange County Business Council and the Hispanic 100. She has a full public schedule the remainder of the week. Meanwhile, our statewide network of volunteers made thousands of calls to Republican voters over the weekend and will be phone banking daily between now and June 8.

Even the LEFT is able to put 2 and 2 together:

Campbell’s advisors are trying to spin this as a super-sneaky strategy to conserve funds, banking on the fact that California’s two billionaire Republican gubernatorial candidates, Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner, will crowd everyone out on television anyway. And maybe there’s a little truth to that. But far more likely is the fact that Campbell has run out of money. He’s never been a good fundraiser, having been chased out of the Governor’s race for just that reason…

I surmise that Tom Campbell is running on empty and is saving whatever resources he has left to guard against a negative barrage from Carly Fiorina.

And, it will more than likely come and very soon.

CA-Sen: Latest Rasmussen Poll Continues to Show Senator Barbara Boxer in Trouble

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Carly Fiorina Vs. Barbara Boxer

The latest Rasmussen poll is out and there is little change. California United States Senator Barbara Boxer continues to be in re-election trouble.

5/12/10; 500 likely voters, 4.5% margin of error
Mode: Automated phone
(Rasmussen release)


2010 Senate
45% Boxer, 38% Fiorina (chart)
46% Boxer, 40% DeVore (chart)
42% Boxer, 41% Campbell (chart)

Favorable / Unfavorable
Barbara Boxer: 47 / 49 (chart)
Carly Fiorina: 38 / 39
Chuck DeVore: 35 / 33
Tom Campbell: 39 / 35

I have highlighted in bold above the margin of error in which all of the GOP candidate are within. Let’s look at the other candidate’s charts:

First DeVore:

Now, Tom Campbell:

The campaigns and some pundits have been trying to spin this poll result as a “surge” for Chuck DeVore.

Not so.

Look at the poll trends above and only Carly Fiorina has an upward graph trend. But, all of the results are within the margin of error anyway.

The only conclusion to be drawn here is that Senator Barbara Boxer is in trouble.

CA-Sen Poll Watch: Campbell 35% Fiorina 24% DeVore 15% Undecided 23%

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California U.S. Senate candidates Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore

Graphic courtesy of Calbuzz

The latest California U.S. Senate poll is out and it shows little movement with California early voting starting today, absentee ballots in the mail and the election in four weeks.

The GOP battle to face incumbent US Senator Democrat Barbara Boxer in November remains essentially unchanged. Today, former Congressman Tom Campbell defeats former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, 35% to 24%. State assembly member Chuck DeVore gets 15%. Limited movement since SurveyUSA’s previous poll. 23% are undecided: Among men, Campbell had led by 8 points, now leads by 12; among women, Campbell had led by 5, now 10. DeVore is up 5 points among voters age 18 to 49, Campbell is down 5, Fiorina is down 10. Among voters age 50+, Campbell is up 6. In California’s Inland Empire, Fiorina had led by 6 points, now trails by 5. Campbell’s lead in the Bay Area is now smaller, but his lead in greater Los Angeles is now larger.

The margin of error for the poll is 4.3% and with 23 per cent undecided, it is anyone’s race.

With Carly Fiorina in the “finally” phase of her campaign and now “on air” with a statewide television campaign, she is hoping to pull away from the pack.

Stay tuned……..

CA-Sen: Chuck DeVore Preparing to Run for Irvine City Council?

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Termed out California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore

Apparently the word is out on the street – Chuck DeVore is throwing in the towel and looking forward to his next race – Irvine Mayor or City Council.
I attended the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s breakfast with the Mayor event last Friday.  I ran into a number of Irvine community leaders and more than a few of them asked me what I knew about Chuck DeVore running for city council or running for Mayor when he loses the Republican primary for US Senate in a few months like the decision was a done deal.  While the office is a step down for Chuck’s lofty asiprations of being elected to statewide or federal office representing California, he’ll be termed out in the Assembly and will need a job to continue a political platform to run for something else — governeror, Lt. governor, or some other statewide office.

This appears consistent with the polling in this race, plus political chatter and the fact that his Direcor of Communications, Joshua Trevino, was AWOL from the California Republican Convention earlier in March (presumably job hunting at SXSW).

But, Chuck may have a problem with running again for any position. He must successful defend the charge he misused his State of California staff for his U.S. Senate campaign.

Good luck with that……..

How will this revelation affect the Republican U.S. Senate Primary election in June?

Well, voters can focus on the fact that Chuck Devore IS just another scum-sucking politician running from office to office. And, conservatives, will realize that DeVore has never been serious about this campaign, will turn away and vote for Carly Fiorina since Tom Campbell has always been a left-leaning RINO.