Rep. Elton Gallegly: Our Friends in Israel Deserve Better

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Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-Camarillo) and Romanian Minister of Defense Ioan Micrea Pascu

My Congressman, Elton Gallegly has criticized President Obama regarding his recent comments about Israeli Priminister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Sometimes an overheard comment sheds some light on the truth. That certainly was the case at the G-20 economic meeting in France recently when French President Sarkozy and President Obama discussed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I cannot stand him. He is a liar,” Sarkozy said of Netanyahu. In apparent agreement, Obama replied, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day.”

While the French and American presidents have previously and repeatedly voiced their strong support and friendship for Israel while in public, their candid comments, which they thought were private, make you wonder about their own veracity, if not their hypocrisy.

The Sarkozy and Obama comments also make you wonder: If they don’t like working with Israel’s prime minister, which world leaders do they like? The Palestinian’s Abbas? Russia’s Putin? Syria’s Assad? Or Iran’s Ahmadinejad? Do Sarkozy and Obama think these leaders are more honest than Benjamin Netanyahu, who won his office in a fair and open democratic election?

Gallegly has a point, no?

CA-26: Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett to Announce Candidacy for Congress

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Today, Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett, a former Ojai High School teacher and administrator will announce he will run for Congress next year. The Ventura County Star has the full story.

Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett has scheduled a speech at Patagonia headquarters at noon today at which he is expected to announce he will be a candidate for Congress next year.

Bennett, a Democrat, is scheduled to speak with employees of the renowned Ventura-based outdoor gear company, and sources close to the supervisor said this morning he will make his announcement at that time.

The announcement will end months of intense speculation as Bennett, who will be forced to end his service on the Board of Supervisors, has weighed the pros and cons of staking his political future on a run for the new 26th Congressional District seat.

He will join Moorpark City Councilman David Pollock and Westlake Village businessman David Cruz Thayne as announced Democratic candidates in the race, which is expected to be highly competitive and attract national attention as one of the nation’s key congressional battlegrounds in 2012.

No Republican has yet announced, as potential candidates await an announcement from Rep. Elton Gallegly of Simi Valley as to whether he will choose to seek a 14th term by running in that district.

Bennett will likely face off against either incumbent GOP Rep. Elton Gallegly or GOP California State Senator Tony Strickland.

My bet, although it is not the conventional wisdom, is that Gallegly will be running against Bennett come November 2012.

Here are the demographics of the 26th Congressional District:

And, how the CD performed:

This race may very well be a key national battleground with a very competitive Congressional District. I look for an expensive campaign easily into the $ millions.

CA-25: Rep. Elton Gallegly to Face Off Against Rep. Buck McKeon?

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California Congressional District 25

As you recall, my GOP Congressman Elton Gallegly from Simi Valley was redistricted out of his current Congressional District 24 with the new census and by the work of the California Citizen’s Redistricting Commission.

The CD boundaries exclude his home in Simi Valley which game the long time Representative options:

Apparently, Elton has decided to run in CD-25 and run against a fellow Republican incumbent Congressman.

The Antelope Valley Press last week reported last week that Congressman Elton Gallegly is either planning on retiring or running in CD25 against fellow Republican Buck McKeon. “‘As near as I can pin him, down, he’s running against me,’ said McKeon, who said he met with Gallegly last week.” This is consistent with what I’m hearing from locals as Gallegly isn’t sold on running in the Ventura’s CD26.

This opens CD26 up for Republican candidates that have held back awaiting Gallegly’s decision. The most likely serious candidate is State Senator Tony Strickland.

Here is the poop on CA-25:

And, the demographics:

It may very well be that Elton Gallegly would prefer to run against McKeon and if he wins represent a district where he lives, rather than a Ventura County seat. Maybe he has done polling and feels it will be an easier campaign. Frankly, I think Elton would have an easy time winning in CA-26.

In any case, California State Senator Tony Strickland must be jumping for joy, since he will be the likely favorite in CA-26. But, CA-26 is a swing district and Strickland is not a sure bet. He will have to work to win – as will Gallegly against McKeon.

CA-24: Rep Elton Gallegly Third Quarter Fundraising Report Reveals $800K Cash on Hand

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California Congressional District 24

Third quarter fundraising reports are out and Rep. Elton Gallegly, my Congressman, reports over $823 K cash on hand.
  • Contributions: $229,221
  • Expenditures: $157,407
  • Cash on Hand: $823,988
  • Debt: $0

Here are possible candidates, who may indeed challenge the long-time Republican incumbent.

  • Steve Bennett – Ventura County Supervisor (D), Ventura
  • Richard Francis – Former Ventura City Councilman (D)
  • David Pollock – Moorpark City councilman (D)
  • David Cruz Thayne – Westlake Village Businessman, tennis coach

Here is the poop on the district:

Gallegly saw his home drawn into Buck McKeon’s district, but he has represented Ventura County for years. With the additional of Democratic coastal communities in Ventura County added to this district and a resurgence of Democrats in the county this district is very competitive. Gallegly has been rumored to be retiring and this district may just push him over the edge. Democrats have 6-point registration advantage, Obama won this district by 16-points, but Brown lost it by 1-point. GOP state Senator Tony Strickland is looking at running here, though the district is competitive, there are no term limits.

With this fundraising activity, Gallegly is not laying down or looking like a retirement is imminent. He is active in GOP circles in the district and is home most weekends. Elton would either have to live just outside the district or move a few miles to be within the CA-24 borders.

However, he is widely know throughout Ventura County, having represented most of the CA-24 for decades.

I look for Elton to run for re-election, barring any health problems. If he doesn’t, look for California State Senator Tony Strickland to enter the race.

Ventura County Star Poll: Should Rep. Elton Gallegly Retire? The Results = NO

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I guess the poll is over or the Ventura County Star took the poll offline, but it is now down off of their main page. Remember I first mentioned the poll earlier this morning.

Can the results be any more clear?

The answer to the question as to whether Rep. Elton Gallegly should retire is NO: 54% No Vs. 36% Yes.

Now, it is not a huge sample and unscientific as well, but as the reader can see there is no groundswell to get rid of the long-time GOP Congressman.

Here is the poll as it appeared this morning on the Ventura County Star home page:

Ventura County Star Poll: Should Rep. Elton Gallegly Retire? Vote NO

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Flap’s old Congressional District CA-24 and the new one CA-26

There has been speculation that Rep. Elton Gallegly (R- Simi Valley), my Congressman, would retire rather than run in the new Ventura County centric CA-26. I shot down the speculation here.

Today, the Ventura County Star is trying to embarrass the Congressman by asking the question as to whether he should retire or not. The poll is here on their main page about half way down.

Go here
and vote AND vote NO!