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troopergate report exonerates Sarah Palin

Timothy Petumenos, an independent investigator hired by the Alaska Personnel Board, address the board in Anchorage, Alaska today, after they announced the release of the report detailing whether Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power by firing her public safety commissioner.

A new report released today has cleared Alaska Governor and Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin in the flap commonly referred to as Troopergate.

The state Personnel Board-sanctioned investigation is the second into whether Palin violated state ethics law in firing her public safety commissioner, and it contradicts the earlier findings by a special counsel hired by the state Legislature.

Both investigations found that Palin was within her rights to fire Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan.

But the new report says the Legislature’s investigator was wrong to conclude that Palin abused her power by allowing aides and her husband, Todd, to pressure Monegan and others to dismiss her ex-brother-in-law, Trooper Mike Wooten. Palin was accused of firing Monegan after Wooten stayed on the job.

The Palins have argued that Wooten was a loose cannon who had tasered his stepson, drank beer in his patrol car, and threatened Palin’s father, and that their complaints that he shouldn’t be on the force were justified.

The Troopergate matter became sharply politicized after Palin was announced as Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate in Tuesday’s election.

The report, released at a Monday afternoon press conference at the Hotel Captain Cook, presents the findings and recommendations of Anchorage lawyer Timothy Petumenos, hired as independent counsel for the Personnel Board to examine several complaints against Palin.


Summary of Public Findings and Recommendations:

  1. There is no probable cause to believe that Governor Palin violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act by making the decision to dismiss Department of Public Safety Commissioner Monegan and offering him instead the position of Director of the Alaska Beverage Control Board.
  2. There is no probable cause to believe that Governor Palin violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in any other respect in connection with the employment of Alaska State Trooper Michael Wooten.
  3. There is no basis upon which to refer the conduct of Governor Palin to any law enforcement agency in connection with this matter because Governor Palin did not commit the offenses of Interference with Official Proceedings or Official Misconduct.
  4. There is no probable cause to believe that any other official of state government violated any substantive provision of the Ethics Act.
  5. There is no legal basis or jurisdiction for conducting a “Due Process Hearing to Address Reputational Harm” as requested by former Commissioner Walter Monegan.
  6. The Amended Complaint by the PSEA should be dismissed.
  7. Independent Counsel recommends that the appropriate agency of State government address the issue of the private use of e-mails for government work and revisit the record retention policies of the Governor’s Office.
  • These findings differ from those of the Branchflower Report because Independent Counsel has concluded the wrong statute was used as a basis for the conclusions contained in the Branchflower Report, the Branchflower report misconstrued the available evidence and did not consider or obtain all of the material evidence that is required to properly reach findings.

Will this be the end of Troopergate?

Obviously, the Alaska Legislature may weigh into the flap when they convene in January but for now the issue appears moribund.

But, stay tuned…….


Sarah Palin on Troopergate

Alaska Legislative Report: Sarah Palin ABUSED Authority in Firing of Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan

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Republican California State Senate candidate and former California Assemblyman Tony Strickland waving to early morning commuters in Camraillo, California, August 13, 2008

Voters in Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties should cast their ballot tomorrow for former California Assemblyman Tony Strickland  in the California State Senate District 19 race.

From the Santa Barbara News-Press, Santa Barbara’s largest newspaper:

The right choice to represent the state Senate’s 19th District couldn’t be more clear.

Do you want a candidate known for extreme partisan politics — one who’s distorted her resume, alienated many Santa Barbarans and plotted to hold the state’s budget hostage for political gain?

Or do you want a stable hand in Sacramento during this time of economic uncertainty?

As Senate candidate Tony Strickland has noted:

“Our financial markets are unstable and our economy is in shambles. Californians are frustrated, suspicious and angry because they feel deceived by partisan politicians who offer no solutions. They are worried about losing their retirement savings, the equity they have in their homes and, in some cases, their jobs.”

We have faith that Mr. Strickland will do his best to hold the line against tax hikes and fee increases that your family can’t afford. Too many state lawmakers are out of touch with the challenges facing California households. Their way of dealing with the state’s budget problem consists of either trying to find new ways to take money from you, or papering it over and pushing it off to future generations.
Mr. Strickland says, “Let me fight for you.”

If one looks at the record of his opponent, her motto might as well be “let me fight against you.”

Vote for Tony Strickland on Nov. 4.

Flap concurs and asks his colleagues, friends and neighbors to vote for Tony Strickland.

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The final Survey USA poll conducted over the past few days (October 29 – 31, 2008) has the measure in a dead-heat – “could go either way.”

Here are the polling results:


Flap remembers last Thursday’s blogger conference call.

So, the race is DEAD EVEN on both ways of counting which is a good position the Yes campaign feels to be in.

Frank Schubert:”If we are tied on Monday night then Yes on 8 will win by 4-8 points.”


For a couple of reasons:

  1. The history of polling on this issue suggests there is a percentage of people who do not accurately report they support traditional marriage. They do not want to say something that may be perceived as not politically correct. Historically, that polling percentage has averaged about 7 % if you look at all of the states where marriage has been on the ballot. “I don’t think it will be 7 per cent this time, more like 4 or 5 per cent bump that we will get…”
  2. Another reason why if Yes is tied or behind by a couple of points on Monday night is the ground operation that the Yes on 8 campaign has. We have a truly Presidential GOTV operation (Get Out The Vote). There are over 100,000 people who have committed to walk door to door to distribute targeted literature and doorknob hangers throughout the weekend and Monday and on Monday we will have as many as 5 people per precinct working to get the vote out – both going door to door or phoning voters who either have not voted or will be voting. This is a GOTV effort that has never been done in California before for a proposition.

Flap believes the ground operation (GOTV) for the Yes on 8 campaign is superior to any recent California campaign. For this reason alone, Flap sees a win for Yes on 8.

But, stay tuned. This race may go down to the counting of ballots well into Wednesday or even Thursday.

Yes, the race will be THAT close.

The door hanger on Flap’s door, Saturday morning:


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And, the winner tomorrow hopes to reconcile the country?

Watch the video:

All Flap can say is WOW! 

Real mature, Barry.

Ace reminds us “The PISSANT ONE” did the same to Hillary Clinton.

Update #2

Here is a longer version of the last video. Note Obama’s smile as the crowd laughs.

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