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    NRCC Mocks Democrats Over Trillion Dollar Coin

    Trillion dollar coin

    The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) wants to remind Americans that the government spending is the problem.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee will announce an online petition today urging House Democrats to say they don’t think a $1 trillion coin should be minted to pay down the debt. It’s an attempt to get some earned media ahead of the debt ceiling fight and center the conversation on the deficit. Seven Democrats will be targeted with customized releases (photos of their faces on $1 trillion coins), including Jim Matheson (UT-04), Mike McIntyre (NC-07), Collin Peterson (MN-07), Tim Walz (MN-01), Jerrold Nadler (NY-10) and Nick Rahall (WV-03).

    The website is here.

    Check it out and sign the petition.

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    GOP Ad Ties Democrat Rep. John Garamendi to Obama and a Bankrupt Solyndra

    John Garamendi supported President Obama’s failed stimulus, which took bets with taxpayer money and recently lost $535 million on the Solyndra scandal.

    California Democrat Rep. John Garmaendi has a Solyndra problem and the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) is calling him and President Obama out.

    The National Republican Congressional Committee is sending an early signal that it intends to compete in California in 2012.

    The committee is launching an ad Thursday against Rep. John Garamendi, a Democrat serving his first full term and running in the redrawn, Sacramento-area 3rd district. His district got considerably more competitive in the state’s independent redistricting process, and he was outraised by his Republican opponent in the third quarter.

    The 60-second ad, which launches Thursday and will run on cable for two weeks, ties Garamendi to President Barack Obama and his support for Solyndra, a California-based solar power company that went bankrupt after receiving a $535 million federal loan guarantee.

    “John Garamendi supported the Obama policy that loaned Solyndra money,” the announcer says in the ad. “Garamendi backed Obama’s failed stimulus economic policy. John Garamendi and President Obama are making our economy worse.”

    Garamendi’s top GOP opponent is Colusa County Supervisor Kim Dolbow Vann, who raised $125,000 in the third quarter and had nearly all of that left in the bank at the end of September. Garamendi raised just $93,000 and had $113,000 in cash on hand.

    The district is one of six potential California targets for the NRCC. Democrats are still expected to gain seats in the state next year, but how many will depend on whether the GOP can pick up some of the more competitive districts such as the 3rd.

    It should be an interesting Congressional election season with the new Congressional districts drawn by a citizen’s commission. Also, the top two vote getters in the June primary election, then move on to the general election in the Fall.

    Obviously, the NRCC views Garamendi, a long-time Democratic POL in California, as vulnerable.

    And, he may very well be, especially of voter turn out for President Obama is low.

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    House 2012: National Republican Congressional Committee Has Twice as Much Cash as the Democrats

    Well, the GOP did retake the House last year (see graphic above) – so, you would expect good fundraising from the special interests.

    In the battle for control of the House of Representatives, the National Republican Congressional Committee has twice as much money in the bank as its Democratic counterpart.

    The NRCC revealed late Monday that the party committee has $10.6 million cash on hand as of June 1, double the $5.3 million the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reported having in the bank as of the end of last month.

    The NRCC reported raising $4.6 million in May and a debt of $7 million. The DCCC brought in $3.8 million last month, with a debt of $6.6 million. The NRCC points out that they have raised $26.8 million so far this year, nearly double what they raised in the first half of 2009.

    The Democrats will need to win 24 seats to regain the majority in the House. But, with Rahm Emanuel gone (elected Mayor of Chicago) and moderate Democrats having been largely replaced by Republicans (those recruited by Emanuel) the Democrats will be hard pressed to win back the House in 2012.

    The money gap will make it even more difficult and unlikely.

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    House Democrats Vote for The Airport for No One


    From the National Republican Congressional Committee – Book Your Flight Today

    Here it comes!

    While Californians are struggling with high unemployment and home foreclosures, the House Democrats have voted to spend government tax money to build an airport in Pennsylvania that an average 20 people use a day.

    It is an airport for no one.

    Except Congressman John Murtha.

    Eight House Democrats voted for this boondoggle and will be targeted by the National Republican Congressional Committee today in radio ads to be aired in their districts.

    The lawmakers are Larry Kissell of North Carolina, Harry Teague of New Mexico, Kurt Schrader of Oregon, Michael Arcuri of New York, Carol Shea Porter of New Hampshire, Vic Snyder of Arkansas, Mark Schauer of Michigan, and Stephanie Herseth of South Dakota

    The version running against Kurt Schrader can be heard here. The core of the message is:

    “Kurt Schrader voted for Nancy Pelosi’s wasteful $787 billion spending plan. Schrader’s been voting with Pelosi 97 percent of the time. It’s unbridled power, with no accountability. ABC News says $800,000 went to repave for a runway at a Pennsylvania airport that only has three flights a day. It’s the airport for no one. The airport averages just 20 passengers a day — but one of those customers happens to be a powerful Democratic Congressman, John Murtha. Coincidence? You decide.”

    The stories of wasteful government spending are only beginning to surface. The earmarks, the special deals, the favoritism all in the name of economic stimulus.

    What a waste……

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    National Republican Congressional Committee Targets 43 House Democrats

    Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) Delivers Weekly Republican Address

    The GOP House offense begins today.

    The NRCC will launch a recess ad offensive today, hitting Democrats in 43 districts for helping to “rubber stamp” spending bills for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), reports Roll Call.

    Most of those 43 Democrats will be the target of robocalls flooding into their districts later this week, but nine Democrats will begin hearing NRCC radio ads in their district starting today.

    About damn time….

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    Day By Day by Chris Muir June 24, 2008


    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    Sadly ironic, isn’t it, that the party which touts fiscal responsibility and reduced government spending was ripped off by a former employee to the tune of $750K.

    As in 2006, the GOP will have plenty of hypocrisy to run against as well as an angry Democrat Party.

    Flap will be taking off to the John McCain – Arnold Schwarzenegger confab up in Santa Barbara.

    You can follow Flap on Twitter in the right sidebar ———>

    and see Flap’s photos from the event in his Flickr photostream.


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    Day By Day by Chris Muir May 20, 2008

    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    If the National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (NRCC) wishes to CONTAIN their losses this November they must aggressively produce and campaign on a national agenda. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich the architect of the Contract with America and who successfully won GOP control of the House has produced one such plan.

    The NRCC has two choices:

    • FIGHT

    Which will it be?


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    Day By Day by Chris Muir May 18, 2008


    Day By Day by Chris Muir

    The track record of the National Republican Congressional Committee has been horrible. Some pundits blame President Bush. Some, including California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger blame the GOP brand and the RIGHT.

    Newt Gingrich has it RIGHT.

    John McCain’s shift and pandering to the LEFT will NOT help the GOP this fall. Perhaps a “Bob Dole” type loss to Barack Obama in November will re-vitalize the GOP as Ford’s loss to Jimmy Carter – giving us Ronald Reagan four years later.


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    Newt Gingrich Watch: A Change Election or Else


    Former GOP Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sounds the warning for the Fall elections: My Plea to Republicans: It’s Time for Real Change to Avoid Real Disaster

    Key graphs:

    • Two GOP Losses That Validate a National Pattern
    • Congressional Republicans Can’t Take Comfort in McCain’s Poll Numbers
    • The Anti-Obama, Anti-Wright, and Anti-Clinton GOP Model Has Been Tested — And It Failed
    • Republicans Have Lost the Advantage on Every Single-Issue Poll
    • House Republicans Should Call an Emergency, Members-Only Conference
    • Nine Acts of Real Change That Could Restore the GOP Brand

    1. Repeal the gas tax for the summer, and pay for the repeal by cutting domestic discretionary spending

    2. Redirect the oil being put into the national petroleum reserve onto the open market.

    3. Introduce a “more energy at lower cost with less environmental damage and greater national security bill” as a replacement for the Warner-Lieberman “tax and trade” bill

    4. Establish an earmark moratorium for one year and pledge to uphold the presidential veto of bills with earmarks through the end of 2009

    5. Overhaul the census and cut its budget radically

    6. Implement a space-based, GPS-style air traffic control system

    7. Declare English the official language of government

    8. Protect the workers’ right to a secret ballot

    9. Remind Americans that judges matter

    Flap agrees with Newt on most issues but change has to come from the GOP leadership in a post-Bush world. GOP activists are demoralized and are losing voters because of theirlack of policy initiatives.

    Certainly, Newt’s program for change is a start but the GOP must kick-start their asses into action or they will suffer catastrophic electoral losses in November.

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    GOP Using Obama to Win Congressional Seats


    Fox News profiled the upcoming special election in MS-01 in which Democrat Travis Childers tries to deny being endorsed by ultra-liberal Barack Obama after receiving his endorsement and receiving support from Obama supporters. The segment shows just how volatile Barack Obama will be in numerous districts nationwide.

    Of course, the GOP is going to use the Jeremiah Wright – Barack Obama flap for partisan advantage and why not?

    Turns out Louisiana and Mississippi weren’t quite finished with the Democratic presidential campaign.

    Sen. Barack Obama won each state’s primary earlier this year. But these days his face still appears in television ads in both states, this time from Republicans trying to turn him into a liability for Democrats in two looming special elections for long-held Republican seats.

    Democratic victories would be a serious setback for Republicans. But it also would go a long way to reassure nervous Democrats, particularly undecided superdelegates, that Obama would not present a hardship to House or Senate candidates running in tough races.

    It will be difficult to extrapolate Congressional victories on whether Obama or Hillary would fare better against McCain in the Fall because of the local nature of Congressional race politics. But, whoever wins will claim the mantle with Superdelegates – provided Hilary can win Indiana on Tuesday, May 6th.

    But, the GOP running ads against down-ticket office holders this early is unique. But, they are special elections……and the Louisiana seat has been in GOP hands for 32 years.

    Here is an ad from Louisiana – the election is tomorrow:


    Stay tuned……