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Happy Reading!

The Bain Consulting portion is very damning of Mitt Romney.


Romney Used Drexel Burnham Junk Bonds To Finance 1988 Leveraged Buyout, Right Around The Time SEC Officials Were Taking Formal Action Against The Company

Bain Capital Financed Mid-1988 Deal With Junk Bonds Issued By Drexel Burnham And Notorious Financier Michael Milken.

“Sometimes, when Bain Capital was looking to make a deal, the bulk of the money came not from its investors but from other sources, such as junk bonds. In 1988, for instance, Bain Capital decided to buy two Texas department store chains, Bealls and Palais Royale, in a deal valued at $300 million. To fund the purchase, Bain sought out Drexel Burnham corporate financiers, based in Boston, who were working under junk bond impresario Michael Milken. Romney and the Bain Capital partner who oversaw the deal, Joshua Bekenstein, said they never dealt with Milken.”
(Mitchell Zuckoff and Ben Bradlee Jr., “Romney’s Business Record Gives LargerPicture,” The Boston Globe , 8/8/94)
Two Months After Hiring Drexel, The SEC Filed Extensive Complaint Alleging Insider Trading And MarketManipulation – Romney Defended The Decision To Keep Using Drexel In Transaction.

“On Sept. 7, 1988 -roughly two months after Bain Capital hired Drexel to issue junk bonds – the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a 184-page complaint against Drexel, Milken and others alleging insider trading schemes,manipulation of stock prices and other violations of federal securities laws. Bain Capital was put in the position of trying to close a deal with junk bonds from a company being sued by the SEC. Romney and Bekenstein defended their decision to hire Drexel before the SEC suit – at a time when rumors of the investigation were rife on Wall Street – as well as after the suit was filed.”
(Mitchell Zuckoff and Ben Bradlee Jr., “Romney’s Business Record Gives LargerPicture,” The Boston Globe, 8/8/94)

And, here I thought McCain endorsed Romney – a funny game politics.


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Political graphic from Electoral-Vote.Com

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois was elected 44th President of the United States in yesterday’s election. For complete state by state election results go over to Electoral-Vote.Com and place your cursor on each state.

Democrat state pickups from the 2004 Presidential election are:

  • Colorado 53-45 (Obama-McCain)
  • Florida 51-49
  • Indiana 50-49
  • Nevada 56-42
  • New Mexico 57-42
  • North Carolina 50-49
  • Ohio 51-48
  • Virginia 52-48

The final Electoral College Vote will be: Obama 364 – McCain 163  – Missouri’s 11 EV’s undecided

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Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the You Tube debate last year

Think that Hillary Clinton might be Barack Obama’s choice for Vice President, especially since John McCain has made a resurgence in the polls?

Think again.

And, what about the money? You know, Barack paying off Hillary’s campaign debts?

There is also continued grousing within Mrs. Clinton’s circle that Mr. Obama is not doing more to help her pay off her debt, and continued grousing within Mr. Obama’s circle that Mrs. Clinton expects him to do much to help her repay her debt.

Barack Obama is going his own way on the Vice President choice. Good news for John McCain, Hillary Clinton and the GOP.

Look for Hillary Clinton to continually undermine Obama with Clinton Cabal “LEAKS” such as this.

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Michael Ramirez on Barack Obama’s trip to the Middle East and Europe

John McCain today in Denver, Colorado rejected Barack Obama’s “AUDACITY OF HOPELESSNESS” for Iraq.

McCain is RIGHT but the war is unpopular and Americans after five years in the Middle East are fatigued with war. Flap doubts that anyone is listening to Obama or McCain at this point about the Iraq War or care one iota about the war on terror in Afghanistan.

Run of the mill voters are more concerned about the economy (meaning their jobs) and the price of gas.

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The poll shows this campaign is about Barack Obama, not John McCain, Gerald F. Seib reports

John McCain, who according to conventional wisdom is doing poorly in his Presidential race with Barack Obama is hanging in there with American voters.

Those findings suggest voters’ views of Sen. Obama are more fluid than his relatively steady lead indicates. In the latest poll, 47% say they prefer Sen. Obama to win, while 41% say Sen. McCain, the same lead Sen. Obama enjoyed a month ago. The margin of error is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

The campaign’s unusual dynamic appears to be the result of an anxious nation now sizing up an unconventional candidate who presents himself as the agent for change, which voters say they want. The contest thus parallels in some ways the 1980 race, when voters seemed ready for a change away from Jimmy Carter and the Democrats, but weren’t persuaded until late in the race that they could be comfortable with a former actor and unabashed conservative, Ronald Reagan, as commander in chief.

Flap remembers Peggy Noonan writing a piece some weeks ago and saying that Americans will make up their mind at the last minute as to whether to trust Obama or not.

The campaign will grind along until a series of sharp moments. Maybe they will come in the debates. Things will move along, Mr. Obama in the lead. And then, just a few weeks out from the election, something will happen: America will look up and see the inevitability of Mr. Obama, that Mr. Obama has already been “elected,” in a way, and America will say, Hey, wait a second, are we sure we want that? And it will tighten indeed.

The polls certainly reflect her observations. In the latest battleground state polls, McCain has indeed made up some ground.

  • COLORADO: McCain 46% – Obama 44%
  • MICHIGAN: Obama 46% – McCain 42%
  • MINNESOTA: Obama 46% – McCain 44%
  • WISCONSIN: Obama 50% McCain 39%

In June’s poll, Obama lead in all four states

  • COLORADO: Obama 49% – McCain 44%
  • MICHIGAN: Obama 48% – McCain 42%
  • MINNESOTA: Obama 54% – McCain 37%
  • WISCONSIN: Obama 52% – McCain 39%

The MSM is aghast with Obamamania. But, this race is not over – YET.

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