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President 2012 Oregon GOP Poll Watch: Without Sarah Palin in the Race Michele Bachmann Leads in Oregon

According to the latest PPP Poll.

GOP Primary election with Sarah Palin as a candidate:

  • Mitt  Romney – 28%
  • Michele Bachmann – 18%
  • Sarah Palin – 16%
  • Ron Paul – 9%
  • Herman Cain – 8%
  • Tim Pawlenty – 6%
  • Newt Gingrich – 6%
  • Jon Huntsman – 0%

GOP Primary election without Sarah Palin as a candidate:

  • Mitt  Romney – 28%
  • Michele Bachmann – 29%
  • Ron Paul – 10%
  • Herman Cain – 7%
  • Tim Pawlenty – 6%
  • Newt Gingrich – 9%
  • Jon Huntsman – 2%

Michele Bachmann is polling well in Oregon and this poll and in other states are being referred to as the Bachmann “Surge.” The LEFT is sure picking on Michele with “gotcha moments” with everything she says.

I guess they can read the polls too.

After a well received debate performance, Michele Bachmann has surged forward. Before the debate, Bachmann garnered 8% nationally; but she has more than doubled this level of support in the three states PPP has polled the primary since the debate. However, if Sarah Palin runs, this isn’t enough to claim the lead in Oregon. Mitt Romney takes the lead with 28%, followed by Bachmann with 18%, Palin with 16%, Ron Paul with 9%, Herman Cain with 8%, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty with 6%, and Jon Huntsman with 0% support. 

If Palin does not run, Bachmann is the clear choice of Palin’s supporters while Romney picks up an insignificant share. Bachmann leads with 29% to Romney’s 28%, Paul’s 10%, Gingrich’s 9%, Cain’s 7%, Pawlenty’s 6%, and Huntsman’s 2%. Bachmann’s strength lies in her appeal to very conservative voters who make up 44% of GOP voters in Oregon. If Palin runs, Bachmann wins very conservatives with 24% to Romney’s 22%. This margin is expanded to a 37-26 lead without Palin.