Has Mitt Romney Selected His Vice President?

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Matt Drudge is pushing this New York Times piece that says that Mitt Romney has selected his Vice Presidential running mate and that he may announce his decision this week.

After a short-lived presidential bid of his own last year, Mr. Pawlenty is again being considered for the Republican ticket. His fate is in the hands of Mr. Romney, a rival-turned-friend, who is on the cusp of announcing his vice-presidential selection. Mr. Romney has reached a decision, his friends believe, and he may disclose it as soon as this week.

Mitt would be making a BIG mistake if he chooses former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Pawlenty is boring on the campaign trail, was Governor of a “Blue” state (with no hope to win in 2012) and, well, is not distinguishable in any sense of the word.

Look at who is leading in the Drudge Report poll:

Almost any of the candidates would be better than Tim Pawlenty.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio would be my first choice with Rep.aul Ryan in second.

What say you, Mitt?

If you want to win the Presidency, select either Rubio or Ryan. Even, Condi Rice would be a better choice.

President 2012: Tim Pawlenty Drops Out of Republican Race for 2012 – So What?

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Republican Presidential Candidate Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty speaks during the Iowa Republican Party’s Straw Poll, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011, in Ames, Iowa

The former Minnesota Governor really never was in the race.
Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota, dropped his bid for the Republican nomination for president on Sunday morning, saying his disappointing performance in Iowa’s straw poll convinced him that his campaign had run its course.

Just hours after his third-place finish in Iowa, Mr. Pawlenty said on ABC’s “This Week” program that his message “didn’t get the kind of traction we needed and hoped for” in order to continue.

“There are a lot of other choices in the race,” he said. “The audience, so to speak, was looking for something different.”

Mr. Pawlenty informed his supporters on a conference call Sunday morning before his television appearance that he was ending his candidacy. He thanked his supporters in the call, two participants said, but acknowledged that he had decided overnight that his candidacy could not proceed.

Just NO gravitas as a leader.

The race is now between Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

President 2012 Iowa GOP Poll Watch: Bachmann 25% Vs Romney 21% Vs Pawlenty 9%

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According to the latest TIR Poll.

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has surpassed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in a recent Iowa poll that was conducted by TheIowaRepublican.com.  With Bachmann now leading in Iowa, Romney has fallen to second place, but he is still well ahead of third place finisher Tim Pawlenty, who has overtaken Herman Cain my a miniscule margin.

Bachmann received support from 25 percent of likely Iowa caucus goers in the poll, while Romney is backed by 21 percent.  The poll also shows signs of growth for former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, who now stands in third place in statistical tie with Herman Cain at just under nine percent.  Ron Paul finished with six percent, Newt Gingrich with four percent, Rick Santorum with two percent, and Jon Huntsman rounded out the field with one percent.

Bachmann’s campaign has taken off like a rocket since participating and announcing her presidential intentions during the CNN debate in New Hampshire last month.  Here in Iowa, Bachmann has been playing up her Iowa roots.  She officially announced her candidacy in Waterloo, the town in which she was born and spent her formative years.  The night before she made her announcement, Bachmann’s campaign hosted a rally for 500 locals who came to welcome her home.

While Bachmann’s lead over Romney is just within the margin of error, the poll’s cross tabs show how much momentum her campaign has generated in Iowa.  Her favorability is ten points higher than Romney’s, who had the second highest number in that category.  Her unfavorable figure is 14 points lower than Romney’s, giving her a stellar plus 65 favorability margin.  Her numbers suggest that Bachmann has found a very effective way to appeal to caucus goers.

The conventional wisdom is that Michele Bachmann will win the Iowa Caucuses and that Romney (who is not contesting Iowa) will finish second or third. Then, Romney who has a commanding lead in the New Hampshire polls will win there.

The only question will whether Tim Pawlenty can finish a close second to Bachmann or whether he will finish a distant third. In all reality, should Pawlenty finish third in Iowa, his campaign may be over.

President 2012 New Hampshire GOP Poll Watch: Michele Bachmann Now in Second Place to Mitt Romney

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According to the latest Suffolk University Poll.

While former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney remains a front-runner in New Hampshire, Michele Bachmann climbed 8 points since May, to 11 percent, according to a Suffolk University/7NEWS (WHDH TV) poll of likely voters in New Hampshire’s GOP presidential primary.

Bachmann’s gain was more than that of any other candidate. Romney, with 36 percent support, gained 1 point since Suffolk University’s last Granite State poll was released nearly two months ago.

GOP Primary election:

  • Mitt Romney – 36%
  • Michele Bachmann – 11%
  • Ron Paul – 8%
  • Rudy Giuliani – 5%
  • Sarah Paln – 4%
  • Jon Huntsman – 4%
  • Tim Pawlenty – 2%
  • Newt Gingrich – 2%

Michele Bachmann distinguished herself in he Manchester, New Hampshire debate a few weeks ago and it is paying her dividends in the polls.

Among those who watched the Republican Presidential debate in Manchester earlier this month, 33 percent said Romney won the debate, while 31 percent gave the win to Bachmann.

President 2012 Oregon GOP Poll Watch: Without Sarah Palin in the Race Michele Bachmann Leads in Oregon

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According to the latest PPP Poll.

GOP Primary election with Sarah Palin as a candidate:

  • Mitt  Romney – 28%
  • Michele Bachmann – 18%
  • Sarah Palin – 16%
  • Ron Paul – 9%
  • Herman Cain – 8%
  • Tim Pawlenty – 6%
  • Newt Gingrich – 6%
  • Jon Huntsman – 0%

GOP Primary election without Sarah Palin as a candidate:

  • Mitt  Romney – 28%
  • Michele Bachmann – 29%
  • Ron Paul – 10%
  • Herman Cain – 7%
  • Tim Pawlenty – 6%
  • Newt Gingrich – 9%
  • Jon Huntsman – 2%

Michele Bachmann is polling well in Oregon and this poll and in other states are being referred to as the Bachmann “Surge.” The LEFT is sure picking on Michele with “gotcha moments” with everything she says.

I guess they can read the polls too.

After a well received debate performance, Michele Bachmann has surged forward. Before the debate, Bachmann garnered 8% nationally; but she has more than doubled this level of support in the three states PPP has polled the primary since the debate. However, if Sarah Palin runs, this isn’t enough to claim the lead in Oregon. Mitt Romney takes the lead with 28%, followed by Bachmann with 18%, Palin with 16%, Ron Paul with 9%, Herman Cain with 8%, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty with 6%, and Jon Huntsman with 0% support. 

If Palin does not run, Bachmann is the clear choice of Palin’s supporters while Romney picks up an insignificant share. Bachmann leads with 29% to Romney’s 28%, Paul’s 10%, Gingrich’s 9%, Cain’s 7%, Pawlenty’s 6%, and Huntsman’s 2%. Bachmann’s strength lies in her appeal to very conservative voters who make up 44% of GOP voters in Oregon. If Palin runs, Bachmann wins very conservatives with 24% to Romney’s 22%. This margin is expanded to a 37-26 lead without Palin. 

President 2012 Iowa GOP Poll Watch: Romney 23% Vs Bachmann 22% Vs. Cain 10%

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Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

According to the latest Des Moines Register Iowa Poll.
Two-time candidate Mitt Romney and tea party upstart Michele Bachmann are neck and neck leading the pack, and retired pizza chief Herman Cain is in third place in a new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll of likely participants in the state’s Republican presidential caucuses.

The results are bad news for the earnest Tim Pawlenty, a former Minnesota governor who is in single digits despite a full-throttle campaign.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor and business executive, claims 23 percent, and Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman and evangelical conservative, garners 22 percent. Neither has done heavy lifting in Iowa.

The rest of the Republican field is at least 12 points behind them.

As, I have said for the past few weeks, this race is boiling down to one between Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. The only wild cards in the race are whether Texas Governor Rick Perry will run and of course, what Sarah Palin will do. Palin is traveling to Iowa this week for the debut of her documentary.