CA-Sen: Should Chuck DeVore or Carly Fiorina Drop Out of the Republican Primary Election?

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Here is a static screen shot:

I think Erick Erickson over at Red State has gone insane in the membrane over this post. But, then again, I said a few weeks ago that he was NOT serious and was simply covering his ass should Tom Campbell win.

However, it appears that Tom Campbell has topped out and the latest PPIC poll released last night shows him static or fading with Carly Fiorina besting Chuck DeVore by 9 points.

So, who should drop out?

I don’t think either at this point since Fiorina is leading or tied in the polls, has a robust media campaign ongoing and has the most campaign cash. Contrast this with DeVore who has run one television ad once and who has no money for a media campaign the last three weeks. Carly simply does NOT need DeVore to drop out to beat Tom Campbell, who, by the way, has pulled all of his campaign ads off television and radio and is rumored to be out of money.

If Chuck DeVore wishes to continue an embarrassingly negative, underfunded, futile campaign, then let it fly.

It is DeVore’s future after he loses.

CA-Sen Poll Watch: Fiorina 25% Campbell 23% DeVore 16%

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senaterepublicans CA-Sen Poll Watch: Campbell 32.6% Fiorina 28.2%  DeVore 15.3%

California U.S. Senate candidates Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore

Graphic courtesy of Calbuzz

The latest PPIC poll has just been released.

The Republican senate primary race is also close, with Carly Fiorina (25%) and Tom Campbell (23%) deadlocked, as they were in March (24% Fiorina, 23% Campbell), and support doubling for Chuck DeVore (16% today, 8% March) among GOP likely voters. Thirty-six percent are undecided. Fiorina and Campbell have similar levels of support among men (29% Fiorina, 25% Campbell, 17% Devore), with 29 percent undecided. Support for the two candidates is also similar among women (21% Fiorina, 20% Campbell, 14% DeVore), but 44 percent of women are still undecided.

And, with the Fiorina campaign just starting a television media blitz while Campbell and Devore are “off air” the momentium continues with Fiorina. With three weeks to go before election day, Carly Fiorina is the one to beat.

With Chuck DeVore mired in third place, yet again in another poll, people are speculating when he will withdraw.

The Fiorina campaign had this to say about the poll:

Carly for California Deputy Campaign Manager for Communications Julie Soderlund today issued the following statement in response to the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) poll of California’s U.S. Senate race that was released this evening:

“Since declaring her candidacy in November, Carly has been laying the groundwork for a campaign that inspires enthusiasm among Republicans and sets the stage for an epic fight to retire a 28-year failed senator. Today’s PPIC poll confirms that hard work produces results. Carly has traveled across California talking to voters, inspiring volunteers to join the campaign and raising funds for a robust voter contact program. These are the necessary ingredients of a winning campaign, and we fully expect the momentum to continue building as we march toward victory on June 8.

“This poll also demonstrates that former Congressman Campbell’s high watermark of support for his candidacy has come and gone as Republican voters learn he is not a fiscal conservative and has not been honest with the people of California about his 20-year record of support for tax increases and more government spending. Generally speaking, once a candidate falls behind, he never retakes the lead. Tom Campbell’s standing with voters is declining and Carly’s is growing. It smells like a trend that is moving in Carly’s favor.”

CA-Sen Poll Watch: Campbell 32.6% Fiorina 28.2% DeVore 15.3%

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California U.S. Senate candidates Tom Campbell, Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore

Graphic courtesy of Calbuzz

The latest poll in the California U.S Senate GOP primary was released yesterday afternoon. Yes, I am a little late getting this posted but I was traveling most of yesterday.

The hotly contested race for the Republican nomination in both the U.S. Senate and Attorney General races are tightening up with the primary only three weeks away, the Small Business Action Committee/M4 Strategies Poll found.

In the U.S. Senate contest, Tom Campbell leads with field with 32.6%, with Carly Fiorina close behind at 28.2%, and Chuck DeVore tallying 15.3%. Fiorina has made the biggest movement since the SBAC/M4 Strategies poll in February. At that time, Campbell had a similar 32%, Fiorina was at 18% and DeVore stood at 11%.

The poll conducted on May 12, 13, and 16 of 600 high propensity Republican voters has a margin of error of 4%.

Keeping in mind that this poll was taken prior to Carly Fiorina’s television advertising campaign coupled with Tom Campbell being “off-air” for the coming week. In any case, Carly Fiorina is within striking distance of Tom Campbell (within the margin of error, is surging and Chuck DeVore is far out of the running.

It is time for conservative leaders to insist that Chuck DeVore withdraw from this race. He is not competitive and is drawing votes away from another conservative Carly Fiorina. DeVore is acting as a spoiler and should be true to his conservative values and withdraw after waging “the good fight.” Otherwise, the left-leaning Tom Campbell, a true RINO (Republican In Name Only) or “Barbara Boxer Light” could win a narrow electoral victory.

I understand the California PPIC poll will be released tonight. Should DeVore poll in a distant third place again, you can put a fork in his candidacy – He’s Done.

CA-Sen: Tom McClintock’s Radio Ad Doesn’t Mention Chuck DeVore’s Support for Disastrous California Budget

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Representative Tom McClintock on Chuck DeVore for U.S. Senate

But, Tom aren’t your comments a bit hypocritical in that Chuck DeVore voted for the disastrous California budget that you voted against?

But, Chuck, this is not what you were saying in 2005 when you were supporting the California Governator and voting for his 2005-2006 state budget.

So, the question is:

Is Chuck DeVore a fiscal conservative? Well, not in 2005 when DeVore voted for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s disastrous budget. You remember the 2005-2006 budget that my then State Senator Tom McClintock opposed.

I am sorry to interrupt the chorus of self-congratulations, but I feel compelled to state an obvious fact – that this budget is $6 billion out of balance; that the state’s chronic deficit spending is getting worse, not better; and that the growth of general fund spending is growing and not shrinking.Nor can I join applauding the “painstaking negotiations” that have produced this document. The fact is, in May the Governor proposed spending $88 billion (General Fund), the Democrats countered at $89 billion, and they have now compromised at $90 billion. I suppose it is a blessing that the negotiations didn’t go on any longer.

Let me run through the vital statistics of this spending plan. According to the Legislative Analyst’s Office in June, inflation and population will grow 5 percent and revenue will grow 6 percent. But according to the budget staff analysis, spending will grow by 10 percent. That makes it measurably worse than the plan the Senate rejected on June 15th.

On June 15th, we rejected a $5 billion operating deficit. This budget spends $90 and takes in only $84 — for a SIX BILLION DOLLAR shortfall – THIS YEAR.

On June 15th, we rejected a 9 percent increase in state spending. This budget is a 10 percent increase – averaging 7 ½ percent over the last two years. Spending increases under the Davis administration averaged 7 percent.

Let me repeat: This budget spends $6 billion more than we take in. Last year we spent $2 billion more than we took in. That means that this year’s operating deficit is THREE TIMES bigger than last year’s.

Now, I’m sorry to throw cold water on the celebration, but that is not progress. That is the opposite of progress.

And yet, once again, we’re told that the budget is balanced. But the blunt truth is that it is only balanced with borrowed funds carried over from last year.

And, a budget that the Howard Jarvis TaxPayers Association called overspending:

“Overall, we’re pleased there’s not been any broad increase in taxes,” said Jon Coupal, executive director of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and a frequent adviser to the governor. “We do wish the administration would cut spending more but we understand given the makeup of the Legislature, that’s a difficult thing to do.”

Chuck DeVore is just like every other career politician, like CongressmanTom McClintock.

Strongest voice for fiscal conservatism is NOT Chuck DeVore – no matter what you say, Tom.

CA-Sen: Latest Rasmussen Poll Continues to Show Senator Barbara Boxer in Trouble

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Carly Fiorina Vs. Barbara Boxer

The latest Rasmussen poll is out and there is little change. California United States Senator Barbara Boxer continues to be in re-election trouble.

5/12/10; 500 likely voters, 4.5% margin of error
Mode: Automated phone
(Rasmussen release)


2010 Senate
45% Boxer, 38% Fiorina (chart)
46% Boxer, 40% DeVore (chart)
42% Boxer, 41% Campbell (chart)

Favorable / Unfavorable
Barbara Boxer: 47 / 49 (chart)
Carly Fiorina: 38 / 39
Chuck DeVore: 35 / 33
Tom Campbell: 39 / 35

I have highlighted in bold above the margin of error in which all of the GOP candidate are within. Let’s look at the other candidate’s charts:

First DeVore:

Now, Tom Campbell:

The campaigns and some pundits have been trying to spin this poll result as a “surge” for Chuck DeVore.

Not so.

Look at the poll trends above and only Carly Fiorina has an upward graph trend. But, all of the results are within the margin of error anyway.

The only conclusion to be drawn here is that Senator Barbara Boxer is in trouble.